The Precarious World Today! - 1

Promotion of World Peace Need of the Hour!

World is divided on the bases of race, religion, culture,
Colour, economy and ideology needing good education to
Put an end to them for the appreciation of non-violence,
Peace, prosperity and progress of humankind everywhere!

Peace loving, non-violent and unity loving modern and
Developed nations are vulnerable to bomb blasts, wars,
And aggressive attacks by religious terrorist nations
And militarily ruling countries of the world since long!

Such non-violent countries unless defeated and controlled
By developed countries powerful in all respects cannot be
Tamed and brought in line with peace and progress of the
Modern world being supported by majority of humankind ever!

Quality education, discipline and democracy are the best
Training needed for such violent nations to promote peace!

Are Wars and Violence Necessary?

World is in a precarious condition due to pollution
Leading to water, food and new viral diseases needing
Ever preservation, protection and safety of world..!

Natural disasters by cyclonic storms, heaviest rains
Whether it is hottest summer time or coldest winter
Time world is witnessing destructions unimaginable!

Not only storms and rains but also longest droughts
No water for drinking, washing and irrigation of
Agricultural lands make people look for green pastures!

Ever frozen ice lands of North and South of world also
Losing its steadfastness to the extent of increasing
The sea and ocean water levels all over the Earth..!

In this precarious condition of the world, all crazy
Nations must think over if wars and violence necessary!

Nothing is Permanent in this Precarious World!

Nothing is permanent in this precarious world of

No permanent existence for anyone forever and ever!
There is no guarantee too even for saying exact
Expiry date for anyone whoever one is in the world!

When this is so, what is the use of striving for
Power or Award or supremacy or luxury or anything?
No one can have position permanent and live for
Ever dominating all or carry all laurels with one!

Whether individual or nation, wars or domination
Over others cannot make one great or all worship
As God, for, for all, when end comes, no one can
Retain power or carry wealth along with one sure!

When this world itself is not permanent here sure,
There is no point in boasting about one's valour! 

Let Us Maintain Benevolent Gesture of Nature!

One side, Summer hot climate tortures all in the day;
Another side, Corona viral disease is still spreading;
Like blessing in disguise, cyclonic storm with rains
In some places, along with havocs changing climate fine!

Hell and heaven are placed side by side on the Earth;
For all the blunders of man, Nature is doing its best
To change the situation for the better that all have to
Welcome as a fresh chance to maintain better scene well!

As one good turn deserves another, all have to welcome
The good chance Nature provides despite our bad acts on
This Earthly paradise with gratitude with experience we
All have gained till now and do best service for humanity!

Benevolent character of Nature has not vanished once and
For all sure the symptoms show that let us all maintain!

Celebrate World Environment Day Now!

Air pollution has filled the environment with full of
Dusty particles making it difficult to breathe free air
And created allergic illnesses to the extent of wearing
Face mask to avoid infection from invisible bacteria..!

Water pollution has contaminated lakes and canals everywhere
Making it impossible for drinking and all other purposes
And has already brought in water borne diseases and ever
Cold problem difficult to overcome it all round the year!

Fortunately or unfortunately, Corona pandemic, due to want
Of proper medicine or vaccine, has made governments to
Opt for lockdown, curfew, sealing of borders, hand wash
And social distancing to be followed to stop spread of it!

But Corona lockdown has stopped pollution causing agents
and purified lakes and canals making it convenient to use
River water for irrigation in agricultural fields making
It suitable to celebrate World Environmental Day now...!

Earth is Our Common Abode to Live in Love!

Earth is the greatest boon Nature has gifted to humans
To enjoy a life of paradise rather than a polluted life;
Pollution caused by so called economic development has
Man turned this rare heaven into hell to suffer and die!

Instead of using religion and politics for the better,
Man has been utilizing them only to perpetuate battles;
Israel-Palestine conflicts, North and South Korean
Dispute and Indo-Pak and Chinese disputes are in vain!

The apparently looking serious threats to world peace
Is actually made to go on in protracted manner only for
Asserting their imaginary pride, power and cock-sure
Mind can be solved and settled by sports, not by wars!

Earth is our common abode to live in love rather than
In hatred on the basis of religion, race, politics, etc.!

None can Rely on Anything in the Precarious World!

Long drought is still persisting in some places sure;
But cloud bursting rain and floods are carrying away
Houses, vehicles and all things in some other places
Besides tremor here and there occurring sans fail!

Pollution, climate change and new diseases are now
Affecting the whole world nations sans fail sure...;
Consequently, social contacts by works, trades,
Entertainment, worship and functions are stopped!

Economic growth made so far has been pushed back to
Many years back now Making all feel they are all
Done on a wrong basis and nothing is done solidly
And permanently to boast human advancement, progress!

Every attempt of development to progress seems to be
Only temporary and vulnerable to collapse by any of
The natural disasters we have seen and know in world;
In this precarious status, noth8ing we can rely on..!

Seeing Truth is the Work of an Intellect!

With misty eyes, one can see everything in clouds only;
Cleaning eyes only, one can see clear picture of truth;
Based on some conception, one can see all in vague way;
With clear mind only, one can see all as they really are!

Whatever be the thing and said by whoever one is in the
World, an intellect sees only the truth in it forever;
Only a critical mind intellectually explores to see sure
The truth of things to have a clear picture of matters!

Instead of doing so, if one jumps to any conclusion, it
Will be only waste of time, money and energy sure ever;
Vertical thinking or horizontal thinking usually all
Have in the world, but the critical one has lateral one!

Though we have facts, knowledge and all, by lateral
Thinking only we can see real fact in a different way!

A Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi We have to be Thankful to!

Patience and self-restraint are needed for all to overcome
Infection of viral disease like Corona taking a long time
To disappear like other diseases like SARS, Spain Flu...
And by doing so, it gives a great training to live with it!

Living life avoiding infection of any disease is the best
Way for the survival of humankind in this precarious world;
This kind of training due to Covid 19 for survival is indeed
A sort of moral means to maintain cleanliness for health!

Nothing is lasting and permanent in this precarious world
Of ours in which we live life in an unique way indeed and
Also, this reminds all of the saying that cleanliness is
Next to godliness inspiring all with spiritual boost up!

Self-restraint from lavish wishes restrains us to basic
Necessities of life for survival against deadly disease;
This indeed is leading to spiritual way of simple living
And high thinking, a legacy of Mahatma Gandhi we cherish!

Neglect of Arts and Literature Turns Progress and Civilization a Farce!

World literature flourishes only if sponsored by all nations;
Nobel prize, Pulitzer and Booker prizes are praise worthy;
Awards given to honorable authors are incentives for the
Growth of literature that fosters love in life, sense of
Beauty and grandeur of human culture enhancing human value;
But due to scientific development and economic progress
Have ignored the significance of Nature by neglecting the
Conservation of ecology along with arts, literature and
Declining the care for morality by the negligence of the
Rich human culture of past overshadowed by civilization
Promoted by fast material world of modernity in all ways;
With the absence of morality and discipline new diseases
Have made inroads into all nations turning the whole world
Into a precarious one and progress and civilization a farce!

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