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Happy Life of the Pets in Nature!

Fiddling music of an insect welcomes one in the morning
Means the climate is pleasant and rain is going to come;
Joyful roaming of squirrel little or big certainly makes
One enjoy the beauty in the early morning of the day sure!
The joy increases further if the situation is boosted
By the chores music of little mynahs flying free here
And there as far as one can see in the garden full of
Well grown trees with mango fruits and creeping plants
Extending their area like a roof over the whole of shade
Before the entrance of the house well planned and built
For enjoying holidays in the holidays far away from the
Congestion of metro city emitting only carbon smokes
From the morning till night comes with stars sparkling
Like angels with the southern breeze gently soothing!

Discipline is the Best Training to be Successful in All Ever!

With self-restraint, control and patience if we follow
Cleanliness of self, social and physical distancing,
We can prevent ourselves from infection of any disease!

This is possible by well understanding persons in the
World but not by people who don't follow any news ever
To take precautionary self action to end this pandemic!

It is just like the thing all know about being good;
It is not enough if one is good, others should also
Should be good, then only society can enjoy benefit!

If all are socially disciplined in all our activities,
No disease can infect one and no one need not be a
Prey of any disease monster in the world at anytime!

That discipline only can provide best training in
Self-restraint, self-reliance and independence to
Face any adverse eventuality successfully in world!

From Woes of Life to Woes of Ocean!

Woes of world life was once compared to ocean due to its
Formidable and insurmountable nature driven so by poverty;
Now ocean itself has become a colossal woe due to the
Melting down of the eternally deep frozen polar ice now!

Along with air pollution, water pollution of rivers ever
joining seas and oceans to the level of contamination is
Affecting marine life and the climate change is making
The seas and ocean heated up triggering depression sure!

Cyclonic storms of seas and hurricanes of oceans bring
Heaviest rains flooding not only certain parts of nations
But also complete nations too in Europe and South America
Accompanied by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes too..!

Due to rising levels of oceans, the twenty five percent Of
Landmass dwindling down further increasing ocean percentage;
But the huge amount of ocean water can't be used for drinking
Besides the non-usable rivers due to contamination ever..!

All are Zeroes only before Nature!

Nothing is under our control in this precarious world
Whether it is success or failure as all are only zeroes;
Yes! We are all puppets on a chain handled by Nature
From the birth to the death and rebirths and deaths!

Though zeroes, we are great power, if united in huge
Numbers with any number other than zero ever sure;
Knowing this, all have to shun hatred, fights and
Breed enmities’ among good humanity in the world!

Natural disasters by cyclones or cloud bursting rains
Or pandemic diseases like SARS or Corona are warnings
To all reminding about our zero power to us before
Nature however developed or advanced humans are here!

Knowing this great truth, let all respect Nature and
Stop meddling with its course and works for the good!

The Feeling of Underdog or Inferiority Complex!

Slaves of yesterday are citizens with equal rights in democracy;
Discrimination, segregation and difference seeing on the bases of
Race, religion, class, colour and creed are out of fashion now;
Love and culture being the centre of all cultures, all are equal!

But out of jealousy and envy, unity, love and friendship are not
Followed in community or social level in many races of the world;
Due to this internal hatred ever brewing into potential fire, all
Differences of humans are highlighted and exploited by politics!

The feeling of underdog or inferiority complex is ever making
A mole into insurmountable mountain in the world society sure
That triggers big fires like a burning match stick is thrown
On the bales of cotton packages stored in the mills of world!

For political gains a few well to do greedy ones exploit this
Scar in the society for achieving selfish goals in the world!

Hell is Sure!

Gathering and worshipping in temples, mosques and churches
Are not allowed due to Corona pandemic for moths together;
This seems God himself does not like human worshippers in
His abode due to their indiscipline and immorality in life!

In all walks of life, malfunctions have become common due
To corruption. illegal way of enjoying benefits and profits;
People at the cost of natural resources and Nature as a whole
Rely on science and economic efforts believing to be progress!

Nature returns what we offer good or bad to us in the same
Way as if paying us in the same coin for all our deeds for
Or against Nature in the world not knowing that God ever
knows our pulse through Nature, His greatest manifestation!

Unless all correct way of living in the world in accordance
To Nature and maintain discipline and morality, Hell is sure!

Be Alert and Careful to Save Paradise of Earth to Disappear as Dream!

The incredible placement of Earth in the Solar system of ours
With atmosphere covering it as belt is protecting ice, water,
Landmass, living beings, vegetations, hills, clouds, mist
And all as in a dream facilitating life to go as of now long!

If anything goes wrong in Nature and Earth is pushed closer
To Sun, atmosphere will disappear, ice and water melt and
Dry up, vegetation and all living beings die away forever
Like the dream disappears in the morning after a night sleep!

Fortunately such thing is not happening so far making man
To know this precarious positionof Earth whenever some
Natural disaster occurs here and there to realize that his
Exploitation of natural resources will bring bad end later!

A world level Corona virus disease as pandemic is kindling
Such dangerous incidence of future in the mind to be alert!

A Rose like Personality I Live here!

Beauty of personality makes many overestimate me sure;
With the heart delicate in health, skin drying quick
Due to heat besides pressure and sugar problem one is
Like a beautiful flower All love though short in life!

Rose flower blooms fresh in the morning everyday but
Only to fade before evening comes by drying quick and
Dies out serving its purpose before full night comes;
But if it is kept in Frigider, rose remains fresh...!

As Frigider for flower, medicine is for me that keeps
In control heart, skin, sugar and pressure for me and
My external look of personality inspires others as if
I am hale, healthy and happy to be like to shine fine!

Like a rose flower's life my days go on besides the
Perishable vegetable commodities in precarious world!

The God like Unknown Souls of Great Works of Truth!

Truth never dies though deeds and men may be known and forgotten;
Truth is eternal to show light in the darkness for the needy;
Marks made by great souls in any form and in books ever living
Surely inspire all ever and guide good ones to go on right way!

Whether it is temple or park or hill station or memorial, truth
Expressed therein entertains with unique joy and encourages all
Souls to recover lost hope and chances in world life with door
Open to a new world of discovery as the scientists and poets do!

Knowledge, talent and inspired mood burn the light bright within
That shines and shows way to the stranded crews of a ship in the
Dark ocean as the beacon of light house to reach the harbour;
Though unknown truth helps to show way as God to all in distress!

Though great works of truth may not reveal the creator or inventor
Who one is such one ones are like gods to men striving to survive!

Time is Not Enough for me Every day!

So many thoughts float on the ocean of my mind everyday;
So many things I plan to do, but time moves faster ever;
The only thing I finally able to do is do creative work
To have a sense of satisfaction for all my inability...!

Like a machine, mechanically I am not able to execute
What all I think and plan to do things everyday sure;
Only the boon of creative writing work makes me ever
Forget my inability to do all other things I undo...!

Likewise many books of Poetry I have written publishing
all on various Poetry websites before compiling them
Into books of my dream since a long-time only with the
Sure hope that they all will become Poetry Books soon!

Time of everyday moves faster than my speed of doing
Mechanical work needing great physical stamina sure!

To Be Continued


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