Technology and the Changing Nature of our Job and its Responsibility

We can’t conceive of a world now without technology, especially computer-based technologies, that have given us remarkable applications and the Internet that unquestionably has made our lives easier manifold. However, there also arises a need to question the transformation that society undergoes and whether the changes will stand us in good stead in the future.

I feel that the basic goal of any society is to create bonhomie and provide sufficient resources to its citizens to lead a happy and harmonious existence. Has technology succeeded in being an enabler in this aspect? The basic need for technology is to improve upon the efficiency of existing processes and methods and make it easier for the end user. In this respect, there is no denying that technology has succeeded in delivering on the basic objective of its usage.

What about the impact of technology on the nature of job changes and the creation and loss of jobs? With the typewriter fading into oblivion, the ubiquitous typist too has disappeared from the by-lane of the Indian cities. Marketing jobs have gone online. Digital marketing is in vogue.

As an academician, I find the job responsibilities to change rapidly. These days one is witness to fellow faculties and employees aggressively promoting their organization on the web. It’s a cut-throat competitive environment, for some to stay afloat and for others to stay ahead in the race. If employees promote their organization thusly, what is the need for marketing professionals in that organization? If this may be construed as “eating into the jobs of marketers,” what about the capability of robots to impart education in the classroom? This would eliminate the need for teachers in the classroom. Would our teaching faculty embrace this development that would endanger their livelihood?

Probably we need to reflect now as to what jobs we need to retain and which be allowed to vanish because the astonishing capability of technology can make human labour redundant.


More by :  Subhajit Ghosh

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