What is the Best Way to Solve

all the Problems of the World?

The combination of extremisms in religion, politics, capitalism, communism, science and technology, military supremacy, egoism and individual selfishness are responsible for corruption, violence and terrorism in many nations that have driven them to the brink of another world war. There is no more justice for any nation or nations to have intervention in, domination or aggression over other nations of the world on the basis of capitalism or communism or terrorism of any kind.

All human beings naturally have human rights to live anywhere, love anyone and die as they like, to enquire anything to know the truth and have freedom to think, express and do as they wish according to natural justice. Accordingly the constitution of nations should provide to their people individual liberty, human rights and freedom of thought, speech and action. Also every nation should adopt democratic form of government to rule its people.
It is also not justified for any nation to suppress, oppress and depress its own people and people of other nations on the basis of nationalism, religion, politics, economy, military power, science and technology, class, color, caste and race. All human beings are part of humanity living on one Earth under one sky sharing air, water and food available everywhere in order to share love, knowledge, ideas, views and opinions both creative and inventive in nature with others for the well being of the whole world. For that, demarcation of borders should be deleted and road, rail, air and sea routes should be established for the free movements of people, goods and ideas across the globe.

Means to Achieve the Goals

To implement these goals, first disarmament and destruction of nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction are necessary as they are deadly dangerous and certainly harmful to the whole of mankind and the world. Some of the nuclear weapons may be kept cautiously in store under the strict security control of UNO for using them to explode Asteroids that may come in large numbers and sizes from Space and hit the Earth in the future resulting in possible mass destruction of the Earth. Also, from the dismantled nuclear weapons, the nuclear chemicals like thorium, uranium and plutonium may be removed for using them in the Nuclear Power Stations for generating electricity necessary for the public and private consumptions in machines, equipments and various appliances in industries and homes. 

Second, by cooperation ad coordination among nations for developments in various fields like industries, agriculture, education, trade and tourism friendship can be developed among world people. Third, by following the principles of non-aggression, non-interference and non-violence in the internal affairs of other nations, peaceful coexistence among nations can be established. Fourth, in that way the world unity can be concretized leading towards the formation of world union or One Human World, which is the most cherished dream of many peace loving people, intellectuals and leaders from time immemorial. 


The socio-economic status of the people did not develop as was envisaged due to the failures of communism and socialism in Russia, its satellite States in Asia, East Europe, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba and others countries of the world. So, these countries raised their iron curtains to try their efforts in the wide open green pastures of the world after getting pleased with the developments of the Western Countries. Many nations started making reforms resulting in the liberalization, privatization and globalization of their economies. Globalization of economy integrated many nations with the world market. Individual skills, entrepreneurship and quality of goods were neglected in the socialist nations, whose projects failed due to strikes by workers’ unions, neglect of duties by their employees and widespread corruption everywhere. But globalization has encouraged competition, improved quality of goods ad introduced work culture, which were previously lacking in many countries.

The main criticism regarding globalization is that it has made the rich richer and the poor poorer. So, the displeased people of the socialist brand are raising hue and cry through the World Social Forum now and then. This does not mean that globalization has solved all the problems of the individual and society. There are examples of many fraudulent companies that have come up exploiting the innocent people due to bureaucracy that thrives on corruption everywhere that has to be properly dealt with by the strong arms of vigilance with the cooperation of the government and the people. The opportunities for jobs have increased for persons of high qualifications and entrepreneurial abilities because of globalization. There are pros and cons for everything in the world. So, as said by the former President of France Jacques Chirac that democracies need not be mere spectators of globalization; but it has to be tamed, controlled and taken advantage of by them. 

World Unions

After the end of the 20th century, 12 European countries that were merely a common wealth economic entity transformed into a European Union [EU] capable of taking unanimous decisions on political, strategic and foreign matters. After the year 2000, European Union has increased its member nations to 15. Between the years 2004 and 2007, 10 more East European countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, etc. have joined the Union. So, the expansion of EU is slowly taking place towards the East. The European Union has created a single coin called, Euro for its circulation; it has adopted a common language, English for communication purpose; it is framing common laws also for solving the problems before them; and has already a common security system called as North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO] for their defense against invasions from other countries. So, European Union has become so strong that it need not depend upon USA for its defense.

EU takes unanimous policy decisions for promoting peace, friendship and developmental activities with other nations of the world in order to make progress with them in various fields by cooperation and coordination. It seems, seeing the smooth functioning of the Union of European countries many groups of nations are planning to form unions on the model of European Union in the near future. Accordingly in 2002 the union of the African countries has transformed itself into African Union on the model of EU. This is a healthy trend towards the development of world unity that may lead to the formation of a New World Order in the future with the cooperation and coordination of all nations on the basis of friendship for the promotion of world peace, unity, brotherhood and progress of mankind as a whole in all walks of human life.

Year 2002-2003

Further, the year 2002 was remarkable because of important and interesting summit meetings of various groups of nations that took place in Kazakhstan, Nepal, Thailand, Canada, South Africa and Malaysia. In all the meetings, international terrorism was opposed, wide range of discussions took place on world peace, global economy, elimination of poverty, socio-economic developments in poor countries of Africa, cooperation and coordination in trade, industries, communication and tourism. 

In the Almaty meeting of Kazakhstan peace, friendship and development were highlighted towards the formation of a Central Asian federation. In the G-8 summit meeting of Canada, good governance in Africa and democratization of nations in a New World Order for the future were discussed in detail. In the Thailand conference peace, unity and revival of cultural ties of the past among the South Asian countries along with trade and tourism were discussed in detail. In the Malaysian conference of South Asian countries the importance of UNO, the formation of a new world order, anti-war, non-aggression and other matters were talked about in one voice.

As in the 2003 Non Aligned Movement countries meeting, disarmament and non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons with the initiation of international community were the unanimous outcome of its member nations as the world was sick of past wars and were very much interested only in peaceful resolution of disputes between nations through the UNO. Realizing dense war clouds hovering over Iraq, even in the beginning of 2003 itself there was widespread campaigns against war and for peace being conducted by people in large numbers not only in European countries, Japan and other Asian countries but also in UK and USA. This means that world people are fed up with wars; they cannot tolerate to see wars even in TV and Cinema any longer, but love very much world peace and esteem high world unity with great anticipation under the auspices of UNO more now than before. 

Effects of Kali Yuga 

Who are responsible for possible war? The hardliners at the top of the world affairs are actually responsible for the possible war in the near future. It has been said by wise men that in the Kali Yuga, unsuitable and unqualified men will be at the top positions in all walks of life resulting in the deterioration of standards, morality everywhere and destruction of things of human value, the world and the Universe as well at the climax! It seems true that the world situation has almost reached to that critical stage in such a way that world war is sure to come unless it is stopped by the efforts of all the peace-loving nations of the world for the well being of humanity, for the safety of things of human value and for the transformation of the materialistic world to one human world, which could be possible only by the promotion or the development of human culture in the world. 

Man of One Book

There is no purpose in the life of an animal. Animals don’t have rationality, obligations and responsibilities. Animals live by instinct in the forest under the control of nature. But man distinguishes himself by rationality, morality, nobility, culture, civilization, knowledge and achievements. Generally man lives by culture following a routine in the life of the world. But because of scientific developments in various fields civilization has taken up the upper hand over culture. In the modern world, due to developments in various fields, everything is compartmentalized taken care of by experts or specialists in all walks of life. 

Even in the field of computer, there are hardware specialists, software specialists, programmers, etc., who only can rectify the mistakes or solve the problems in the particular branch of the field. So also in the field of medical treatment of diseases, there are specialists for body, brain, nerves, kidney, heart, etc., who only can cure illnesses connected with them. But nobody says that he is the best or the top most in those field, because of professional maturity. However, the main problem today is due to men of one book only who talk, support and fight endlessly based on that particular knowledge only with out bothering about the knowledge of other books and also don’t update themselves any longer. 

Necessity of Human Culture

The result is that the world is dominated by men of politics, religion and science. The danger lies in the science with its destructive developments caught in the hands of politicians and religionists, who fight against each other bothering about neither the people, for whom they are working they say nor the existence of the human world in the future including themselves. So, men of one book are generally mad, from whom saving the world is a big problem today. 

Realization should dawn upon everyone that peace, prosperity and progress can be achieved only by united efforts of all as each one is interdependent in the world for survival and sustenance forever. This means that only by harmonious human development love, knowledge, perfection, joy, peace and satisfaction could be achieved in life, which could be possible not by politics alone or religion alone or science alone but only by human culture which connects science and literature, politics and religion, love and knowledge, beauty and truth, body and mind, and matter and spirit into one.

Without knowing this truth like man of one book, politicians and religionists are fighting with one another somehow to try to unite mankind by the imposition or preaching of their ideas in order to fulfil their ambition or missions in the world. That is why they are not able to create one world order so far, even after hundreds of year. Politicians or religionists like a man of one book are subjective in their approach to social matters, which is uninteresting to the people and so, without the over whelming support of the people, they are unable to succeed in their ventures. Therefore leaders of human culture like the men of general knowledge having concern for all the maters of human interest only can create interest in the people of the world with their objective approach and succeed creating One Human World at last leading towards the formation One World Government by democracy that provides freedom, rights and moral justice to everyone allowing possible natural human development towards perfection through the combination of beauty and truth, sweetness and light, body and mind, and matter and spirit. 


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