Ideals and Achievements

To have a good end the means followed should be based on good ideals or principles. There should be freedom for all to choose the ideals and follow them according to one's own desire. It is true that full freedom has to be given to the efforts of the individuals in the field of art as in the other fields of human activities; then only we can see the creative art of life from them. These creative activities will find solutions to overcome the obstacles that are limiting the progress of human thoughts and expressions. Many ideas are gained by us not only from the speeches of the erudite intellectuals but also from the highly articulate expressions of the freelance writers, talented artists and literary masters. 

To make expressions clear and meaningful through simple forms the knowledge of great thinkers is essential. Literature is simply the expression of the refined ideas or the essence of the mature thoughts of such literary thinkers or social philosophers. Every nation has its own classical literary master pieces that are very helpful to develop one's mind. In India, Mahabharata and Ramayana are the best examples to quote for that purpose because it is true to say that what is not in them is nowhere to be found. 


Before depicting an impeccable or flawless picture of human life in any literary form it is an utmost necessity for anyone to have some experience in life. Such an experience will enable one to appraise clearly the heights and depths of human spirit, the philosophy of social and ethical relations and thriving contemplations of actual human needs. The knowledge of such experience will bring enlightenment to anyone on human liberty, peace, justice and love. The ordeal of every idealistic individual will be in that direction. Through such individuals only one can understand the practical meaning of the moral literature of human life and culture, which has the perennial power to serve mankind for the up gradation of human life in the world.


In the modern world of hurry and bustle the ideals that enhance human value have lost their importance and nobody bothers about them either. The idealists are considered to be non-dynamic idlers and melancholic men looking by their outward attire. Hence idealism is thought to be uninteresting, uninspiring and leading towards unhappiness. But in reality many intellectuals say that happiness can ultimately be achieved only through ideals like non-violence, non-alignment, non-attachment and so on, which have truth, meaning and proof in many instances in history and literature. 


The idealistic individuals have no suspicion, jealousy, fear, hatred, anger and greediness. Since they are also part and parcel of the present world they are also obliged to do unpleasant and uncongenial things as there is no other go in the modern set up of the society. By carrying out their obligations destined to them by fate in the form of their relatives, colleagues and community men they actually impart moral lesson indirectly and silently to the soul and spirit of their fellow men. In the due course of time the practical minded and down to earth men would learn the lesson and realize that peace of mind could not be achieved by possessing too much affluence but by using everything at their deposal to realize noble ideals advocated by great philosophers. That is the means by which peace of mind leading towards true happiness and love can be achieved.

Idealists' Nature

In brief, it can be said that an idealistic individual will not be for possession, position, power and glory. But rather such individuals look towards achieving perfection in all sorts of works in the world. So, they will naturally be at their best when they use their noble ideas, derived from the inspiring ideals of greatness and goodness in their works. That is the way ideals are achieved by the individuals for the ennoblement of human life in the world.

Ultimate Reality

Though everyone thinks to be existing separately, each one is also part and parcel of mankind, the world and the universe. The body like the matter is perishable, but the soul or spirit in it is imperishable. The preparation of the mind for the liberation of the spirit at the end by training it free from all attachments of the world life should be started by gaining the true knowledge through meditation at the very early age itself is good. The end or the ultimate reality of each one is the destiny of one's life. So, if the end should be good, the means should also be good. That is why ideals are very important and essential for anyone in the world.  


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