Mission Impossible for France

This is the most difficult time for France after the IS terrorists (though French President Francoise Hollande has been referring to it as "Daesh" the acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) killed 120 people in one of the worst terror attacks(Nov 13,2015) in Europe. Though the French President has been shouting that he would finish the "IS", right now it appears to be just a rhetoric to salvage his political leadership. In the month of January 2015, after the attack on the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, the same President had said

"We must reject facile thinking and eschew exaggeration. Those who committed terrorists acts, those terrorists, those fanatics have nothing to do with the Muslim religion"

It is clear that President can not and does not want to antagonise 6.5 million Muslims living in France which forms about 10% of the population. The attitude of this population can be obtained from these facts that 22% of the Muslims in France consider themselves as Muslims first and French second. In Islam, the religion comes First, then the country of residence and then Humanity. 17% of this population believes that Sharia law should be fully applied in France while 37% feel that Sharia should be applied partially. With his background, how can Hollande afford to displease this minority who form an important vote bank for any Politician who seeks to become the President of France. Besides this that there are about 1500 French Muslims who have joined the ISIS and many more are inwardly supporting the terrorist outfit(s). It is also felt that there are about 6000 jihadists lurking in and around France.

It is not only France but even the US has been lethargic in taking strong action against the ISIS taking a stand that first of all the ruler of Syria Assad should step down. Though France has been a member of the US led coalition against the ISIS, it has waited till this September to begin striking targets in Syria. And for these strikes, France got the reward of getting 120 of its people killed, 80 seriously wounded and more than 200 injured. On the other hand, an egalitarian country like France has been routinely harassing critics of Islam by censor and intimidation. In October 2015, Marine L Pen the leader of France Front National (FN) was put on trial for comparing Muslim street prayers to the wartime occupation of France. Le Pen had this to say in her defence:

"It is an occupation of sections of the territory, of neighborhoods in which religious law applies-it is an occupation.There are no tanks, there are no soldiers, but it is an occupation nevertheless and it weighs on people"

It can be called a scandal in the sense that a political leader can be sued for expressing her belief and the fundamentalists who behave illegally are protected.

It is all wellknown about Hollande's dislike of Israel which has been on daily war with the fundamentalists and his efforts to get a statehood for Palestine. This is all because of personal and political interests of the President of France a country which was once called a land of Enlightenment.Now France is no more safe and would never be safe after 2030 when the present population of Muslims would jump to almost 25%?


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Comment @ "Now France is no more safe and would never be safe after 2030 when the present population of Muslims would jump to almost 25%?"

The article mentions that France has a Muslim population of 6.5 million which is 10% of its population and in 15 years the said population is going to become 25%. That will be a miracle by itself to watch.

P. Rao
23-Nov-2015 08:36 AM

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