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Enjoy Superconscious Love Superseding Conscious and Subconscious Love!

Physical kiss confirming words of love is conscious love in life;
Spirit penetrating deep in another spirit by love to soul is kiss
in Subconscious love possible by full union giving full satisfaction;
But in Corona time, such passionate love is impossible to enjoy!

This gives time for higher level of love to enjoy in world life;
Yes, like the mystics by meditation musing over glorious divinity,
Lovers musing over each other by seeing themselves by video chat
Can deeply enjoy union as in dreams kissing in superconscious love!

Thereafter, the memory of superconscious love like the mystics
Experience in Nature, when recollected in loneliness what a high
And glorious pleasure like bliss, one can enjoy to satisfaction
And peace glorious anywhere at anytime whether alone or otherwise!

Like a yogi enjoys divine bliss in Nature by mystical mood and
Muse, superconscious love one can enjoy superseding other loves!

Paradise of Life Lost in Vain Pursuits!

 In this precarious world nothing is permanent sure
And no one is ever sure to rely on for anything...!
Only love of beauty and knowledge of truth in all are
Sure to rely on to maintain peace of mind and hope!

Beautiful full Moon memerizes heart, mind and soul
When its rays of light fall on the twin hills with
Green grass of dais down the valley with lily in
Full beautiful bloom pens the den of pleasure sure!

There paradise in all its enticing beauty kindles mind
To explore in depth enjoying pleasure as never before
To know the truth of life towards fulfilment and peace
No one should ignore striving for survival in world!

Man's vain pursuit of wealth and pomp has driven to
Health problem world wide denying pleasure to be
Enjoyed to know the full truth of life in addition
To acts of religious extremism and military jingoism!

 Never Take it for Granted Nature!

All things in Nature are lively pictures of the Creator
Uniquely unlike an artists frozen scene of Nature ever;
Cinema is moving picture and movies are abundantly made
Superseded by TV, videos and now Computer and smartphone!

Even then the moving pictures of Nature fascinates every
Moment of our life unlike anything we can feel high about;
Nature fascinates and inspires from morning till we sleep
Seeing the Universe full of Stars innumerable, countless!

The creations of Nature are ever great wonder man can
Never ever imitate and create in any forms old or new;
We are also part and parcel of Nature can do only what
Things we are programmed already in our gene by Nature!

If we play with Nature and Earth, it is like a child
Playing with fire not knowing that it's deadly too...!

Only Poetry Guides All with Truth for Long Life of Love and Peace!

Without Nature, there is no life, love and beauty to enjoy;
Enjoyment is what all living beings Nature expects to do;
Do or die may be the policy of men, but Nature likes life;
Life Nature wants all to live doing best things in world;

World is suffocated by pollution and wars by man long;
Long Nature balances itself for life to go on smooth;
Smooth way of life lies in love, friendship and peace;
Peace instead of hatred is needed to make world heaven!

Heaven and Hell are not anywhere separately in Universe;
Universe is infinite with Universal spiritual energy in all;
All need correct understanding of Universal Spirit, Nature;
Nature teaches all about knowledge of truth in lieu of Creeds!

Creeds are concocted by men may be having truth or not ever;
Ever truth based ones is better than blind superstitions sure;
Sure knowledge of all subjects in one Poetry ever exposes;
Exposure of poetic truth is sure guide to love and peace ever!

Nature is Not Garland to Give it to Monkeys!

Like the bright smiling flowers among green leaves
With fragrance spreading everywhere in the garden,
The rays of Sun light filters through thin clouds
Of morning creating pleasant Spring climate fine!

Is the Sun the bright face of a beautiful lady I
Wonder, when I see this morning beauty as the rays
Pass through the twin hills down the paradise of
Fragrant flowers and delicious fruits enticing?

The beauty of paradise takes down to the dense
Valley with colourful flowers cute in beauty with
The central lotus fully bloomed by the Sun ever
Inviting the handsome one to enter heaven of joy!

Indeed Nature is meant for enjoyment of life with
The beloved and not for polluting to destroy all
Like the garland of flowers is thrown into the
Busy hands of monkeys all over the world ever...!

Abuse of Nature Led to Woe of World!

Colourful flowers are unique beauty to enjoy in Nature;
Nature in that fashion inspires poets, artists, philosophers;
Philosophers and scientists have achieved so many things;
Things beneficial to mankind help much to progress ever!

Ever selfless works are done out of inspiration from Nature;
Nature inspires both good and bad in the world by its love;
Love has become rare due to its goodness that bad ones exploit;
Exploitation of natural resources for selfish gain is sad!

Sad state of Nature by more bad ones has led to disasters;
Disasters from Nature is unbearable now to coup with sure;
Sure cyclones, floods and earthquakes make all feel mistakes;
Mistakes are man made now by reactions from Nature all suffer!

Suffer also all by new diseases sans medicines not ready in hand
Handling it immediately make all blame lack of cleanliness sure;
Sure it's all due to developments sans caring pollution is woe;
Woe of world can be changed by realization and redemption only!

History Needs to be Analyzed for Right Resolution!

Now the world is going on a difficult phase everywhere;
Everywhere the concern of all is Corona viral disease;
Disease of this kind in new as its world wide effect is;
Is it going to kill whole of humankind for new species?

Species new perhaps natural evolution may be trying now;
Now world is reeling under terrorism, pollution, illness;
Illness once goes away, it will look like illusion here;
Here past history is incredible, but that had happened!

Happened things have given lesson for change all know;
Known matters are over and is why new disease is reminder;
Reminder needs to be analyzed for answer to follow new ideas;
Ideas are needed to have correct way to go ahead for better!

Better days may be ahead for all to rely on by good faith;
Faith on right resolution only can provide redemption now!

Developments Providing Natural Freedom and Joy is Real Progress!

Globalized economy has made it easy for globalized disease;
Disease spread everywhere by Corona virus causes many deaths;
Deaths of victims give the impression of the end of world;
World life is in jeopardy due to wrong system of progress!

Progress of economy at the cost of social health and life,
Life of whole humanity has become a question mark now sure;
Sure simple living and free happy life are mark of progress;
Progress for what is important when we see lives in Nature!

Nature provides food and freedom for birds and animals ever;
Ever they live in freedom and joy enjoying music of birds;
Birds' life is real symbol of freedom man longs to live here;
Here that happiness in society is real mark of progress true!

True progress lies in developments in everything in life;
Life of such a progress only can provide real freedom, joy!

When Will Words Become Reality?

When will Corona pandemic come to an end in the world?
World is suffocated by pollution and threatened by wars;
Warrs of the world have changed it seems by disease;
Disease made in China is now transmitted to all places!

Places famous and remote are under the spell of Corona;
Corona, Corona, Corona ever seems to be echo in globe;
Globalization of Corona is new way of war by China now;
Now despite the deaths of its own people world men die!

Die all with the label as Made in China even for deaths;
Deaths by Corona China has made biggest achievement here;
Here in the world, how is it going to make this -ve +ve?
+ve achievement only can make China a reliable friend..!

Friend in need is friend in deed all know that as words;
Words when are they going to become reality by who now?

 Protect Good Earth Forever!

Love, beauty and joy bring peace, unity and fulfilment
To humanity driven to hunger, poverty and unemployment
By corruption, extremism, pollution, disease and all
Ideologies dominating all by military dictatorship..!

Ideals in support of freedom, democracy, justice and
Knowledge have whole hearted welcome by all lovers of
Borderless one world functioning by friendship for
Peace, prosperity and progress of humanity ever sure!

The present world has been driven to the precarious
State of destruction already by negative aspects of
Governance sans a sense of goodness, beauty and truth
Lacking human sense and love needing to be revamped!

Realizing the mistakes of past history of world, all
Need to strive for protection of this good Earth ever!



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