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Let World Humanity Wake Up to Notorious Villains!

The more Chinese Corona Spreads in the world, the more
Anger of humanity turns on China leading to no compromise
With Communist China that takes benefits from all over
The world by returning only more and more harms to all!

The world notorious fraud China and its world notorious
Cut-throat chief of epi-centre of terrorism Pakistan none
Can ever forgive, compromise and have friendship in the
World already paying heavy price for pollution, disease!
Sans knowledge, good thoughts, love and friendship, how
Can any nation like China and Pakistan have coexistence
As good neighbours in the world along with love and
Friendship loving progressive nations here afterwards?
When all are for high recognition for achieving ever
Perfection in deeds, China and Pakistan do worst deeds
To be notorious in cheap tricks of business and ugly
Acts of terrorism to hoodwink humanity as stooges sure!

Evolution Needs to Turn Animal to Human in Man!

Natural evolution has developed man out of animal;
But animal nature of man has not completely changed
Yet due to economic competition overshadowing ever
Humanism leading to force, violence and wars of world!

Unless rationality is developed by education and nice
Training, knowledge, experience, wisdom, love and
Peace though imparted by world religions, animal
Nature will dominate by race, force, hatred, wars!

Terrorism fostered by extremism instead of mysticism
By sufism and military power inspired by communism
Instead of non-attachment and love by wisdom make
Nations indulge in wars till youth succumbs to old age!

Love, knowledge, experience and wisdom fostered by
High education only can turn animal nature to human!
Justice or Just Ice?

The unprecedented incidence we are witnessing in the world
What can anyone say is when such stuffs will come to an end!
Corruption. pollution and infection are all outcome of some
Chronic disease humankind has been managing with no way!

Wrathful Nature making havoc due to climate change and also,
Earthquakes occurring in the East or West or in the middle
Indicate a big change is what the world is going to see
For good or bad God only knows to wake up all from sleep!

Without pondering over these visible havoc, some are still
Indulging in competition to take the reign of power to
Make the world dance to the tune of comedy villain acting
As if chivalrous knight of the past to establish peace!
These charlatans can only smash peace to pieces but not
Establish justice but only just ice that melts away soon!

A Chance to Learn New Way of Life!
Rain every night gives solace for Summer heat sure;
But there is no relief from the pandemic Corona still;
Self cleanliness and sanitation prevent from infection;
Curfew and lockdown have paralysed human activities!

People wonder when change will come for normal life;
Already people feel the ineffectiveness of freedom;
Now Corona adds fuel to fire to be devoid of freedom;
If this continues long, all will be fed up of life!

Diseaseless healthy life only can give true freedom;
Individual and social lives of all are isolated now
To escape from infection to live a new sort of life
That's a challenge for all to face and be successful!

This sort of isolated life makes all think much of us
And gives opportunity to learn and overcome desolation!

Does Peace Lie in Natural Life or Artificial Life?
Nature is looking fine today better than before;
All beings living in it look to be sound and happy;
But humans suffer incurable disease due to ever
Living artificial life away from Nature mostly!

Mynah birds are flying beautifully as little planes;
Though unable to fly, man has invented plane by technology;
Seeing caterpillar, he has created railway train sure;
Like children, we all travel at high speed in them!

This playful nature has not made him realize the value
Of natural way of living though has invented and also,
Created so many beautiful and beneficial things here,
But fights and indulges in race to beat all to be first!
By doing all adventurous things, man forgets and fails
Natural life to attain fulfilment, satisfaction, peace!
Like Cyclone Corona Damages One’s Organs to Death!
Corona is the harbinger of Death no one can escape sure;
Even after. one cannot escape from the consequence that
One has to encounter in the form of lung transplantation
Or kidney failure and heart attack due to thickening of
Blood or drying of skin leading to pealing with tears..;
Corona works like a cyclonic storm with circumference
And eye at the centre that affects the shore with the
Crossing of circumference with devastation leading to
Calmness, when eye region is over land only to be surely
Followed by tail end of circumference closing storm with
Final damage to shore and interior of lands as its grand
End of havoc like patients treated at first in hospital
And sent home with some relief only to be sure after
Effects like kidney or heart or lung problem to death!

None Can Stop the Passion of Love Natural!
Building a dam the flow of flood from a river can be stopped;
But can the passion of love arrested by any restriction ever?
Natural flow of music of a nightingale bird is not taught
and no one can teach because it's out of love it sings sure!

The passionate urge of poet expressed in words ever is a
Natural art that flows as poems of one of a kind forever;
No one has taught the art of singing songs to nightingale
As the art of a natural poet who creates by gift of God!

Love is a natural feeling that does magic as the poet does
Using words to create poems of great inspiration to all;
Likewise each one has a gift of God needing to be surely
Discovered first before learning anything to shine in life!

Natural passion of love when channelized in some field of
Art, its creativity is amazing and ever inspiring wonder!

Only Flying Kiss for Love Now!
Reciprocation of words of love is possible between lovers;
Kiss is the response to words of love among humans ever;
I had only flying kiss from my favourite one longtime ago;
But even if we meet in Corona time only flying kiss is now!

Lovers or not, no touching, hugging, hand shaking and kissing
Now are possible even if we are willing out of love in world;
What a pity for the supporters of love and lovers true now
In the Corona time being separated and isolated everywhere!

Most of the time engaged with competitive works in the modern
World, there was no time dream or think about love for long;
Now when isolated from all and dreams of love come often, it
Is a great punishment for lovers of past to crave for union!

It is fate that has sent its agent Corona to punish all with
Separation from loved ones far or near to realize what's love!

Before Death Know Love to be Peaceful at the End!
Teaching by love how life has to be lived is the best;
But when there is no one to love how life has to be
Lived becomes a big journey of exploration to know
Truth unknown earlier in the world full of fakes!
Love in life is rare as none is taught about it now;
Literature only has the truth about love to be known
By all not late in life but in the childhood itself
For all to respect, know love and practise it in life!
When sex itself has to be taught by demonstration...,
How can love be taught by demonstration to cherish it?
Devoid of touch with Nature and literature as non-
Profit ones to earn money, love one enjoys by luck only!
Not knowing Nature, history and literature, the life
Many live in the world is a loveless hell and waste!

Love is Source and Means to Eternal Love of God!

Wherever we live in the world, we love to return home one day;
For, only at home, we enjoy freedom and joy of selfless mother;
We long to return home as child loves to hug and rest in mother;
For, mother is like Nature that gives air, water and food ever!

Nature is the mother of all mothers, who only can love as God;
Earth is the greatest creation of God for man to live in love;
Like Stars and Sun, Earth is the sparkling diamond of love...;
Only due to its incomparable love, it is Star of love in Universe!

If God is infinite knowledge, Earth is boundless love for man;
Only by knowledge and love, we can have freedom to enjoy bliss
Mystically in Nature to have fulment, satisfaction and peace in
The life of the world before we spiritually become one with God!

Love is the source as mother, home, Earth and Nature ever for
All living beings and is the means to eternal love of God sure!

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