Public Violation of Spirit of Constitution

The logic behind the statement that if a person from underprivileged classes becomes a representative, minister or a CM or PM means all that class is emancipated seems ridiculous. That particular person need not at all care for the welfare or well-being of rest of his brothern, as we are observing day in and day out; such leaders are concentrating more on their personal welfare and well-being and that of their kith and kin. Any leader from any class, caste, religion, region and the like must work for welfare and well-being of all citizens. 

But many leaders publicly brag that they will work for only certain sections and their welfare and well-being. Is it not against the spirit of constitution? When elected as a representative like MLA or MP he/she is representing the whole constituency and not the class, religion, caste, region, language he belongs to or the ideology to which he/she is wedded. 

How they are escaping this public violation of the spirit of constitution and justice to all, and merely not social justice to some sections? Why no controls are put on their utterances and actions, when they so blatantly are claiming to work for certain sections only?

India needs leaders of objective view-points and deeds and not loose talk about divisions and their siding certain sections. Such leaders are traitors who are initiating and sustaining animosity among citizens of India based on historical divisions. Instead of working for all, they are escaping working for none just sloganeering that they will work for the downtrodden alone and in reality working only for themselves and their kith and kin.

It is high time that such practice of divisive talks and at times deeds are condemned and are seen not to be encouraged with impunity.

All are Indian citizens, just not "downtrodden" or "underprivileged" leaders working as whole time suckers of public money and faith improving their financial status and position indulging in all possible, available, created like avenues to loot public wealth, harmony among citizens of various diversities and faiths.

If citizens refrain from aspiring undeserving laurels and free-bees and money, and refuse to be pampered by this political class, the real progress and development of Indian citizens starts.

Else only the progress and development of divisive leaders will take place.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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