Role Models for Indian Youth

Celebrities are not our role-models. Actually present youth is not having any role-models other than CEOs or successful software industrialists. It is interesting that even though India is having second most scientists' population, the scientists are not known outside their chosen temples of learning or places of work. Professors of universities or prestigious private educational institutions are absent in the list of role models for the youth.

Most of the youth is carried away by the modern gadgets and information contained in them and shared on them and are building an inner world far away from real world.

Youth is not having other than parents to emulate. But unfortunately most of the parents are as good or bad as their children in these matters.

So the space is mostly vacant which is being partially filled by past intellectuals, scholars, scientists and the like. Present is unable to produce any worth while individuals from noble professions to emulate their lives and utterances. This also mostly due to all these intellectuals or scholars are themselves most confused. And they are only spreading their confusion and ignorance. Most of the current intellectuals are confined to their social affiliations and are refusing to come out of their well.

Society bereft of role models is vulnerable to extremists and prone to get plunged into chaos and disturbances because all most all intellectuals or scholars holding public positions or are popular are subjective and are not objective at all on issues or disciplines and subjects of learning.

Youth having role models of objective attitude is essential for the welfare and well-being of youth themselves, nation, society and within of the individuals.

Even spiritual and religious people are not up to standards to be role models to the youth. Mere recitation of spiritual, religious texts and wearing certain clothes are failing to make them ideal.

Normally in India it is the house holders who have been guiding the youth and society. But now householders have become very weak in all aspects and swamis and babas and ammas are replacing them with disastrous consequences.

There are no statesmen or women to enthuse youth and guide them. All we have are only narrow-minded and disruptive politicians.

A householder in the form of parents, again reigning supreme is necessary for youth to have role models and necessary guidance for life and living. Let us see how things turn.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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