The Creation of One World Is it just an utopia?

Now the problem before everyone is how to set right the disorders of the world we see today and how to change the course of the world in the right direction. The solution is the creation of One World Order, World Government, World Law and World Security. Though this idea is not a new one yet this is the thing that has to be done now more than ever before. During the two post World War periods the child of this idea was born as the League of Nations which has now grown up as United Nations Organization (UNO).


Before this, the idea of One World with parliament of men appeared in the Locksley Hall of Lord Tennyson giving importance to the progress of knowledge and virtue. Long before that Francis Bacon expressed the idea of gathering world's men learned in different sciences to discuss about the knowledge gained from different parts of the world in New Atlantis; and Thomas More discovered and expressed what Utopia was in his book, UTOPIA.

World Empire by Religions

Long, long ago before all these expressions the ideas of unity, love and brotherhood of all the people of the world were expressed in many literatures of the world. Therefore the idea of creation of 'World Empire of righteousness' by the teachings of Buddha, by 'the sword of Islam' and by 'the spirit of Christ' for the affairs of world life was not new but expressed as a cherished dream in the past and passed on to us to the present for us to fulfill it if possible or pass it on again to our youngsters for the future.

By Dictators

On the other hand world history has records of tragic failures of the idea of building World Empire by egoistic dictators of soaring ambition like Alexander, Julius Caesar, Chenghiz Khan, Napoleon and Hitler. They all failed to achieve the goal mainly because they tried by the means of mere military might only which was quite selfish, unsuitable, unacceptable and against the rights of the justice, peace and freedom loving people of any part of the world.

By Political Philosophy

Recently by means of socialism or communism some unenlightened and immature leaders of some countries tried to unite international workers or workers of the world to bring the world under one rule only to meet with utter failure, since their philosophy itself is incomplete and unsatisfying as it considers as workers only those who are working with hands and legs but not with brain, intelligence and knowledge such as scientists, artists, intellectuals and professionals. Another thing to be quoted in this regard is the famous Fabian Socialist, George Bernard Shaw who has said that all working people are equal except writers since they only always work by thinking and that since thinking or brain work is more difficult than physical work few can do the job of writers. Therefore is it not foolish to think of creating One World by converting all as communists first and making all as equals thereby? 

World State by Democracy ' Unity in Diversity

If naturally all are equal in all respects the unity of the world and the creation of one single world state could have been achieved long, long ago. But naturally there is variety and diversity (of talent, genius, ability, capacity, personality, character, etc.) among the people of the world. That is why though it may be welcomed that all are equal before law and that equal opportunities for all could be provided for education and job, in reality economically, socially and physically equality is not possible. Therefore only by cooperation, coordination and coexistence without the interference in the internal affairs of others unity in diversity is possible and that is the way the creation of one single world state is possible. 

Further any social system or form of government that does not support or give importance to freedom, love, justice and creativity will not have popular support and will not be desirable meet with failure. This means that only democratic system is the best and desirable means by which anything worthwhile can be achieved in the world and for the world. 

World Union : the Desire of Everyone

In all the fields of research for knowledge human craving is for unity and whole truth. In religion the talk is about unity, love and international brotherhood. Philosophy reveals that the whole truth is the synthesis of everything. Literature expresses that with the unity of love and knowledge harmonious human perfection is achieved. Science infers that all matters are interdependent in the Universe. Perhaps due to these facts the age old proverb that says that 'united we stand divided we fall' must have come into effect. Therefore the creation of a single world state depends upon the unity of the world. 

As in Nature for every event or effect to take place in the world there must be some cause. In that respect to bring about the unity of the world what cause (or causes) there could be has to be explored next, though there are differences and diversity as far as language, religion, class, regionalism, color, culture, etc. are concerned. Before the Cold War between America and Russia began so many views from the intellectuals of the world came up regarding the creation of One World Government. Among them the ideas and opinions of H.G. Wells, Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley are quite interesting to read and thought provoking in the right direction. 

Military Power and Political Power not the Solution

After the Second World War sophisticated Nuclear Arms building competition began between USA (including Britain and France in the West) and USSR (including China and others in the East) as a result of mistrust, fear and suspicion of one over the other creating Cold War to such an extent that Third World War itself could have come but fortunately after George Bush became the President of USA and Mikhail Gorbachev became the Premier of USSR, production of Nuclear Weapons and Cold War stopped with a firm view to reduce and destroy all Nuclear Weapons one day knowing pretty well that Nuclear War means destruction of the whole world and not victory of anyone over others. 

Therefore the possibility of one Super Power having more Nuclear Weapons than others with an egoistic leader having soaring ambition like Alexander or Napoleon or Hitler defeating all the countries of the world victoriously by direct military force and forming a World Government cannot be thought about and cannot be successful too. 

Then the second possibility of establishing One World Government by the threat of force using some political philosophy like communism or socialism under the disguise that imperialism or capitalism would depress, oppress and suppress the working, suffering, poor and downtrodden people of the world by effective brain-washing propaganda as tried by Russia, China and Cuba only to meet with total failure would not be liked by anyone now or in the future as the true color of all the political philosophies are well known to the world men now due to the popularity of various world news media today. 

Therefore immediately by force or by threat of force using military power and political propaganda One World Government cannot be established, but only by the friendship of all nations on the basis of world democracy in a slow transition.

Democratization is the Way

Now the hopeful sign of unification of nations under one system is the process of democratization which has recently started in the communist or socialist States like Russia and its Satellite States due to the bitter social awareness of the horrible dictatorial rule there and also of the knowledge got from the world news of the democratic States that gives highest importance and priority to social justice, security, liberty, equality, fraternity and right to think, speak and express anything and everything or best and wonderful things in researches, creative and inventive works for the benefit and satisfaction of the individuals as well as humanity. 

However the draw back of democracy in some of the countries is freedom without discipline due to lack of up gradation of laws according to the developments and changes occurring there and thereby leadership is losing control over the mass there and also due to the cultural vacuum increasing largely as a consequence of developing civilization as per the scientific advances taking place there, which can be rectified by the introduction of cultural aspects in education and popularization of such matters in the society through books, magazines and TV programs by intellectuals and workers for humanity.

But whatever be the defect of democracy only democratic form of government, of all the forms of government in the world, has choice and is suitable for all types of people anywhere, because in this set up only selfless intellectuals who have serenity of soul without oscillation of mind and with wisdom can express freely, frankly and fearlessly in their writings in books, magazines, in their speeches in the TV programs and social organizations opinions that could change the attitude of the people in the right direction. Then only it will be possible for the people to decide whether 'the conquests of Nature and the accessions of knowledge are to be used for creating frightful and inhuman ends or for creating the kind of progress' or Utopia everyone dreams about as opined by Aldous Huxley on The World's Future in his book, HUMAN SITUATION while referring to the prediction of Leo Tolstoy.

Possible Transition to One World

After analyzing the facts the conclusion we arrive at will be perhaps one of the three possibilities left for the transition of the world in the future as envisaged by Bertrand Russell and Dr. Harrison Brown and endorsed by Aldous Huxley. The transition of the world may take place either by force or by democratic means, where there will be either 'a world wide industrial civilization completely controlled by a totalitarian authority' which will not be acceptable by many or 'a world wide free industrial society devoted to the full developments of human beings.' Otherwise after getting fed up with the modern industries, machines, computers and fast moving vehicles, etc. people may wish to live a pastoral way of life in Nature in order to overcome night mares and to get peace of mind the world may revert to 'an agrarian State within the next thousand years or so, provided we escape war!' But how far this speculative knowledge is true or false future only has to decide! 

One World by Disarmament and Peace

As suggested by H.G. Wells in his writings it is in the hands of the intellectuals to make the people familiar with and accept the idea of One World and prepare them to work with one mind to achieve that wonderful goal. The transition of the world into One World State with World Parliament, law, security, etc. is indeed a long process thing. By regular propaganda of this idea in TV, Radio, newspapers, magazines, books, Clubs and the public which are the catalyst that could effectively quicken the process of transition. 

To overcome the threats of Atomic Bombs, Terrorism, corruption and Money Power and nationalism, fundamentalism, communalism, racism, hegemony, regionalism, etc. of the negative kind that encourage disunity, anarchy, violence, chaos and destruction should be exposed to the people of their harmful and evil designs and their futility to achieve anything worthwhile so far and so forth through the world communication and information media and the message regarding the importance of unity, non-violence, cooperation, coordination and coexistence that are developing a sense of international culture or internationalism among the peoples of the nations should be extensively and effectively informed and widely popularized in the world. In that direction internationally minded people may welcome and should encourage through United Nations Organization the exchange of views, ideas and knowledge of this kind apart from the other branches of it. 

It is better done well than said in wonderful words. So, what is needed now and what has to be done immediately have to be seen next. The will governed by a firm conviction as strong as a religious faith that gives hope, freedom, courage, happiness and peace is what needed now to achieve that goal.

In this regard the realized views and suggestions of Albert Einstein are most suitable to quote here and are useful for immediate action by the powerful nations of the world; they are 'There is no other possibility '.systematic disarmament (handing over all Atomic Weapons to a single international authority, One World security like UNO) connected with supranational government (while building One World Government)' The will to peace and the readiness to accept every step needed for this goal are most important.' ' We should strive to do things in his (Gandhi's) spirit'not to use violence in fighting for our cause, but by non-participation is what we believe is evil.'  


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