Wisdom and Intelligence

In the present-day world, I find a lot of people with great intelligence. They also demonstrate it on several occasions and make us wonder how they have so much knowledge. But when it comes to their work and life, they invariably show a different face which significantly affects their career and life.

What is the reason? There only comes wisdom. Wisdom and Intelligence are two different abilities; because a person might be intelligent but with a total lack of wisdom. These two qualities are clearly distinguished.

Intelligence can be defined as the ability to think logically, conceptualize, and abstract from reality. Wisdom can be defined as the ability to grasp human nature, which is paradoxical, contradictory, and subject to continual change. Yes. It is more difficult to understand the human psyche than to understand a theory or a concept. Every one of us is born with some qualities and abilities. Achieving Academic excellence is good. But what we learn through academics has to be put into practice when we work, do business, or start something of our own.

There only even the most intelligent person fails.

Yes. Understanding the human psyche or studying a person and their qualities is not an ordinary task. It needs something else. That is wisdom. We can never take a person for granted, be it a family member, friend., colleague, or boss. Each one is made of certain qualities. It is for us to understand that and act accordingly. For that one needs to study human psychology which is a very broad and tough subject. But, within our realm, one should try to understand a person and their special and peculiar qualities which requires some sort of man-watching. Yes. It holds good even within your family.

What to speak, when to speak, how to speak, and how to put forth our views even if they are good for the organization and colleagues is the most important one for every human. If one has wisdom, he/she can walk through life with certain ease. Otherwise, it turns into a tough task. Even small matters get into arguments and counterarguments and the whole exercise, even if one wins, is not worthy of a success.  

I feel it is important for wisdom to empathize and act. Tough only. But if you want to be successful you need to learn the technique.

With intelligence, one can win an argument but will lose one’s credibility. 


More by :  G Swaminathan

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