Accessing Freedom

Nobody in today's world will be willing to forgo all the freedom that has been achieved over the years. We have reached a stage where everyone believes that they have their own ways of thinking and doing thing they like. Freedom saturation point is what we are now experiencing. I do things that I want and say what I like to say on anything even surpassing the very thoughts of my fellow friends. It is sad when someone says things that are against your interest but sadder when someone trampled and ran over over your body and soul ' challenging your basic rights!

There was a time when people shared their sincere thoughts and feeling for one another. Every body was free from fear of telling the world what one really wants to be. Those days O! how the villager and town-folk trust each other, the common man and the rich doing business in the spirit of dignity and self respect, the politician and the ruled working hand in hand and the leaders of public opinions keeping themselves abreast with the downtrodden.

Those sweet days will never return but one thing is for sure that people will continue to long those days. Freedom ....Freedom everywhere where have you gone. From USA to Iraq and from villages to cities people speak of you. Speaking of freedom is not the solution but practicing it will make more meaningful. When someone ask something to do or adopt that is not freedom. That is called dictating.
Freedom in the true sense is of one's own choice ' be it a system called democracy or dictatorship, autocracy or theocracy. Let the man decide what he wants and do things that are now, in most places, dictated by some vested interest groups. In this way accessing freedom will have no password, it will become a reality for the common masses.
Hail Freedom!


More by :  Robert L. Sungte

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