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Instinct and Intuition Sustain Love Forever!

In a way like instinct in animals, intuition acts in humans kindling love at first sight even if one doesn't know any details about the persons making all feel it is due to the design of Nature already programmed by it in all beings...!  Nature, behaviour, gentleness and beauty perhaps appeal special magnetic effect to one towards one to have love. Afterwards like mindedness and confirmation of many ideas strengthen the bond of love between two hearts forever!

That intuitional power of humans is unique in playing a vital part in the promotion of love and sustenance of life and species in the world since the time immemorial to humanity and perhaps a great mystery yet to be understood!  But love by instinct in animals and by intuition in humans is a great boon that survives and sustains all in the world!

Natural Love Life is an Adventure in the Human World!

The feeling of love taking place both by instinct and intuition surely survives and sustains all in the life of adventure here.  This adventure of love needs self-confidence, courage and also. sense of sacrifice for the sake of loved one's safety and security!  To be successful in world life, love and security are absolutely necessary for all lovers to fight against opposition, odds and hurdles by fault finders of society and negative rumours ever and that way only natural love of humanity can be cherished..!

Naturally, love life is a great adventure in the human world.   Humanity to attain divinity, humanism, human sense and human love need to be cherished by all irrespective of all differences of religion, culture, civilization, colour, class and status!  Only strong conviction based on true knowledge and love can be of much help to have moral courage to surmount all hurdles to make life of love sustain successfully in the human world to flourish on friendship, unity, peace, prosperity and progress!

Versions of Love to Form Family Life A Heaven to Live!

Mother's affection, father's care, brother and sister attachment, joint family relation and companionship of friends are all various versions of human love forming family life to go on in the world!  If they all are true and real in human life, there love prevails as heaven making all connected therein to live a life of paradise.  Such a life of human unity cherishes divine life in the world itself!

Man made laws, social conventions and all are for making outward uniformity with no connection with natural and real love to flourish in the human society and world making many differences to wars ever!  War and peace have become eternal matter due to lack of love in the approach of human dealings in any forum of nations and world needing reforms to bring human touch necessary to solve all in truth!  Love is not for outward show, but for real life to live well by all as human next to divine for making smooth passage to absolute!

My Time Spirit is now with Universal spirit!

Never comes back from west to east
Or from north to south in our life;
For, time moves forward as spirit!

She has passed away two years back;
For me, she was like Sita to Rama
And Rukmini to Krishna in our life;
Now her spirit is one with Universe!

Time spirit ever moves with Spirit
Of Universe the all pervading energy
From which all matters and cells of
Stars appear and disappear in time!

Time spirit started from Universal
Spirit has to return to it sure...!

Realize Illusion and Rely on Reality to Enjoy Bliss in Nature!

This world is not permanent residence to be here forever.  This life is not eternal to live in the world by all sure.  Hence let us all love all and enjoy life the best in world with great, best and high thoughts, words and deeds till end!  That is the best way to forget our illusion and make a mark as our legacy to posterity to pass on our best deeds to all fellow men as human culture to pass on great ideas to all people generation after generation with sure success ever!

All things we see, enjoy and feel happy are not permanent and only illusion in reality making all think about the permanent and ever lasting thing in the world and universe.  Only our spirit is permanent and real ever to rely on sure!  Let us realize spirit within us and have communion with the divine Spirit in Nature to enjoy real bliss in Nature sure!

Follow Love and Truth to be Absolute in Spirit!

Dream like love life thrives on kindness to all and spiritual pursuit in Nature leading to real joy and peace in human world.  This high state of life all can live with sense of goodness, truth and beauty when there's no place for hatred and wars..!  In this world of illusion, only love and truth are reliable as spirit in reality possible for all to realize in pursuit of truth and ultimate reality in deep meditation ans sure mysticism as realized and revealed by poets and philosophers!

Love and truth only are permanent virtues in the world all have to follow to get fulfilment, joy and peace in life sure.  That only help one to indulge in spiritual pursuits to the higher level of human existence to do high, great and best!  We come with nothing and so, have to go with nothing in life.  Hence let us enjoy life in love and truth to be absolute sure!

Only Love is the Same Ever in Heart, Mind and Soul Sure!

Love life is the dream of many to live being brought up in love.  Knowledge of truth and love makes one have no fear to think, speak and do deeds in the world to live a life one wishes ever.  Lovers of this kind only are truly qualified to love and win!  But dream of love never leaves one free as each one is born so.  Nothing will be interesting in life if all are got sans struggle.  Love is a most testing one in one's life as it is a lasting one, if one commits oneself to live life so against all odds in world!

All difficulties, hardships and chaos become nothing if once one decides to embrace love and live a life of adventure sure.  For, love and truth are the eternal ones like the spirit that's real and all things are illusion only as they are not permanent!  Of all virtues in world life, love only can be steadily the same ever not only in heart and mind but also in spirit in life sure!

A Rare Chance of Love Blooming into Flower in Life!

Frankness of heart is most essential to kindle love sure.  But materialization of love lies in contact and talk of it.  That if not possible, via friend has to be effected somehow.  Otherwise, love life depends upon the play of fate in world!  Unfortunately, if one under the spell of love is destined to be in distant place sans any contact with prospective lover.  By the busy working life, pursuance of love itself is lost in profound oblivion lifelong left to the mercy of fate!

Even after many, many years, there may be some chance and revival of hope as in a dream one may see in a glimpse the first love in life once again with rare opportunity to talk of their previous earlier life like irrigating parched land!  Flowering of love or fading as dry paper in the desert is like the competition between fate and fortune in one's life!

Love of World Extension of Patriotism!

World humanity suffers much not due to patriotism but due to nationalism like extremism of religion or politics.  If love of nation called patriotism is extended to world too, surely love will prevail over all quarters of the world ever!  Such kind of love of world will develop only by international culture called Friendship for the promotion of peace paving the way for developments in various fields and unity in all forms of diversities that separate humanity ever by hatred!

Once world wars started in Europe and put humanity in endless fear but by European Union, unity, love, peace and development now hope of better tomorrow is established for other nations to follow the same for the formation of one human world sooner!  World union only can foster love, peace and joy among all people of the world to solve all problems disrupting peace!

Change in Way of Life by Education and Love A Must!

Peace, unity, joy, friendship and progress are the harbinger of love.  Knowledge of truth about Self, world, Nature and Universal Spirit and kindness, compassion, care and concern of love rule whole world, if material development goes hand in hand with human development!  Development of technology, modernization and civilization have indeed reduced physical burden and increased comfort making many unaware of the pan, pleasure, hunger, poverty, unemployment and disease of many underlining need for emotional, intellectual and spiritual progress!

All work all over the world to earn money to be rich soon and lose health to enjoy life of love in the modern competitive world with time disillusioning all, when all are out of work and money due to shutdown everywhere to escape from the spread of Corona disease now!  Learning important lesson of love life now pity themselves for the wrong way of life needing change in human culture by new system of education and training to withstand any disease and cope with any emergent situation in life with cooperation of love to surmount odd!

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