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Somewhere in Some Star in the Universe She Must Be!

Vacancy of her place can never be filled by anyone!  A great lass that cannot be compensated anymore here. A lonely life I live living love life with her only in the dreams enjoying the best times of our life again! Our romantic life was full of joy and enthusiasm ever that no one could have experienced in life I am sure. Her sudden disappearance from the world to divinity I feel much now and then but dreams of her comfort!

The comfort give me the impression that she is well in the abode of divine which is where she can get peace and bliss she deserves as she was pious ever sans fail adoring and adorning the shrine of God...! A place somewhere in some Star in the Universe she must be sure living a blissful life of spirit there……!

Love Sways Hearts to Win in any Mission!

Loving care of devoted heart fosters good human sense in all.
All do not get the opportunity to grow so in early life here.
Here many are deprived of such loving care become brutes in life.
Life full of harsh living makes one don't know anything at all of love!

Love of someone unknown makes the hardcore person wonder at one.
One doing things by love makes all and the whole atmosphere happy.
Happiness is the best offering of love that makes all things easy.
Easy go and easy lucky are the souls born to do all by love sure!

Love is magic as Poetry that attracts all by amusement in literature.
Literature transmits love by Poetry more than prose and stories!
Stories quickly conveyed briefly by Poetry makes it loved by all;
All love stories said in lovely words by Poetry that's new ever!

Ever love does all for the happiness of all fostering free will;
Will of love only wins in any competition and mission in world!

Love with Knowledge makes one Perfect to Enjoy Real Freedom!

Love is like Poetry, music, art and Nature in the world life;
Life is ever unpredictable and complex needing faith to live;
Living life the best way ever is to cherish love as in Nature;
Nature makes all forget woes by beauty, bounty and new ideas!

Ideas inspired by loving Nature, Poetry passes them to all;
All are entertained by music and songs like love does to one;
One and all absorbed by the aesthetic taste of art, live well;
Well off by inspiration and enthusiasm by love, world goes on!

On and on the adventure of journey in life is swayed by love;
Love makes all forget woes of world and to venture on mission;
Mission inspired by love leads to success guided by knowledge;
Knowledge with love perfects one to know real freedom ever..!

Ever inspired by love and guided by knowledge, in vision of life
Life goes on a broad ambition to achieve great feat on a mission!

Freedom born of Love and Knowledge brings Joy in Life!

In the journey of life, romantic love adds joy and enthusiasm;
Enthusiasm coupled with interest makes dream of love a reality;
Reality of dream is possible by idea based in knowledge sure;
Sure dream of love comes true by passion, affection, devotion!

Devotion inspires spiritual love of the divine ever in Nature;
Nature inspires love kindling passion by its beauty everywhere;
Everywhere affection of love fosters children by mothers good;
Good, truth, beauty, love and freedom male life joyful ever!

Ever love frees one's mind with knowledge to enjoy freedom;
Freedom inspires confidence, courage and endurance to do all;
All things done out of love are perfect and beautiful in life;
Life of love creates all things of beauty which is joy forever!

Forever love and knowledge make perfection to be in freedom;
Freedom born of love and knowledge creates joyful beauty in life!

Divine like Force Helps Adventure of Love a Success!

Love is an adventurous feeling of human emotion in world life. Determined on the basis of truth, plan of action and ready to meet end victory or failure love leds one's heart, mind and soul to achieve the dream of union both for comedy or tragedy in life!

Hesitation, doubts and fear are out of place once resolution of love is positively and optimistically made to accomplish objective. With one mind sure pursuit of love surmounts all hurdles and also, odds one has to to deal with in the love adventure in the world!

Love empowers one with divine like force to face any hardship and every opposition due to the determination of heart that plays prominent part in the battle, struggle and survival in life sure till the end and that certainly makes one end in flying colours! Adventure of love is certain to prefer novel path to achieve its goal of life to make one's dream a reality somehow or other!

Way to Attain Eternal Freedom by Spiritual Love!

Love and knowledge of truth give real freedom in world life to appreciate beauty in all things of Nature to enjoy bliss by communion of mind with the divine spirit within Nature leading to satisfaction of heart, mind and soul to peace..! The imperfect state of human in the world becomes absolute only when our inner spirit becomes one with the Universal Spiritual Energy activating everything everywhere to attain real and eternal peace quite reliable unlike the one here!

For, everything we enjoy in world is temporary and illusion only that we rely upon as eternal due to the effect of that Maya or illusion from which each has to free oneself so that reality, truth and ultimate truth permanent can be reached! Love of heart, mind and soul is the reliable means to know the whole truth of all here to relieve oneself of illusion to rely on reality permanent so that intellectual freedom can be used as stepping stone to eternal freedom in Spirit!

World is for Human Perfection to Divinity!

Between illusion and reality, life goes on in physical and spiritual love seeking intellectual interpretation on solid ground unambiguous. Beauty is illusion as it is not everlasting as truth and love sure; yet, many go by illusion not realizing reality sans experience in life! Beauty changes according to age to give respect to status of personality by change of image as mask to go in accordance with time of one's life. But truth and love ever give reliable conception unlike perception as reality lies not in physicality but ever in spirituality that's lasting!

Everything and everyone in world of Nature have no state of permanence in accordance with evolutionary changes for improvisation and promotion. Like research and development in industry, natural evolution also does experiments in the world before producing super breed to spirituality! Like the gold is purified by melting in fire, spirit is subjected to pain and pleasure to rely on truth and love to be perfect for divinity!

Love, Nature and Poetry The Life Sustaining Power!

Love, Nature and Poetry are of the same kind for creative mind. They give interest, inspiration and ideas to one naturally ever inclined in explorative creativity in arts and literature sure. Music adds stamina just as it serves as food for love since long! Poets and singers live breathing fresh air in Nature to sustain prosperous in their respective fields entertaining, inspiring, rejuvenating and guiding with hope and confidence all fans ever and attain immortality through books, records andever!

Love is the life giving power acquiring inspiration and ideas from the eternally living Nature though all other supporting men and matters stop or vanish away by compulsion of time in the world full of crises due to various reasons and causes...! Due to love, Nature and Poetry, all survive, sustain and ever succeed in peace towards prosperity, progress and fulfil wishes!

Achieving Birthless State is Real Liberation of Soul!

All have to know that for everyone end of life is death. Deathless state everyone tries to achieve by praying God gaining knowledge of holy scripts throughout life. But sans real devotion, love and affection, it's failure! From self to selfless state one has to aspire here in doing all things sans passion, desire and expectation and that is real dedication and sacrifice one can do like the artist becomes one with art forgetting self!

Like real artist true to his art, one should love the the Supreme Creator by offering all of his best, great and high ideas for all and divine to share not only now but also forever as legacy to posterity sure....! Doing all things with whole heart and selflessness is real devotion and great culture to attain liberation!

Love only has the Magical Power to Unite All Sure!

Love is invaluable feeling of human beings anywhere in the world. Love unites people of the same kind irrespective of language, race, Religion, colour, class, culture, civilization, nation and so on. Due to love only it is possible for humanity to live as one family! If once humanity becomes one family, all nations will become sure one integral part of world and function as one world in reality with UNO functioning as parliament of the world for all nations enjoying freedom, liberty and rights to think, speak and do all!

Love only has such a magical power over all in the world via the international culture of friendship and developments by cooperation unlike by competition of nations going on now separating world ever as different nations with hatred, rivalry, violence and wars sure! Realizing this great wonder of love, why can't all strive for the rule of love over all nations by education, arts and culture ever?

To Be Continued


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