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High Level of Human Love is Divine in Nature!

Out of love only, natural kiss with high desire offered to the loved one is matchlessly heavenlier than anything else in the human world known to all as real human love higher than true friendship..! Natural love of divine kind this is great and best of human relationship never changes and forgets love and loved one despite lapse of long time in the world and rejoices with same sense when met!

Meeting of such hearts exchanges same love least in change by the long passage of time in relationship that cherishes high kind of desire in love pure and is why it's said love is God never changes everywhere! Human love of high order is divine in human relationship that maintains high spirit ever alive and beautiful..!

Cherish the Only Planet of Paradise in the Whole Universe!

If kiss is sweeter than wine, love is sweeter than Ambrosia! Amidst humanity of lovely dreams, sweet words and kind acts a thing called heaven never seems to be the longing of all in the World of paradise full of fragrant flowers and fruits! In this heaven of love, humans are divines enjoying bliss in Nature full of green grass, gardens of rich grown trees with fountains spraying sweet water in the midst of green lawns wide and vast along crystal clear river smoothly flowing..!

Songs of singing birds colourful, cute sucking honey from all flowers entertain gentle folks to compose poems of love ever making angels of heaven feel envy that they are not humans living on the Earth, the only planet of love and beauty...! Life of love, beauty and joy is possible only on the unique planet of paradise called Earth in the whole of the Universe!

Love is Act of Nature Ever!

Lotus flower blooms at the sight of dawn in the morning. Lily flower blooms at the sight of Moon in the evening. Love is an act of Nature that nothing can change or stop; singing and dancing of birds and men are natural love acts! Acts of love in Nature and art are voice of words in verse that poet produces in Poetry as record of human culture on love to pass that on to generations to cherish and enjoy in life. That's why Nature, culture and arts need to be preserved ever!

Song of singing bird and dance of peacock follow the rhythm of sea waves as maestro to cherish love that sustains love and joy both for sad and happy occasions in our world life say poets in Poetry and express beautifully in arts by artists! To make life interesting to live, music, song and dance ever inspire love to the level of divinity deep in heart and mind!

Time Must Have an End!

What a life it is to live ever in the world! Builds tension, competition with time though there is no necessity and race to win now; a timeless love life is the dream at old age!
Living long in tension seeing time for all things, nothing has been achieved to one's contention of
heart that longs for fulfilment, satisfaction and peace possible only by love as all enjoy in Nature!

Mechanical life is artificial only unlike real life of love that is natural all long for in the modern world established by the life of civilization lacking sense of freedom due to tie up with time! Such a continuation of tensionousness life as the Great Bard says can be over only when time have an end!

Dreams from Romantic Love to Divine Bliss Finally!

Many indulge in dreams and imagination in romance with loved ones not possible in reality as once they meet them in person soon their dream pictures melt away like ice under Sun's heat sure. Yet, like smokers smoke despite warnings, dreamers dream of love! This is the nature of humans in the world in all walks of life that can't be stopped despite impossibility due to conventions of society, differences of class, creed and colour and so on as mind can't be stopped in sleeps and daytime reveries ever!

But that's necessary evil lesser than evils committed in reality; Cinema and pop singer dream girls many have romance with in reveries, dreams and imagination that relieves tension in all walks of life better than soldiers lives at the national borders! Dreams of romantic love with divine colouring has been in vogue by devotional dances of dames devoted to the Lord of romance who preached non-attached love with smile and humour to forget the woes of world life so as to enjoy divine bliss finally sure...!

The Classical Pastoral Love Legend!

Fellow cowherds are friends to Gopala Krishna and his
Fans are the ladies fetching water to their homes from
Yamuna river near Brindhawan Park are called Gopis and
Where according to His flute music, all dance in love!

Universal love with non-attached way of life is what
Gopala Krishna has expressed to his friends, Gopis
And lovers of his faith to enjoy bliss in Nature to
Overcome the woes of world life and reach heaven....!

Festivals like Colour festival or Holi and Festival of
Lights or Diwali and the Western Lovers' Day festival
And all reflect the classical pastoral love of Krishna
And that we all cherish as great legend in the world ever!

The classical Pastoral Love legend is eternal in the world
As that is the best way to enjoy bliss and divine-hood sure!

Natural Feeling of Heart only Can Make All Attain Divine-hood!

Literature cherishes love to live a peaceful life in the world. Religious literature cherishes love for all to attain divinity. Nature inspires and guides love to all living beings forever. This love is not just a matter of dream but a must to practise!

In the name of religion, culture, conventions and taboos, love has been long a matter of bad word to talk about and practice. What a pity a feeling of heart is denied by society following so many norms instead of following good feelings of heart as human!

Birds and animals live by love under the care of Nature as they all are children of Nature and live a peaceful life in the world. Even the inspiration and show of love openly by those beings in Nature humans are blind and deaf to see and listen for relief! Only higher feelings of love learning from Nature, human soul can have chance for salvation to reach divinity finally sure!

The Love in Action for Real Fulfilment in Life!

With utmost devotion, dedication and interest if anything
Is done, it is real act of love sure whether it is for love
Between lovers or friendship among friends or social good
For the well being of humanity or pilgrimage to holy shrine!

Act of love involving heart, mind and soul for the single
Cause of love surely enhances the value of performer and
Performance from human to divine level and that influences
And inspires the onlookers too to perform things so ever!

The passion of love not only makes one an icon or hero
But also gathers great supports from all quarters for the
Sincerity, honesty and truthfulness involved in the self
Less act of love bringing success in any way in world life!

Only that kind of love in action brings real fulfillment and
Completion in anything in the human world in reality sure!

Independence of Individuals Lies in Self Reliance!

Freedom and independence to think, express and do are what everyone wishes to acquire in the journey of life as political freedom is just a pass allowing one and all to strive in the world using knowledge, skill and efforts! It is not just mechanical work to do but requires real dedicated efforts with whole heart of love in unity...; if all work with cooperation and coordination in all walks of life, individually all can enjoy freedom soon!

That is possible by safety and security of nation in the world assured of full peace sans violence and wars ever. Heart and mind in love of peace and unity instead of enmity, hatred and wars need to be cherished by all sure! Independence of individual is possible for all to acquire not only by unity, safety, security, friendship, peace and developments but also by self reliance in all respects in pursuit of each one’s goals based on dreams and ambition!

None can stop the Rise of True Love to Divinity!

"I love you! " are the conscious words of a lover sure! Dreams of love life are subconscious interest of lovers. Likewise, the spiritual communion of mind with divine spirit in Nature is superconscious love of all with God! Love of heart, mind and soul is absolute love of humans that enhances all to higher level of human nature from animal to divine nature promoting evolution of Nature after physical to divinity via human through love only!

Never the effect of true love drowns one to deep sea of Hell but ever to top of Universe to the state of Heaven. That is why, love is divine that transcends all barriers of human made restrictions and laws as divine it's true! Forever love born of human feeling of emotion when clear in mind and concretized by Spirit, none can stop it to divinity!

TO Be Continued


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