Is Dream of Love Life Possible in the World?

Realize Humorous Love Life rather than Longing in Dreams!

Love and humour maintain lasting relationship in humanity. Beauty and smile sway all hearts for love relationship. There laughter and joy occupy among all related persons. Such an atmosphere of jovial love never touches sorrow!

Human society following loving culture enhances unity, peace, prosperity and progress achieving great deeds for the joy of people sans jealousy, envy and race to dominate all to the extent of leading to violence, war!

Jokes of love kindling smiles and laughter sustain life with hope, confidence and courage to face any difficulty with ease and sure success to greater height of progress making human world a heaven of divines on the Earth sure! Life of love in the human world is natural ingredient of paradise all can realize rather than longing in dreams!

Life of Heaven in the World itself towards Divinity!

Making many as friends by human love in the world is great. Making a team of friends by love to achieve things is greater. Making team of friends in all walks of life to do all is greatest! Uniting such teams of friends by love, One World can be created!

Friendship by love is international culture that units all nations towards the creation of One Borderless World of paradise that is more than heaven to live in unity, joy and peace achieving great things for humanity with no disputes, hatred, conflicts and wars!

International culture of friendship by love is the best way to provide food, clothing, shelter, education and jobs to make nil rich poor difference, create real equality, fraternity and liberty cherishing democracy effective for bringing all benefits to all! Love ruling all by way of friendship all over the world, humanity can enjoy life of heaven in the world itself towards divinity sure!

Genre of Love Natural and Artificial!

The genre of love birds enjoy in Nature humans wish to live so. It's a pity the superior being embracing science & technology for developments longs for natural love lifelong in the world. The more you leave Nature, the more human touch you lose in life!

Being part of Nature, man cannot love and live away from it. Dragged between artificiality and Nature, man is in trishanku, a state between heaven and hell or Earth with no decisiveness. Nature can neither be neglected nor transcended being in it!

Natural love is real in life that cannot be enjoyed artificially. Even for the cloned being, the base has to be Nature in the world. Otherwise, it's like creating heaven itself, an imitation of Natural one but not an original one that can replace or supersede heaven! Artificial intelligence is only a replica of natural intelligence like the movie love created artificially out of natural love sure!

Natural Love in the Company of Angels in Heaven and Paradise!

Affection, devotion and love are selfless care for other beings. Affection is emotional attachment for the well being of other one. Devotion is whole hearted care with high respect for the loved one. Love is all in one selfless concern and care for the loved soul!

Pure love with affection of children is a privilege not many in life enjoy, though all love children like they do for the flowers. Devotional love devotees show to their favourite deity forever. Love is selfless emotional care one soul shows for another soul!

All aspects of love are naturally appearing in the heart before expressing itself in thoughts, words and deeds in world life sure. Natural love is the greatest virtue one shows to another one or others for attaining fulfilment as one achieves divine bliss ever! Company of such loving souls is like having the experience and divine joy in one in the group of angels in heaven and paradise!

Friendship is Oasis of Desert in One’s World Life!

Source of romance is in college days and hostel life that cannot be forgotten when we think on friends in the International Friendship Day sure today in world! That was the time boys and girls become youths free to think about future occupation and life later on and their love life as rainbow beginning its attraction!

Blinded by romance sans any solid decision on future work and life spoils character, but those who are right about work and life shine in love and life...! But without friends, both work and life can't go on with zeal and ambition to win one's objective and will only be a dream and a mirage in the long desert of life! Even then, friendship is the oasis of desert to rouse one's interest in one's venture to settle well in life!

Life in the Paradise Eternal as in Heaven!

A beauty angel she is when singing love song to attract all;
All love her when she takes the hand of handsome gentleman;
Gentleman by his beautiful words and smart move capture her;
Her loving soul rests in peace and safety by his humour nice!

Nice life they lead in the world as model for all lovers sure;
Sure beauty, humour and love bring joy, peace and bliss in life;
Life of love all long for but only the gentle and high souls have;
Having every best quality in one is a boon attains fulfilment ever!

Ever seeing such personalities in world life is awesome as God;
God is the only one awesomely puts all in spellbound status;
Status of beautifully loving couple is amazing to see and rejoice;
Rejoice the world men when they happen to see divin couple here!

Here in the world, if beautiful loving souls overshadow everywhere,
Everywhere all enjoy life in the paradise eternal as in the heaven!

The Only Consoling and Encouraging Dream!

A beautiful blue green peacock she is dancing in joy thinking about her lover after a longtime in the town. He is like the southern breeze in the Summer bringing clouds of rain to soothe the Earth longing for love!

Dream of love life indeed inspires heart, mind and soul to dance visualizing thoughts of joyful past enjoyed. It happens to all waiting  for sons, husbands, lovers, Brothers and friends working as soldiers at borders!

Whether they are alive or dead no one knows until the letter comes about their message of joy or sorrow ever. Waiting and watching in dreams of their loved ones days many spend in world life as love is capable of doing so! Possible or impossible, dream of love life is the only consoling and encouraging boon no one can be sans it..!

Humour in love Can Make World A Paradise!

Humour kindles laughter, brings joy and makes one a friend. Good heart, gentle nature, helpful and useful aspects turns a friend into lover reliable and worthwhile in life ever..! Humour, joy and love flourish love life as model to all. Lovers of this best kind help much to reform the society sticking to conventional ideas and taboos unsuitable ever!

Love prevailing so in humanity makes nations coexist sans any hatred, aggressiveness and enmity endangering peace and escalating suspicion and violence now and then sure! Love, humour, laughter and joy smoothens relationships with all chewing the policies of democracy such as liberty, equality and fraternity towards the creation of one world! Cherishing humour in love, humanity will ever live in the paradise of joy, peace, prosperity and progress in world!

Which is sustaining power - Ambition or Love?

To surmount woes of the world is like crossing a desert. But without a oasis, there is no respite to overcome it. In spite of that, many empires have risen and fallen with ambition to be powerful and dominate others there!

It is history that talks about those civilizations as a lesson for all to know that power corrupts and makes one arrogant and mad to conquer all and make them kneel down to their feet and remain as slaves to satisfy them! But literature always talks about love that captures all hearts and even makes one cross the desert to see God to recover lost status by subduing the tyrant to kneel before the Almighty and respect love of God for good..! All bad things in the world may help one to reach the pinnacle of power but love only sustains one steady!

Cherish Love of All as Divine Boon of Humankind!

Loving friends all over the world are greatest boon in life. Computer internet facility has bestowed such a boon to many. Especially Art, Nature and Poetry fostering on love have Gathered feathers of the same block together to this status!

This was unimaginable and greatest dream of many in the past. Impossible dream has become reality today and in the same way impossible dream of today will become reality in future by creative and inventive ideas of devoted souls of love sure!

Yes, sans love of anything, such achievements of humans would have never become reality to fulfil the dreams of many souls. All things done out of love will surely make achievements as miracles possible by devotion, dedication and discipline ever! For that, technological developments should not hamper the love of Art, Nature, culture and Poetry by civilization ever!

To Be Continued


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