My rendezvous with God's grace

God ' who is that? That fine question deserves a fine answer indeed!

But, sorry, there is no answer! Yes, I am perfectly sane when I say this. There is no answer to the question, "who is God" 

The reason is simple; To each his own version of God, to each person it differs. There is no assent as to what or who is God in this world' to a fisherman, the ocean is God; If you go ask an attorney, he will call his Law Books as his God, to a priest, it is the holy books and so on' 

But when you want to ask a layman, a common man what or who is God? For that person, God is a supernatural being who is high up, watching your action and controlling your every millisecond of action.

Anyways coming to the point, God is "the Supreme Being", the creator and the protector, against all other protests over religion and ethnicity, this is where we close this definition. There is no one meaning or way in which god is expressed, like I said, to each, his own. 

Whenever you feel down in the dumps, not able to move a muscle because the world laughs at you, or you broke up with your best friend, whatever trivial the matter may be, who do you look up to cheer yourself up? Who is there when all are gone in this world? And who do you go to for a little peace and quiet? It is God. 

No, I am not preaching anything here, all I wanted to say was that this is more a sober thought-up article than my radically brash sort of writing. 

I have always found refuge in God, "The One", and the millions of names that he holds in his own right' and he has always responded. Not because I am his favorite or anything. According to me, all of us are God's own children, each of us are his Angels. Each one of us is reared upon and taken care of by God himself. The mother is a form of how God nurtures our thoughts and feelings early on in our lives. 

Yes, God answers all of our prayers, he has his own way of responding. 

God has a smiling face - HE SMILES A LOT! Yes, He smiles! The smile is the best way of responding to anything, be it good or evil, and who better than God to teach us all this valuable lesson. 

I shall explain that statement in a moment ' when we go to God our minds in elation over some happy event that has brought us happiness, He smiles at us, simply because He has brought about that very happiness into our world and he is also happy with us. 

And when our minds are in despair and we seek God, he simply smiles, and that smile is only to tell us that we have not listened to Him, and to let us understand an important message that "this is indeed a tough period, my child, but just smile through it". 

So learn this valuable lesson, and learn to smile through all the times of our lives, be it tough or happiness.

Take it from me, that is what God taught me! And many haven't realized this virtue of mankind, which is smiling. 

Hmm I know u guys think I watched the movie, "Bruce Almighty" before writing this one.. Didn't you? Admit it? Yes I knew it!

And its true, that movie did inspire me on to write this piece! 


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