Ways of the Bigots

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Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife
A critical appraisal of Islamic faith, Indian polity ‘n more

The obscurantist self-destruct of the Muhammadans is a weird phenomenon as Islam has the compelling character of infusing in its believers a frenzied madness of religious insanity. Hadn’t the Wahabis once dug up Muhammad’s grave to make Islam purer! But, now, what of the growing trend of the Islamic car-bombings even in the holy land, not to speak of the conquered ones, aimed at fellow Musalmans, not to speak of kafirs? It’s as if the Quranic terrorism, willy-nilly nursed by the umma, like the Frankenstein Monster, has begun to devour the Islamic Hypocrites of dar al-Islam.

Well, as one cannot farm in the desert sands, obscurantism wouldn’t have become the second nature of the Musalmans without the masjid-madrasa cultivation of it, and so it helps the umma to realize that the Satan, who misguides the believers, comes in the guise of Muhammadan child psychology. Well, won’t the umma willy-nilly ensure that the inimical tenets of Islam are injected into their toddlers in adult dosage to habituate them to adhere to the supposedly straight path that the Quran laid for them, which Muhammad had cemented for the umma to tread on into the eternity?

However, as the Upanishads aver, the Satan but resides in one’s mind and the way to control him is through self-awareness, but, unfortunately, the Musalmans sow wild psychic seeds in the minds of their kids, which in time grow into fundamentalist trees of obscurantist species as has been observed in this exercise. Thus, the noble but naïve desire of the umma to inculcate the Islamic faith in its kids with the Quranic drill in the precincts of the masjid-madrasa-mohalla combine comes to grief, as if by Satanic Design! Why, as Islam that prohibits drink to the believers ‘here’, inebriates them with a heady mix of religious indoctrination, how the Muhammadan Decommissioned Adult would know that while the alcoholic inebriation brings the drunken back to senses, sooner than later, the Islamic elixir would keep the believers inebriated forever!

But dawns not reason on the bigoted minds; Inshah Allah, if the child were to pick up the Islamic threads and religiously grows up into a believing Musalman, still he would have developed a prejudiced psyche that stymies his awareness in our age of openness. But God forbid, if the child turns out to be a Hypocrite, as his tedious religious drill would have implanted the Quranic guilt feeling in his troubled consciousness, where the pious Muslim parents would have left, the disgruntled Islamic fanatics would take over. While the prejudiced psyche of the Musalmans could be cultivated into Islamic zeal against the kafirs by the misguided mullahs, the guilt feeling of the Hypocrites could be re-engineered as martyr missiles in the Jihadi workshops of Al Qaeda and Hamas, not to speak of the terrorist camps at the Af-Pak border, and, of late, in the rogue lands of ISIS.

It is a psychological possibility to work on the subconscious guilt of those youth, who have strayed from the Straight Path, to induce a conscious desire for martyrdom to atone for their past sins as the ideologues of Al-Qaeda had first demonstrated; didn’t Osama’s plane loads that struck the ‘Satanic Towers’ on 9/11, as the world watched in awe, came from this deceptive source? If anything the way the Islamic converts from the white-lands that have flocked to the Deadly Caliphate of ISIS to kill and get killed has demonstrated the irrationality of it all.

It’s thus, Islam proves the point; a religion that brainwashes its faithful into believing that life for them begins only in ‘the hereafter’ is bound to be at odds with the possibilities of life ‘here’. Well, this is the theological method of the mullahs in converting the Western jailbirds into Islam, which can be galvanized into the jihadi zeal pictured in The New York Times, which M.J. Akbar cited in his book The Shade of Swords.

[Little in the manner of Ijaz Khan Hussein betrays the miseries he saw as a volunteer in the war in Afghanistan.

Mr. Khan, a college-trained pharmacist, joined the jihad, or holy war, like thousands of other Pakistanis who crossed into Afghanistan. He worked as a medical orderly near Kabul, shuttling to the front lines and picking up bodies and parts of bodies. Of 43 men who boarded a truck to travel with him to Afghanistan in October, he said, 41 were killed. Now with the Taliban and Al Qaida routed, have Mr. Khan and other militants finished with jihad?

Mr. Khan, at least, said he had not.

‘We went to the jihad filled with joy, and I would go again tomorrow,’ he said. ‘If Allah had chosen me to die, I would have been in Paradise, eating honey and watermelons and grapes, and resting with beautiful virgins, just as it is promised in the Quran. Instead, my fate was to remain amid the unhappiness here on earth.’]

Khan Hussein’s fanatic account should have gladdened Muhammad’s heart no end, peace be upon him, but it would have grieved the parents of those 41, unless they too were psychic characters, believing that black-eyed virgins, besides rivers of flowing wine, lay in wait for their offspring in the ‘Hereafter’. It would be an idea to know how the parents of all those children whom Ayatollah Khomeini, in his fight against Saddam Hussein, consigned to martyrdom by promising Paradise; and as a cynical example of the clerics’ exploitation of the Islamic belief system, he equipped the hapless kids with plastic keys, made by infidels of Japan, to open its gates! Can irony get any better, cynically speaking that is?

Maybe, at the influx of Khomeini’s boy-martyrs into the Islamic ‘Hereafter’, it was the pity even Muhammad might have felt for the Iranian youth at that time, which could have prompted him, as depicted in a Danish Cartoon, to pronounce “Stop stop we ran out of virgins.”

But instead of divining the irony of the Islamic martyrdom that the cartoon highlighted, the umma the world over reacted in a way that validates the Persian adage:

Ba Khuda diwaana basho, / Were it about ‘the God’, rant as thou want,
Ba Muhammad hoshiar. / Weigh thy words if it comes to Muhammad.

And it is this insane obeisance of the cult to Muhammad that enables its ulema to turn Islam into an offensive weapon to defend its Messenger’s manner and protect his honor against any perceived slight, maybe inadvertent though unintended. But then, the Ayatollah only followed the example set by his God’s Messenger, though as an exception, as the following episode on the eve of the battle of Bard illustrates, into a rule.

“At the first half, which was still in the oasis, the Prophet’s cousin Sad of Zahra noticed his fifteen-year-old brother ‘Unary looking troubled and furtive and he asked him what was the matter. “ I am afraid,” said ‘Unary, that the Messenger of God will see me and say I am too young and send me back. And I long to go forth. It might be that God would grant me martyrdom.” As he feared, the Prophet noticed him when he lined up the troops and said he was too young and told him to go home. But ‘Unary wept and the Prophet let him stay and take part in the expedition. “He was so young.” said Sad, “that I had to fasten the straps of his sword-belt for him.”

While those Musalmans nourished on the diet of Meccan ayats could be averse to the suicide missions for they were brought up to believe that it was a sin in Islam, nonetheless their prejudice could come in handy to rouse them to jihad in the cause of Islam with Paradise as the destination. After all, whatever ‘the others’ might say about his conduct, Ayatollah Khomeini had his hadith right, didn’t he? Whatever, it would be interesting to see as to why Allah Ta-‘ala seems to have deserted His faithful, in spite of their undiluted faith in Him.

“And this is a blessed Scripture, which we have revealed, confirming that which (was revealed) before it, that thou mayst warn the Mother of Villages and those around her. Those who believe in the Hereafter believe herein, and they are careful of their worship.”

“And if thy Lord had willed, He verily would have made mankind one nation, yet they cease not differing.”

Thus, while Quran willed that Allah’s Message should be spread in Mecca and its environs, the disciples of Muhammad, against his Will had plundered the lands and ravaged the world in the name of Islam, besides imposing their manners on the converted peoples. But then, why blame them as Allah himself modified his covenant, many a time, and thus, there is no way for the umma to know in which order he changed his mood as his ayats weren’t arranged in chronological order in the Quran. Whatever, in the current glut the Musalmans are in everywhere, they are prone to reminisce about the past glories of the Islamic architecture and science.

Then, if by ‘Islamic’, they mean Arabic, we may note that the umma of Arabia, by and large, including Muhammad, were illiterate and mostly lived in tents for the best part. And the mosque-cum-private quarters that Muhammad built for him and his wives in Medina was not an architectural wonder by any stretch of imagination. Indeed, the so-called Islamic achievements were the contributions of the conquered peoples of those nations with advanced cultures such as Mesopotamia, Persia and Egypt that Islam had appropriated for itself. It is another matter that with their socio-religious intolerance, the Muhammadans, in time, had reduced all of them into mediocrity by destroying the indigenous cultures, including, as observed by V. S. Naipaul, the Southeast Asian nations.

Well amidst all this Islamic chaos, the Indian Musalmans have reason to thank their forefathers for their foresight or lethargy, and / or both, in not moving over to Pakistan. But, how to convince the umma that the only way to save Islam for the coming generations is for the current believers to be less believing! It would help the umma to ponder over Sigmund Freud’s observation that ‘when a man is freed of religion, he has a better chance to live normal and wholesome life’.

As the Islamic straight path, arguably the crookedest one ever on earth, which Muhammad made his gullible believers into believing was drawn for them by Allah Ta’ala the All Knowing, is in reality leading the umma to the precipice, it may be an idea for the Musalmans to take the Freudian Road of Wholesome Life. Surely, the religious environment in the Islamic countries ‘won’t let man live for himself but for his God’, but who is stopping the faithful in the secular nations from embarking upon such a course. It goes without saying that owing to the long-term implications for the umma, the right-thinking Musalmans, though few and far between, might apply themselves to the task of eliminating the jihadi mind-set amongst their young men and women, which requires the cleaning up of the masjid-madrasa mess before it is too late for their faith.

But the falsity of the ‘intellectual’ Musalmans lies in berating the poor moulvis ‘n mullahs, so as to make them the fall guys of Islam without uttering a word against their Messenger or point out an incongruity or two in the Quran itself, the real sources of umma’s plight, though there are enough and more of them live in free-thinking societies of secular nations. It’s thus, even if a handful of Indian Musalmans can show the Quranic aberrations to their fellow folks that could be the new Islamic dawn; but can they be able to do that! And it pays them to realize that it was the reforms from within the Christian, Jewish, and Hindu folds that progressively enabled the followers therein to give up the untenable precepts and practices of their scriptures, or their cultures as the case may be, so as to synch their lives with life ‘here’ to try to achieve its possibilities.

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Comment One gets the impression from these articles, one after the other in buttressing the effect, that you acknowledge the power of Islam over its followers, and over Asian cultures - to wit, the verdict of V S Naipaul. You then cite Freud's specious opinion that condemns all religion in its generality, which rather gives Islam an ally in all religions, including Christianity. Referring to 'the decommissioned adult' of Islam, by implication you make the same judgment on all religious adults, again making the Islamic exception the rule. And what about the 'decommissioned adult' of Hinduism - a religion - rather more efficiently tailored in his strait-jacket of caste? So your objection is to all religion in the final analysis - at least, so far. From now on, your writing about Islam concerns all religion, 'ways of the bigots',

The speciousness of Freud's statement is in its basis on the negative effects he observes in religious behaviour, while being completely blind to the positive effects that far outweigh the former in the practical reality of day to day religion that explains its sustainability in vast communities world-wide.

To deny religion is to deny God, Freud's being a variant of atheism that derives from the ineffectuality of the Jewish idea of God in the face of the Holocaust. Where was God then? It is a blasphemous question, and its curse is atheism. Without God there is no morality, and though atheists state there can be a humanist version of morality, it is in the prevailing context of cultures governed by religious morality; but where it has been tried and tested in the crucible of atheistic regimes, it has proved to be utilitarian, where it gives the regime the right to disregard human rights - and by disregard I mean nothing short of inhuman exploitation of those who work for the regime, and exile and murder of those who dissent. This is simply a consequence of final accountability being to the State and not to God.

In any case, the denial of God is not to prove that God does not exist; perhaps, it does, however, prove that God does not exist, since then God would not be God to partake of the attribute of existence - God can only be God in the Existence that is God, which is the form of existence itself in context, form and spirit (of both) in one act of existence, such as is manifested in the created existence. Existence is thus the proof of God. Atheists are believers.

30-Mar-2013 12:58 PM

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