Heroes and Heroines of Democracy!

People are the heroes and heroines of democracy. Changing the govt. according to their taste is in their hands only and that they do by casting their votes in the poll of general election.  But with that their duty is not over as the style of functioning of the govt. should be agreeable to all; otherwise, people’s revolt in some form is necessary to correct the drawbacks and that can be done by raising the issues to the people’s representatives in the legislature or parliament. Even after their efforts, if the situation does not change for the better, by collective efforts of people in public the matter has to be brought to the notice of all in the nation till the problem is solved. 

To do that, people can write to the newspapers and magazines by letters to the editors and also, some can turn into writers raising the issues in their articles to create awareness of all people publicly and driving the politicians to answer them and do the necessary things for the betterment of the people at the earliest.  In light of the above facts, people cannot ignore politics to mind their business and live life leaving the problem to be solved by the efforts of others.  Social freedom, individual liberty and right to think, speak and do as one wishes are all the main principles and policies of democracy people have to use by way of politics to bring about the changes they dream about for the development of nations and the betterment of mankind.

Realities of the World

No individual can escape from the cobwebs of society, the turbulence of politics, the pinches and snatches of economy, the confrontations of contradictory cultures and the hypocrisy of modern civilization. Therefore frustration, monotony, irritation, cynicism and skepticism are largely found in every rationalist, moralist, self-respecting individual and compassionate intellectual.  But the goals, thoughts, imaginations, dreams and ideas of a better tomorrow cannot be forgotten as these things make men get inspiration, enthusiasm and zealous mood to go ahead taking steps by joint efforts politically and socially to achieve their goals, aim and ambition.

It is commonly come across that all sorts of malpractices, favoritism, nepotism, corruption, conventions and obsolete traditions being followed in all the fields of human endeavor whether it is in education or judiciary, in politics or bureaucracy, in religion or society, etc. are crippling the developmental activities of the people and it is felt conclusively  that everything has to be corrected, reoriented and reformed in order to allow healthy developments of the world to go on smoothly satisfying the sincere, good and honest people of the world.

Wrong System of Society

It is predominantly felt that something is wrong somewhere is the system of the society in which we live. Is it due to the civilization or the economy or politics or what? It looks the combination of all these is perhaps the cause for the crisis. Indeed money, business, etc. are all symbols of civilization and industrial growth, scientific and technological inventions and computerizations are all advancements of human civilization. But driven by the force of ambition to become rich, man works with machines like machine and lives like animal after work caring little about conscience and losing human sense in the long run transforming himself finally into a machine-beat-man instead of a divine being.

This is perhaps sociological thinking began very lately after economic thought established itself firmly everywhere controlling the attitude of men even today even after a lot of technological advancements and economic developments in the world and mainly due to this fact man never bothers about corruption and even becomes an inhuman creature without shame or sense!

Lack of Quality

On observation it is found that two categories of people are in great need of rescue now. They are

  1. the educated people who are bogged down in quagmire of tradition, malpractices and corruption rampant in all walks of life and

  2. the people who are not well educated but want to live a honest and sincere life doing works in a peaceful way against all malpractices and corruption in the society.

Also, the intellectuals who feel shy to face the social problems, who fear to do anything of social importance, who hesitate to wade through the evils of the society, cannot themselves overcome the illusions created by traditionalists. This is because education has made them not merely specialists incapable of moving with and dealing the overall problems of the society but has failed to develop leadership qualities in them. Hence leaders of poor quality are rampant in all fields today. As a result the quality of thoughts, speeches and works have miserably gone down in the parliaments, courts and various social institutions of the world and violence is raising its ugly head everywhere.

Drawbacks in All Walks of Life

There are a lot of drawbacks not only in education, religion, economy, administration, judiciary and politics but also in culture, civilization, journalism and arts affecting the society unaware and making it go on in the same old beaten tracks without giving hope in new thoughts, ideas and changes. When this so, who will care about the exploitation of natural resources, art and culture? Therefore what things have to be done to solve the crisis at present are

  1. Preservation of Nature,

  2. Development of human culture or humanism and

  3. Creation of One World.

So, innovations and novelty are very much needed for the society to breathe fresh and healthy air. Therefore the writers have an important job to do in the modern world to bring about the necessary changes relevant to the present and the future functions of the people. The thoughts of this nature should make all to raise their voice politically by various democratic means  for  the betterment of the society analyzing the problems of human life, culture, civilization, Nature, etc. in the modern world .

Transition of World by Democracy

Modernization is leading the world towards the formation of an industrialized world state controlled by the Nuclear Power nations of the world. But the threats of terrorism, militarization, exploitation and pollution cause concern to the world people regarding the safety, security, peace and very existence of the world in the future. So, with an eye over these aspects, the formation of an industrialised modern world state allowing harmonious human development in a democratic system is what everyone likes to see in the future.

Preservation of Nature

For that, the safety of the world is the responsibility of everyone and that depends upon the preservation of Nature in the world, because man is born out of, the part of Nature and not treated as a separate species independent of Nature. Therefore harmony with Nature is necessary more than just the preservation of Nature. Even Aldous Huxley in his analytical book on Human Situation has advocated that expressions of ideas about Nature in Art such as painting, poetry, etc. could not be altered or stopped yesterday, today and forever, because Nature is the body of the All Pervading Spirit; and man in mystical communion with Nature can soar high to sublimity to enjoy spiritual pleasure, real bliss in the world.

Culture for Humanism

The duration of life between birth and death is unknown. But within the life how best one can live is the wise thing one can aim at. For that, the only best way to follow is culture. Based on experience and knowledge the system we follow to live with good manners and morality can simply be called as culture which includes love of Nature, music and books cherished in humanism aiming perfection in thoughts, words and deeds. Even civilization without the basis of culture is unreliable. That is why modern civilization has made human life proceed in fear and anxiety in the performance of things, increased dangers deadly hazardous to health and driven the world to the brink of savagery and destruction. Religion may make a cultured person a divine being but culture teaches tolerance, patience, hospitality and unity in diversity and converts a brute into a human being because of its humanism which is what most needed today in the world. Further, for all the problems of the world we can say that the ultimate solution is the creation of one world through culture.

One World

The thoughts of the world unity inherent in the expressions of great intellectuals developed into a possible practical idea with the formation of first the League of Nations and then the United Nations Organization.  Since the end of the World War II for four decades cold war, arms built up and threats of nuclear war loomed large.  But since 1987 many unprecedented changes like the end of cold war, reduction of nuclear weapons, conversion of socialistic countries into democratic ones and centralized socialistic economy into decentralized market oriented economy etc. give the hope that the dreams and ideas of One World is going to become a reality soon!  This dream is concretized by the unity developed among the world nations in the fight against terrorism thanks to the globalization of economy that slowly integrates all countries into a single whole or world community.  If the trend is pursued with suitable reforms the goal of One World State can be achieved and perhaps that will solve all the malaise of mankind in the future.


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