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Turn Desert of World into Paradise of Heaven to Live Long!

Before world turns into concrete jungle or barren land or desert ever
Change it into paradise, gardens, parks, recycle natural resources;
Make villages and farms look green with leaves, grass and crops sure;
That's the way to sustain the Earth to be livable for all species with ever!

Protect every drop of water in lakes, ponds and rivers by dams to divert it
To dry lands, parched fields and farms for reviving the soil for rich growth of crops;
By dredging of rivers, lakes and ponds, all rain waters can be saved for drought times;
By doing so, the fertile soil of Earth can be preserved for Nature to thrive long!

Preserving the richness of Nature is an art to be followed as human culture;
That way civilization and paradise of Nature can be made reel in human society;
Living so in harmony with Nature, life is heavenly to live long in joy and peace;
That way only real world peace can all enjoy but not by technology alone!

This world is not for fighting and dying in wars for material causes forever,
But for making life sustain long to make modern world a heaven in civilization!

In the Last Stage of Dictatorship Rule!

Freedom and democracy are still struggling to have upper hand in some nations;
Despite Hitler's Nazi like rule or Soviet Union rule may raise its ugly head,
People's voice is being heard all over the world and all are noticing the
Dawn of free nations to go hand in hand with other nations of the world sure!

Mainly due to such nations, old type history is still trying to repeat sometimes;
Their jingoistic shows are not getting popular support both in their nations and also
In the forum of world nations, in which all good, bad and ugly are members by luck;
Time is getting ripe for the fruit of freedom and democracy to taste by all soon!

People are of the same mind everywhere in the world, but only rulers are not;
With military power and old type of failed political ideology some are trying
Their level best to compete with the democratic nations in economy and technology;
But politically and socially, such jingoistic nations will have to say good bye to all soon!

Politics and technocrats and old type military rulers are the hurdles in modern world
That people have to throw away for paradise of Nature to shine bright everywhere!

When Will We Call Ourselves to be Really Civilized in One Modern World?

Life of civilization and modern world to be called worthy and real ones,
They all have to be sans doubt advanced and developed in all respects,
Pollution, climate change, natural disasters and new diseases should not be there
Besides no wars over any matter and unitedly all nations functioning as One World!

If we have not achieved that status for all nations as one world, we have to
Do that to qualify ourselves to be civilized and the world we live in as modern one;
Until then we can only say that we are aspiring and trying to be civilized in modern world;
For that what steps we have to take we have to take and proceed to be so sooner!

That day only, we can be sure of realizing our cherished dream of paradise
In Nature in one modern world as was said about New Atlantis or any continent
Supposed to have submerged in the oceans of the world by natural disaster like Tsunami;
When that day will dawn we cannot say for sure now until we do it one day or other!

That day will come, only if mankind lives best way of life called human culture
Enjoying sophisticated facilities in harmony with Nature as One Family in One World! 

Let Wisdom Prevail for Human Life to Flourish in Paradise!

Sans gardens and parks with rivers, lakes or ponds, paradise can't be established
To flourish making this world a heavenly place to live in love, joy and peace forever;
Sans villages and farms, gardens and parks can't be built for paradise to come up;
Sans plants and water, no garden or park or paradise can we think of seeing sure!

Let us harvest rain water in ponds, save river water by dams and divert to everywhere;
That way the world can be turned into forest and paradise for bringing rain sans fail
To grow trees, plants, flowers and fruits along with crops for food to keep all healthy
And drive away hunger and poverty of many helpless people to live doing at lot!

A lot of good and productive and constructive works can be done more than all
Destructive works, violence and wars making world a grave yard rather than heaven;
Negative thoughts and ideas never allow positive ideas to make miracles here;
Let dreams of positive ideas inspire all as poetry does to create better world!

Civilization and modern world then only can reap fruits of labour in paradise
As wise people of generations past, present and forever lived, live and will live sure!

Lack of Disciple in Life Style Makes Corona Attack all!

Spread of Corona virus definitely says all change way of life in the world sure;
Failing to do so, death is sure for many to face sans any relief or recovery;
People never bother about life style in the fast modern world of civilization;
Lack of discipline and control in life and in all walks of life has led to this crisis!

Food habits, way of living and working condition not bothering about Nature sure
Seem to have made all think of all to change life style in accordance with Nature;
Easy way of life and working condition have made all subjected to diseases
Like diabetes, press and heart problem already making easy for Corona to attack all!

Lack of immunity, improvement of basic health problem and life style has made
All to adapt to the changes of Nature by living in harmony with Nature for better;
Sans making basic things of life strong, towers of civilization cannot stand steady
Before the storm of Corona all over the world bringing all to know reality at least now!

Unless life style of modern people is changed in harmony with Nature by everyone,
Health and wealth of humans will be in shambles needing rectification for good! 

Where Does Real Development of Civilization Lie in Modern World?

There has been great competition to do research and discover vaccine
To eradicate Corona Virus 1019 all over the world as great mission by all;
Russian vaccine is working well says Venezuela latest news says recently;
India is praised by America for making and exporting vaccine to world nations!

But even after vaccination of many people, they are asked to wear face mask
And maintain social distancing for full protection against Corona pandemic;
Whether success has been achieved in solving Corona pandemic problem or not
Seems to be still in great suspense making all feel like returning to normal life!

Such longing of people all over the world is now utmost in everyone's mind;
If world comes to normalcy, it will be like regaling lost paradise on the Earth sure;
Hygiene and discipline of the culture that was taught earlier need to be adopted;
After all carelessness due to civilization in modern world has cost heavy price now!

Real development of civilization to modernity in the world does not lie in
Economy and technology only, but in life style of people with discipline and health!

Health is Wealth and is the Way to Regain Lost Paradise!

The world we are living in engulfed in pollution and prone to new disease,
How can it become paradise to enjoy heavenly pleasure rather than hell?
Wealth is necessary by economic and technological developments sure,
But without health, free air to breathe and good water drink, how can it be enjoyed?

By the knowledge of experience, culture has come into vogue in the world of past;
By intelligence economic development and technology have created modern world
And civilization has superseded tradition, religion and culture making man fly high
Not realizing the ground reality of pollution and disease making man weak!

Weakness of body, lack of peace of mind and low spirit due to worries much ever,
Man is driven to live hellish life instead of heavenly life in paradise as Nature,
Culture and art are overlooked to be useless things before modern way of life;
How is man going to regain lost paradise to live a happy and peaceful life in world?

Health is wealth, cleanliness develops immunity to overcome diseases and
By living in harmony with Nature and cherishing culture only, paradise is regained!

Wisdom is More Important than Intelligence!

Life sans peace is worthless to live in the modern world of civilization;
For everything peace is needed to perform one's duties starting from dawn
To night to have a sleep to recoup our self to face matters next day again;
Likewise this mechanical life of civilization has made modern world a big hell!

Machines were invented to reduce the burden of man, but they increase works
As if in a competition between man and machine to finish commitments made;
Nothing man is able to enjoy in this situation of life in the world of luxury;
What is life, if there is no time free to enjoy good food, any entertainment and all?

Beauty or chaos, good or bad, satisfaction or dissatisfaction, all do duties fast;
This kind of life goes on till retirement comes on one's life making one blink
As to what is in store to attend to not having time ever to visualize all earlier;
This is the achievement of civilization in the modern world of mechanical life!

Finally, all long for the world of paradise to regain by any means at the end;
Intelligence is good, but sans wisdom all is becoming farce and meaningless..!

Who are Truly Civilized and Fit to be Modern?

Everything goes on as if in a competition in the modern world with Time;
If work is done well or worse, Time goes on its own stride everyday nonstop;
Can anyone or any machine work nonstop as Time in this modern machine world?
Tick of Time goes on with its pace whether man's heart beats fast or slow ever!

Physically or mechanically, man cannot compete with Time as with Nature sure;
Time and Nature are not for easy and fast way of life as man tries to achieve;
Whatever thing Nature does, does for perfection and for evolution to higher one;
Man does all for material gain sans any satisfaction and enjoyment in work now!

Perhaps only farmers, artists and poets do like Nature does for satisfaction,
Perfection, enjoyment and peace feeling unique pride non can have in this world;
For, whether all appreciate and praise their venture or not, posterity will do that;
Not only that, their work of art lives immortal life whether they are alive or dead!

Truly Poets, Artists and Farmers only are civilized and fit to live in modern world
As their ventures are ever new, creative, inventive, innovative and fatigue-less...!

Dying Better Than Before is the Wish of All Now!

Living in fear how long can one spend time free of any worry sure in the world?
In this modern world of civilization all wear face mask going out to avoid infection;
Freedom, comfort and luxury being enjoyed sans caring hygiene so long, all
Now realize what a great careless act of civilization has resulted in big danger!

Anti-disease vaccine is being tested and used on many men in the world now;
Even then wearing mask and maintaining social distance are not all are free of;
What kind of punishment is this one that all have to undergo how long don't know;
With stout heart all follow precautionary measures to fight out this disease forever!

Fearless life is what we all try to achieve by knowledge and fighting weapons;
But with what weapons this Corona can be slain once and for all search for now;
Health and immunity are the means this common danger can be overcome all say;
Can all jointly follow this measure all have to think about and do unitedly for good!

Disease and death are also common in life, but dying in peace sans fear
All want to have and meet the final stage of life in better than before status...!

To Be Continued


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