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Live Heavenly Life in Paradise of Nature on Earth Ever!

Fog and mist less bright blue sky is a great relief after winter days;
March is fast moving to summer solstice to bring in hot days very soon;
More than needed rains have gathered inside the subsoil for good agriculture;
Rich growth and harvest of food crops are what everyone expects this year!

At least from now the good turn for the resurrection of paradise is
What everyone dreams about to enjoy at the peak of summer days soon;
Nature has shown its two faces of the same coin for all to remember
And not to meddle with its grandeur, magnanimity, mercy and love but to follow!

All living beings are children and disciples of Nature and never master to it;
Aids of machines should go hand in hand with Natural resources but not
To destroy its natural course for the wellbeing of all living beings  on only Earth
We have to cherish most and never work for its last day for all of us ever sure!

Paradise of Nature no one can neglect and ignore in the fast technological progress
And its love all should ever follow to live a heavenly life on the Earth forever and ever!

Obsolete or Fashion, Life in Nature is Eternal!

Specialization in all sorts of jobs have come into vogue in modern world;
It has become a fashion to call oneself to be a specialist in some field or other;
Civilization has produced such kind of breed too in every walk of life in the world;
But if one doesn't get a job in a specialized one, one is in soup for long!

No one can change oneself from one sector to other one as one is a novice there;
One's honour doesn't permit to take up any job to survive for the better in the world;
Due to this kind of delicacy of job market, unemployment looms large even today;
But in the wide open field of agriculture, there is none to venture to achieve anything!

Living in harmony with Nature and doing a nice job in farm, all can do miracles sure;
But agricultural work is obsolete and out of fashion now for many in the world;
Realization comes when one suffers a lot due to hunger and poverty anywhere;
That makes one think of agricultural work to have food and healthy life finally!

All should know the fact that farmers live ever unconcerned of anything in the world,
But all others follow after them for food and life to survive in this world old or new!

Wars Enlarges Grave Yard But Peace Builds Paradise!

Wars are turning the world into a big grave yard without any respite ever;
But heavenly paradise only makes all love to live in harmony with Nature;
War turns the world into hell, while paradise turns it into heaven sure;
Peace can exist only by love but never by hatred or domination!

Due to show of power, cold war ever perpetuates real war making all savages,
Though all are proud to call themselves civilized in the modern world;
Civilization dawned by replacement of might by right before modernization;
But modernization and machines have increased competition as big war in world!

Competition and war need to be subsided by sports and arts or music and literature;
That is the way human culture can prevail over the world to turn it into heaven;
Tradition is not culture, but time tested best way of life is real human culture;
To civilization to stand tall, foundation of culture has to be made strong sure!

Animal life is ever in hatred, fights, wars and domination with boundary lines;
But divine life lies in cultural love with boundary-less world of paradise sure!

Panorama of Whole View Better Than Focused View!

Everything needs to be updated, reformed and changed to maintain
Balance between demand and supply as in business in all walks of life;
New things to be introduced should not change the rhythm of life in Nature;
That's why climate change and its after effects do havoc unbearable!

Sans disturbing normal course of Nature and life in the world, all should go on;
That way only, real change and development for the better can be achieved sure;
Economic and technological developments should also go hand in hand with society;
Industrial development should also go on par with agricultural development as balance!

Profit motive of business should not make one see world with one eye only as
The other is not blind and cannot bear the unwanted things happening affecting all;
Urban development should also make rural areas too well developed as per changes;
That's the way paradise will be enjoyed even in the civilized modern world well!

Like two sides of a coin, two eyes are for each one's face to see world in panorama;
Whole view of sight gives complete picture of world better than focused view only!

World Sans Paradise and Night Stars is Dry Planet Only!

No stars are visible unlike in the past, when I used to see cluster of stars;
Due to glaring street and shop lights and clouds stars are missing for view;
That heavenly sky no more, it seems, possible to enjoy even at night times;
Grass less gardens and star less skies indicate loss of paradise in modern time!

To regain lost paradise, pollution should be controlled for sky to be free of clouds;
Climate change should become normal as was in the past years of the world;
Recycling of natural resources and planting of trees to create gardens and parks
Sure will develop the route for paradise to resurrect for world to witness past joy!

The paradise lost indeed can be revived by not disturbing villages and farms;
Diverting rivers going waste to seas to dry lands, rich crops can be grown again;
Green fields and grass lands can once again be seen every- where to cool eyes;
In such a situation, paradise and multi-coloured stars can we enjoy with pleasure!

World without paradise and the sky without stars will make Earth dry planet
As other planets of Solar system and other star families in the sky sans natural light!

Will Paradise Be A Dream Only Forever?

Modern world is dancing between Earthquake and weapon's test among nations;
Natural disaster and violence of wars are like flood and fire with ant in-between;
While people wait outside of homes till Earthquake subsides, other people stay in fear
Seeing defence spending of a nation talking of peaceful progress with security!

International politics is for race to win against other nations in the world forever;
Nature is least bothered about, even if it is drying up with scarcity of water
For drinking let alone for irrigation of agricultural lands to boost fertility of soil;
Mad race in modern world devoid of good social culture makes all cry for paradise!

Rulers are for achieving their programme sans bothering about people's peace
To do their daily duties and breathe a sigh of relief dreaming of good days to see;
All are for peace, but the means to achieve it is differing among all in the world;
Can peace be achieved by force or by love in the modern world competing for all?

In the world of hurry and competition, there is no time to think about peace for a while;
If the world goes on so on and on, when are we going to achieve dream of paradise?

More Than Competition, Cooperation is Important!

All the stars glitter or not, no can know that as clouds hide all stars in nights;
Likewise many do best things not for popularity but for self-satisfaction of heart;
But the least few who do a little good, look for popularity searching in websites;
If their names appear on the pages of websites, they jump high to top of all!

It's a virtual glory that may be real or unknown outside world, but it's a worthy one;
If just a small achievement looks to be so wonderful, if all things are done so,
How great, wonderful and glorious one's life will be in the world searching for gold?
When mind becomes broad in glorious service, greatness comes to one in the world!

Such a world is really modern and civilized too all can say for sure ever indeed;
But unfortunately when all things are done as in competition, selfishness prevails;
For., the winner only takes the credit though assisted by many subordinates working there;
If the glory of victory is shared by the team, there won't be selfish pride there!

Cooperation instead of competition only can change the race of world to maturity;
There only then paradise of Nature can be realized by joint action in all good works!

More Than Intelligence, Imagination is Very Important!

Intellect and intelligence furnished by modern knowledge are incomplete
And not enough to call oneself to be civilized and modern in the world sure
Unless one is well equipped with Culture, Nature and Art to deal all matters in life
Besides awareness of world history and knowledge of Poetry to take wise decisions!

Intelligence may mislead in world matters except in subjective work only as
To take right decision, wisdom by knowledge of experience is a must ever;
That's why modern world of civilization suffers by natural disasters and diseases
Indicating wrong way of handling works to see quick results leading to worse effects!

Just intelligence is not enough as imagination to visualize whole picture is zero,
Many wrong conclusions and directions led to mistakes in developments unmindful of
Pollution and new diseases that have let loose climate change resulting in
Natural disasters unprecedented and disease leading to incredible deaths..!

More than intelligence, imagination is very important to anticipate pit falls
By visualization of complete picture or panoramic view of matters to do right things!

All Magic Shows are Not Real and Permanent Sure!

As long as solar power is there, Earth and all planets function in suspended animation
As magic is happening in the infinitely vast Universe among many stars incalculable;
But nothing is permanent including the superior being man too on Earth or anywhere;
As long as Earth condition and humans are well, all can prevent destruction longer!

This being absolute truth, what is the use of fighting for boundary between nations?
A boundary less One World with all nations functioning under one UN govt. is good
To solve the problems of hunger, poverty and unemployment for many in the world
And make this modern world of civilization a real paradise on Earth till the last sure!

Naturally, the world always surviving besides chaos can really enjoy peace in unity and joy;
The war less heavenly world is the dream of many millions in the world since a long time;
Why can't this dream be given a chance to see unity in diversity of the world for good?
Anything without trial and error cannot be achieved in the world full of chances open!

World and all planets including all living beings are all illusion only in reality
As nothing can permanently go on as in the present magic show ever in the Universe!

Will All Like Paradise to be Only in Dreams?

Paradise of Earth has become concrete jungle by shrinking of farms and fields;
Only barren lands are visible travelling in trains to places near and far off often;
Due to field workers are not available and loss in farm works all opt for quick
Money making businesses in towns and cities many say now everywhere....!

Prices of rice, wheat, vegetables, leaves and coconuts have gone to sky high level;
Also, as many are working in nearby foreign countries and vegetables are exported,
Even availability of onions and tomatoes too seems to be meager in the markets;
When this is so, grass lands and fields due to drought are turning into deserts soon!

Unless agricultural activities are revived with new vigour, soon Earth will be rocky planet;
Stone age situation does not all want in the modern world of civilization sure;
Awareness of the dangerous situation should be made known to all for the better
And make all become modern farmers with machines to increase agricultural produces!

Unless the world is again turned into green, green grass land with water supply from
Main rivers wastefully going to seas and oceans, paradise will be in dreams only!
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