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Modernity and Civilization Can't Change Fate of Human Life!

World life is a temporary shelter for soul in human body to know pain and pleasure
In the bitter sweet nature of human life to realize the purpose of soul to return
To the permanent home of peace mingling one with Universal Spiritual Energy
As the best resort undergoing all sufferings to have confidence in liberation!
Freedom of mind, heart and soul is only in he paradise of world that we have to
Preserve against destruction by modern world of machines in the name of civilization;
Comfort and luxurious life of modern world and civilization can[t provide ever
Immortality sans old age and ill health which is only in the home of God sure!
In the permanent home only joy, peace and liberty are permanent to enjoy;
Such a life of soul is real and the life we experience in the world is illusion
That we realize only by long hunger, endless suffering of body and its temporary status;
Science and technology cannot change the fate of human body by anyway!
Only by realization of the end of human body, all have to rely on permanent reality
And overcome the life of illusion to attain eternal spiritual joy and peace....!
 One Paradise of Love, Joy and Peace!

Unity in diversity is possible by unity of religions, races, classes and nations
And by this modern culture, one modern world of civilized humanity is formed;
This may look to be a dream, but this is the best way to bring world peace into effect;
By such a culture only friendship and love can turn humanity into wealthy society!
There will be no poverty and poor people suffering in the world of paradise sure;
That is true modernity and civilization in the human world all can witness in reality;
Politically and socially, UNO can work towards creating such a wonderful modern world;
This great venture of sure possibility is joint effort of all unions of the world so to say!
Western union or Eastern union, they all are parts of one world humanity only
As all belong to One Earth in One Planet in the whole Universe vast and wide;
Always remembering and realizing this natural fact, all should live as One Family in Paradise
For the sure progress of peace and love to prevail over everywhere to unity ever!
This effort will make all feel that we are all belonging to One Earth in One Planet  in the
Whole Universe supposed to live as One Family in One Paradise of Love, Joy and Peace!

What is the way to Bring Modern World and Civilization on the Right Track for Peace?

Even in the modern time, extremism of religious fanaticism and terrorism are
Posing great threat to modern world peace and progress against civilization;
Majority of world nations are for modernity, democracy and against religious fanaticism;
When this is so, it is time joint international action only can eliminate terrorism!

Human civilization respects all religions on the basis of secularism sure;
Each one can follow any religion one likes as a private matter but not as public one;
This aspect of public attitude and life should be taught to all from the school stage;
That is the way, broad mind can be developed to all to live in harmony with all!

That way only unnecessary fights on the basis of silly things can be avoided
And people's mind can be made to concentrate on unity in diversity and peace;
Once such a state of human attitude is inculcated, progress and prosperity are sure
For all to achieve paving the way for eradication of hunger and poverty in the world!

The hurdle of terrorism to human civilization and modernity is terrorism of all kinds;
With joint action of international community, this great set back can be set right!

To Live Civilized Life in the Modern World of Paradise!

Like fog in the morning making it difficult to see what's before us while travelling,
Policies of taxation and education are not clearly fulfilling social needs of people;
Likewise democracy is just in name sake only denying freedom and individuality;
Consequently, in the name of economic development, society is in soup ever sure!
Too much taxation in various names is only extracting money from all sections of people;
Price rise in all things starting from fuel to all service sectors crush the dreams of everyone;
Ever after education, unemployment tests the perseverance and resolution of youngsters
Stressing the need of all round personality development to on adventure in world life!
All party governments are failing in managing taxation and education system sure;
Dreams of modern world of civilization like utopia are fading and invisible in thick fog;
All problems and inability of governance put together make all to be pessimistic only ever;
Paradise of best natural resources making all satisfied in life seems to be revived often!
Lopsided economic development shown on paper has to be realized in practical life;
Then only lost paradise can be regained to live civilized life in the modern world sure!
Bliss in Paradise of Nature is Ever in Life!

Brindhavan in Mathura is still existing legendary place of paradise in India;
The childhood plays of Lord Krishna and his friends with dames here is bliss
To enjoy in dreams, imagination, poems and stories ever in the world sure;
 Such an enjoyment of bliss is God given gift for all humankind in the world!
For all the lonely souls, forbidden humans, forsaken widows and such individuals
Enjoy last lease of life in this unique divine garden to get real  peace ready to leave world
For permanent home in the paradise of heaven only mystics and poets can visualize;
If the world is turned into such a paradise, that I say as civilization in modern world!
Will the world men know this great boon to humankind to live in real peace and bliss?
Everyone has to think about this great gift bestowed to humankind to live in joy
That can last forever, if one decides to live in such a mood in this world till end to time;
So, why do we hate, feel jealousy, become enemies and fight in wars and waste time?
Love all and live in bliss in this paradise of Nature sans worrying about all woes;
Such a state of mind will make you surely a mystic and poet to be blissful ever in life!
Paradise of World is Not for War but for Love and Peace!

Switzerland is the playground of Europe where all nations enjoy fun in skating;
Likewise there are so many places in the world to enjoy life in joy and peace ever;
But in some places even if it is well noted for tourism, conflicts go on sans any solution;
Such a beautiful but dangerous place is Kashmir for many years in the world sure!
Kashmir is paradise on Earth many sing songs and writes poems since a long time;
Yet, in the name of religion and political ideology neighbours try to wrest it from India;
Instead of being friendly with the main nation, where Gandhi fought and died for
Freedom and peace by nonviolence means trying to wrest it thinking India is weak!
Despite historical disadvantages of the past, India has regained its natural calibre
And protecting itself against all enemies in the world safeguarding Kashmir well;
Kashmir is real paradise with beautiful Nature ever inviting all tourists from all over the world
By its flower gardens, apple trees, lake and valleys glorious for love, friendship and peace!
Such a beautiful and heavenly paradise who can like to indulge in wars ever
And spoil creating blemish to its beauty and glory being the only Paradise on Earth?

Who Can Deny the Pleasure of Enjoying Nature?

Naturally air conditioned places are the hill stations of the world;
What we enjoy cold air inside the room in summer we enjoy outside;
The advantage outside there is we see green lawns, flowers of colours,
Lakes and fruits delicious with hot foods to eat at our order in open hotels!

That is actually modern paradise with new facilities to enjoy in joy unique;
I had the opportunity to know of hill stations with mist and fog we can touch
At two or three in age with a lot of joint facilities of Sourashtra community;
That was the beginning for me to become disciple of Nature forever!

Nature in all its splendour in hill stations has introduced me all about paradise;
The poems of Nature, excursions to hill stations enhanced my love and knowledge
To explore in my meditative musing at a very young age itself of paradise long ago
And that I have been writing in poems plenty to get fulfilment I am longing for...!

Knowing the taste of milk, the cat won't leave until drinking it in full, they say;
That kind of status I have attained and enjoying Nature whenever possible!

The Grandeur of Paradise!

Wherever I see green pasture, I am delighted by its uniform growth of grass;
Green grass gives the impression of a well-disciplined army standing ready;
Not only that, even the lake or water nearby reflects green colour pretty well;
Especially in the glaring summer time brightness, that cools eyes to see free!
Green pasture, plants and trees grown rich in density show fertility of soil;
Surely river water going nearby the place somewhere near an estuary keeps
The weather always cool and makes heave a sigh of relief after a long journey;
These are the benefits and relief all enjoy due to paradise in that version sure!
The last stage of journey is the destination point of sea of a town with great park;
The beauty of such a place is ever green in heart to remember and feel good;
Such an effect can be felt even in the dam sight with long garden full of flowers
That not only entertain by their dances in breeze but also a relief of tired tourists!
Likewise such wonderful sights of natural beauty and benefit can be listed here;
Yet, a full stop cannot be placed after a line in verse about the grandeur of paradise!

Unity in Diversity in Paradise of Nature!

They say birds of the same feather flock together in the world;
But birds of different kinds like parrots, peacocks, kingfishers,
Pigeons and owls gather in gardens and parks of paradise...;
Unity in diversity is the lesson in Nature they all advocate to all!
Not only they, but also fish like sharks, dolphins, octopuses,
Jelly fish, whales and snake fish also live in oceans and seas;
Not only there, but also in ponds of parks and lakes of gardens
Too they all respect unity in diversity and live as example to men!
This is the specialty of Paradise in Nature that encourages love
And unity of all kinds of living beings to live together as one family;
This is open secret of their life in freedom they enjoy ever in the world
That humankind should never forget despite developments in all fields!
Paradise in Nature is God given gift to all living beings in the world that
All have to keep it up in better way, if all are civilized in modern world!

Beauty of Flowers Kindle Love to Live Life Ever!

Flowers are in multi-colour everywhere in the world serving as feast of eyes;
Flowers in gardens and parks make all remember the golden era of paradise;
Such things are possible only on this flower world called our beloved Earth;
Nowhere else such a wonder we can witness in the whole of the Universe vast!

Flowers are, though a thing of short span in Nature, beauty of Paradise mesmerizing all;
That way they kindle love in all beings in the world we are part of Nature called paradise;
Though their purpose is short in the world, they kindle and die for love only forever;
For, love only makes all live well in the world and do great deed for posterity too!

Sans flowers, leaves and trees are not becoming complete in beauty sure;
Sans flowers, fruits and all never come up generation after generation in plants life;
That's why flowers are offered to the Creator of all, God as our gratitude forever;
Flowers kindle love and we all love in turn to perpetuate love in the world for good!

Flowers in the paradise of Nature are like sweet in fruits kindling love by taste;
Tasteless food is useless to consume and enjoy with health as no love is no life!

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