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Taming of Fear by Love!

Fear was there, is there and will be there ever, it seems perhaps...;
Fear was ruling animals, humans, birds and all creatures in the world;
By knowledge and faith in all powerful God, fear is being controlled;
But by developments of economy and technology, it's still there in another form!

Humans have fear of disease, natural disaster, enemies, rowdies,
Bad police, bureaucrats and politicians in the name of law and rules of nation;
Fears of various kinds are faced by people in all walks of life and world;
Fear can be overcome only by the counter force called love only sure!

Love of all and all things develops maturity of mind and confidence of heart;
Taking all things as they are and in a lighter vein, fear can be tamed like animals;
Yes, by sportive way, humour and adventure, fear is definitely brought under control;
In that way influence of love is increased to full mental control by confidence of heart!

True and clear idea of the whole picture of life and death, fear of darkness
And all kinds of fear can be overcome as we are used to them in a matter of fact way!

Paradise of Nature Welcome!

Spring season at its best seems to be celebrated by beauty of flowers
And musical songs of various birds just after dawn around my town sure;
This is just a glimpse of paradise all surely love in the world of humans;
This is what expected to expand to whole world to turn it into paradise!

Paradise of dream is the expansion of the beauties we all see in Nature;
Such a time when will come all feel in the midst of noise and pollution;
Poets welcome it and praise in verses of great beauty as much as they can;
This is the hopeful message all have to spread to bring paradise in reality!

Beautiful hill stations with green meadows, gardens of flowers everywhere
And colourful birds singing musical songs among fruit bearing trees many
Besides beautifully constructed huts and houses welcome all to love Nature ever;
This is the paradise on Earth all have to visit and enjoy real bliss in life sure!

Only Poetry has the power to bring such beauties to eyes of all people
Seeing and enjoying the best of natural beauties of every season from Spring on!

Reestablish Paradise of Nature to Recreate Utopia!

Aesthetic taste of artist drives one to Nature to draw pictures, Poems, sculptures...;
By inspiration of Nature, he expresses his ideas using imagination to create
A masterpiece that not only satisfies him but also makes all enlightened for good;
Nature by its beauty kindles creativity and brings big relief to suffering heart in joy!

Nature is lively art of God that inspires and kindles creativity and inventiveness;
Paradise was first creation on Earth for inspiring all to do various creative works;
That by modern world machines and pollution are destroying everywhere for bad;
Before it is too late, it is better to be rectified by good realization by all sure!

All our growth of mind, heart and soul and to present status are due to Nature only;
This all should realize soon and wake up from fantasy world to real natural world;
That is the way health and wealth of man can be saved before all are destroyed;
Love of Nature has to be reciprocated by our love and gratitude to Nature ever!

For reestablishing glorious lost paradise of Nature, all have to be ready to cooperate
And coordinate in all walks of life with this one intention to recreate the lost Utopia!

Purpose of Man is Not Material Pursuit but Spiritual One to Total Liberation!

With knowledge of all experience of world life, vision of whole picture is possible;
With that by intuition, it is possible to know what can happen and can be done;
Intellect helps to know truth from accurate knowledge of facts in everything sure;
Mind philosophically explores to know truth and all that helps intuition to be powerful!

All these capacities one can have by meditation and musing over matters in Nature;
By doing so, Nature strengthens mind with clarity of thoughts and accurate vision;
Equipped with such an ability by long meditations ever in Nature one can have
Super-consciousness to know past, present and future of one's birth in the world!

This is top most spiritual development possible by communion of mind with Nature
That provides facility to enjoy highest pleasure called divine bliss and the way
To reach the Universal Spiritual Energy called God finally in peace at end of life;
Having this status in life is the most blessed boon one can have in this world!

If paradise of Nature that can provide such a great boon to man, why has to be
Neglected in pursuit of material gains only by technology ever in modern world?

Is the Life We Live Worthy One or Worthless One?

Sans Computer and smart phone no work is done by all in the modern world;
There is no time also to have direct contact with anyone for anything sure;
When this is so, how can one think of basking in Nature or moving with friends?
Those things can be read in books about romantic poet friends of 18th century!

Yes, I am reminding about poet friends like Coleridge and Wordsworth of past;
Their poetic works about Nature and Supernatural ones are even today are wonders;
That only help for one's physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual progress of man;
Sans friends and Nature, there is no chance to know of man and his real destiny!

Man in the modern world of civilization lives with machines and lives virtual life
Sans having any contact with anyone like friends and dear ones too due to works;
There is no time to think about oneself, world, Nature and Universe and end;
That is why at the end of life, they die of fear that cannot be deciphered by any means!

More than virtual life, real natural life only can make man really developed;
Sans making such efforts to be so, the life lived, living and to be lived are worthless!

Articulation of Certain Feelings Can't be done as it needs Experience!

Like the clouds moving here and there or the birds flying free in the air,
We friends were going everywhere hand in hand as we wished then;
Now we meet online placed in distant places having no chance to meet
In person as we have to be living virtual life only in the modern world!

Matter of fact way we can talk, if it is business matter but not personal ones;
That we did on our long walks in natural surroundings to our great satisfaction;
Now we cannot do so caught between obligation and near ones in our lives;
That time of joy nobody knows now and no one can enjoy that pleasure sure!

Is it called development and progress of humanity in modern world of civilization?
For everything we approach lap top or smart phone to deal with quick or slow;
Distance between dear ones are eternal it seems due to the compulsion of time;
Time only can solve this so called modern life of civilization in the world damn sure!

Certain things we can articulate, but human feelings can't be as it is a matter of
Experience we have undergone and enjoyed with great joy and pleasure then!

Enjoy Paradise of Nature in Bliss as in Heaven on Earth!

Meeting even friends has become like seeing the horn of unicorn now
Due to occupation with work in distant places and also Corona pandemic;
Due to the same reasons people to people contact also stopped for long;
If by chance, any meeting takes place, what a joy it brings being together!

Neglecting paradise and Nature and embracing machines and lap top, cell phones,
Humans have become distant relatives among friends and dear ones too now;
is it not time to set right set backs to bring back the time of living together again?
If all think in the same way, soon there will be some solution to solve this problem!

At least after getting affected in so many ways, the necessity of paradise and Nature
All should have realized and preserve natural resources sans neglect as was sometime;
If it is not so even now, let all think about the loss of health in the rush for wealth;
For, without health, all wealth earned cannot be enjoyed with our dear ones and friends!

Let all cherish love, friendship and contacts with good people by hook or crook,
For, that's the way paradise of Nature can be enjoyed in bliss as in heaven on Earth!

Beauty in Nature Sustains Blissful Rapture Ever!

Lovers of beauty in Nature with friends visit such places everywhere
To overcome the monotony of machine world activities to breathe free air
And live a joyful natural life in the paradise of Nature to rejuvenate Self;
Such a blissful experience empowers inner spirit to do creative works!

Divine spirit in Nature influences the soul within humans with best ideas
That with talent all lovers of Nature express in words to their best with all
In articles, stories and poems immortal to inspire and enlighten all;
Not only philosophers, poets and scribes but also scientists to do miracles then!

This is truth eternal all have to realize by experience in Nature to cherish bliss;
That can be done by creating paradise amidst noise, pollution and machine in world
So that all intoxicating things are converted into pure ones for all to have bright mind,
Heart and spirit to do best for humanity in one modern world by paradise of Nature!

The experience of blissful rapture in Nature never can be forgotten once
One gets the taste of joyful beauty in Nature that sustains eternally sure!

Fulfilment and Destiny of Human Life are Possible only by Cultural Means in Nature!

Modern world and life of civilization give comforts, joy and physical pleasure;
For knowledge, books and computer searches besides education one gets;
Specialized work gives wealth to live top life in the world till retirement in life;
But disillusionment comes then as all those things are illusion only in world life!

Sans knowing purpose of man and human life, end of life is difficult to face sure;
For, not knowing Self or soul or spirit and its development to achieve fulfilment
And man's destiny or ultimate reality, real peace cannot be attained to meet end;
To have fulfilment in human life, only cultural means shows the way ultimately!

Human culture is love of and study of the ultimate or perfection of self in life;
Freedom of mind and total liberation of soul are possible by love and knowledge;
That is beauty and truth, sweetness and light, reason and will of God intellectuals say;
All these things are gained only through Nature that all have to respect and preserve!

Modern world and technology do not provide that idea and only Nature offers;
Beyond body and mind, spirit is there that needs to be developed to be complete!

Paradise of Nature in Utopia!

Realization by all will make it possible to establish paradise of Nature in Utopia;
Such an arrangement will surely put an end to pollution and monotony of machine life;
Make facilities for all to meet all friends and dear ones in the paradise all love;
Not only for adults to play games, but also for kids all will be there to play in fun!

Harmony with Nature will allow all to realize Self, world, Nature and Universe;
Development of body, mind and spirit will make personality full to reach ultimate reality;
Illusion will be realized and ultimate truth and journey for total liberation will begin;
Paradise of world will be the spring board to eternal joy in paradise of heaven!

From meditation in Nature will develop to mysticism to enjoy real bliss sure;
Mind in communion with Nature will know how to mingle spirit one with Universal Spirit;
Spiritual development will lead to realize super-conscious state for total liberation;
That is the ultimate reality all will know and take efforts to achieve it spiritually!

Paradise of Nature in Utopia will make all perfect humans to divinity better than before;
Natural evolution will proceed better from animal to human to super human to divine one!



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