Birth and Death are Natural Process in Life!

Life = Existence + Knowledge + Vision + Ambition + Achievement + Bliss + Absolute

The End Of Life!

This life in this world is a temporary sojourn only to feel effect of joy and sorrow and pain and pleasure by emotion possible only by the body we are provided as that is not possible by spirit, our real, true Self!  Earthquake, volcanic eruption, storms and diseases are to remind all about death to prepare human mind to face it sans fear by realizing that death is part of life's end all have to accept and welcome as all welcome birth ever!

This Earth is to make all attain neutrality between birth and death by incorporating the vision of the Universal  Spiritual Energy or God by attributing all best, highest and eternal truth to It in the image we love to do all!  For, our soul or spirit is our Self that has come from the Universal Spirit of God has to unite with It one day!

Live and Let Live for the Better Ever!

Without strength and immunity of body, life is short leaving one best to have good thoughts, desire and vision of Universal God by meditation in Nature to maintain self-confidence so as to do the best one can! Based on drawbacks and experience, it is wise to leave world contributing our best ideas, deeds and love for posterity to enjoy life better and follow the culture of Continuing with creativity and inventiveness good!

Development of humanity and promotion of evolution of mind and spirit are the things all have to pay attention and proceed in that direction to leave the world in better than before condition rather than satisfying selfishness! Live and let live is the culture humanity follows and that is the best course all have to continue for good!

Sustenance of Life in Nature!

From seeds come leaves to grow into plants, trees, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits from the Earth’s soil, rain and energized by Sun rays. From leaves worms and insects come by mutation and develop into planktons, shrimps, fish, reptiles in water of sea and crawl out as beasts!

Thereafter from animals birds and higher animals are evolved leading to the birth of monkeys and humans with the evolution continuing in mind and spirit of all to superhuman stage to evolve into divines sure as a natural process needing to be realized and live in harmony with it!

This process of life in Nature has to be maintained sans disturbance by the scientific and technological developments for the growth of all economic pursuits conserving natural resources sans exploitation and pollution disturbing natural seasonal changes in cycle every year ever! Failing to do so by contrary genetic modification sans realization long, Earth and all living beings have to face doom’s day sooner or later sure!

Life and Death are in the Hands of Spirit forever!

We are born to die one day on the Earth without doubt sure! This body of ours is a temporary one in this precarious world. As long as brain, heart, intestine, liver, pancreas, kidney and flesh, bone and blood are in good condition, soul stays steady!

The soul leaves one immediately when the spirit loses its grip sure over body with energy to activate all organs of the body. The spirit either enters into newly formed body with energy to make it grow to do al or become with one the Universal Spirit!

The beginning and the final goal of the life of spirit or soul is in the Universal Spiritual Energy, or else, the spirit roams in wilderness activating matter with energy in some form or other anywhere in the vast endless Universe of eternal works of creation and destruction as lively scientific art of Nature sure inspiring and kindling creativity and inventiveness in all ever!

World Life Survives by Nature!

God and fate play in rise and fall of man balancing between birth and death. Fate playing its role diligently, man’s efforts need God’s mercy to succeed. Some see result of great success before the end of their lives in the world; but many never see successful result till they die or nothing even after that!

Whether all achieve ambition by luck or hard work in success or not at all, species of different kinds perpetuate themselves by love in Nature ever. This is a great wonder regularly happening in the world by fate or God….! It’s a greatest mystery and a puzzle not yet solved by any anywhere ever!

Fate of man is also thwarted by the luck sanctioned by the mercy of God. It is philosophic truth of intellectuals that fate can be won by knowledge. Indeed by knowledge and use of science and technology, man has achieved progress in various fields, reduced burden and increased comforts in life!

By progress man has become civilized and created modern world indeed. But due to forsaking morality and culture, man has brought incurable and deadly dangerous diseases like Cancer, AIDS, SARS, Ebola and Corona 19 proving that fate is invincible and only by mercy of Nature, life can survive!

Come Out of Circumference of Circle to See Reality from Above!

How life has evolved and how long it sustains so, none knows. But based on experience, man has got knowledge to live best life by following that system as human culture sans doubt...; that culture has existence, knowledge, bliss and Absolute!

Completing life of individual, makes one's mark in the world to explore Nature for everything finally in meditation and mysticism having communion with it to enjoy bliss better than pleasure of world to make his life complete to attain liberation!

Reaching that state of total liberation from birth and death, one achieves state of absolute and the state of no beginning and end, which is what man strives ever by discipline and truth in all activities rather than wasting time in making money only!

Just economy is not all, society, world and Universal Spirit are need to be realized to come out of going round the circumference of Circle of life to know the ultimate reality as it is instead of remaining as slave of a circle as oil mongering bull ever...!

Good and Great Life has No Death!

Life has an end like the train journey ends somewhere. It is also like the Poet completes writing his book sure. The same sort of end everyone, good or bad, has ever. Death is the end same for one and all whoever one is..!

With the death one is forgotten in the community ever. Some good hearts live in the hearts of many in the society for the best social service they have done earlier in life. Likewise, Poets and writers even after death live in works!

End of life in death is like the book written and read and placed on the shelf or library for future reference, if the work of such a soul is remarkable and beneficial for many in the life of the human world, it lives forever! Good and great life of extraordinary ones is like a beautiful picture or music or Poetry all love forever!

Life is to Experiment and Experience Pain and Pleasure!

Days go on whether one's body has pain or not sure. But without pain, there is no life for anyone here. Body is there to feel both pain and pleasure sure. Perhaps soul is imprisoned to know pain and joy..!

Values of both pain and happiness in the world one cannot know and understand without body and with soul or spirit alone existing in the world or anywhere else in the whole of the vast Universe sure!

Knowing pain and pleasure and learning control of anyone and realizing that spirit is the final stage to return to the home, all have to upgrade soul for achieving birthless and deathless state ever!

Life is to experiment and experience all effects of feeling by body not possible only by spirit. To realize this truth, man with body is created in the world in an imperfect state to be absolute!

Life is a Smooth Journey of a River only by Love Ever!

Love is so beautiful as lovely flowers we see in the garden. Garden with fragrant flowers many is Universe with many Stars. Stars innumerable above take all in love to beautiful heaven. Heaven above and paradise of flowers below make love joyful!

Joyful life only love gives ever to anyone in the human world. World woes are many due to many differences overshadowed by love. Love by its all pervading power over whole self is divine sure. Sure despite all woes of world, life is sustained by this divine!

Divine on the Earth is brought within everyone's reach by love. Love of beauty, music, Nature and Poetry fosters ever romance. Romance gives flavour to delicious food of love life indeed... Indeed life sans romance is dull and insipid to drag on dry life! Life inspired by love and guided by knowledge makes it smooth.
Smooth flow of river the journey of life becomes only by love ever!

The Beginning and End of Nature!

No one can live a permanent life in this world! World is only a temporary abode for the soul in human body to realize the values of pleasure and pain and follow non attachment towards them for up grading soul to attain birthless total Liberation as that is the purpose of life ever designed by Nature as destiny in the source itself!

In Nature, the permanent home of soul or spirit is the Universal Spiritual Energy from where soul comes to world to live in the body of human to feel effects of pain and pleasure for aspiring for enjoying permanent bliss in the permanent abode of Universal Spiritual state of Energy being the beginning and end of Nature!

Can Man Live Sans Nature Anywhere Ever?

Notions about Nature never seem to change for many. Nature is not just plants, animals, hills, rivers, seas and sky, but everything from world to Universe! Nature covers all, life, world, planets and Universe!

Knowledge of life, world, Nature and Universe gives strong conviction, confidence and courage to go ahead on any venture with ambition formed out of that idea and vision to achieve intellectual greatness, spirit!

Attaining high spiritual status is necessary to enjoy lasting bliss in Nature if mysticism is experienced with it and not destroying natural resources for greedy material progress paving the way for total destruction! Being part of Nature, can man excel and survive sans Nature and live sans it ever in the world or anywhere?


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Comment Love Is Act Of Nature Ever!
Poem by Ramesh T A
Lotus flower blooms at the sight of dawn in the morning;
Lily flower blooms at the sight og Moon in the evening;
Love is an act of Nature that nothing can change or stop;
Singing and dancing of birds and men are natural love acts!

Acts of love in Nature and art are voice of words in verse
That poet produces in Poetry as record human culture of love
To pass that on to generations to cherish and enjoy un life;
That's why Nature, culture and arts need to be preserved ever!

Song od singing bird and dance of peacock follow the rhythm
Of sea waves as maestro to cherish love that sustains love
And joy both for sad and happy occasions in our world life
Say poets in Poetry and express beautifully in arts by artists!

To make life interesting to live, music, song and dance ever
Inspire love to the level of divinity deep in heart and mind!

T A Ramesh
10-Aug-2020 01:05 AM

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