It's not about “Rape”

So much has been written on rape and so much has already been talked about. The term perhaps has been completely diagnosed by the intelligentsia. Here is another one: an eccentric view of this horrendous crime from an average Indian girl.

Since the unfortunate Delhi rape, a crime that took place in December last year, we’ve had enough of talkathon, the views ranging from accusations on the girl, the repercussions of rape, its effect on society and even the impact of junk food on the increasing rates of this crime. Among all the articles,talks and debates which mostly come from men(whether you have noticed), I have observed two major types of views: One in which ample sympathy is expressed to the girl and her family,the stigma on the girl’s character which can never be removed, how such things should never happen,and blah blah. In the other one, rape is systematically,functionally, socially but indeed mechanically analysed; a kind of complete research paper containing the causes,effects and steps to prevent it.

So,you might be wondering what is the point that I want to make and whats new? Moreover, what is the conclusion? Now, sadly my point is that all such opinions by the intelligent men are TRASH. Men have no idea and can never understand even one percentage of the trauma that a girl undergoes when someone forcefully uses her like an object and  a commodity for pleasure.And yes, before you continue reading I would like to state that my point is not "all men are bad men".I just want to highlight the fact that all men do not have enough sensitivity to understand the psychological state of a rape victim, when even girls cannot understand the mental state of a victim but only have some vague idea.

Dear men, you can talk big and write flamboyantly because these things never happen to you. And if you have genuine anger and you are so civilized that you feel this is wrong,then what have you done about it? besides writing long brilliantly composed words of wisdom. Nothing? isn’t it? And if you ask me what I have done, then I have not written any article on rape.. I am too naive to understand its complications. My point is do not write about these things mechanically.And trust me,you have no idea how it feels to be stared at, how it feels to hear crude indecent comments, how we have to manipulate our schedule to fit in the 7 am till before dark timing.... You definitely have no experience of all these. When will you realize that you are the protector as well as the assaulter. It is you, against whom we need protection else we can walk on the streets as freely as you walk without fearing that a woman would rape you. So, your opinion sounds very futile. We are living in a democracy and everybody has a right to his/her opinion, so you have complete freedom to disregard and reject my view but for once just put your male ego aside and think- “From whom do the women need protection ?” The answer invariably will be “men”. Do you realize the psychological impact of such incidents on women in general? When we hear,watch and come across such news, it fills us with fear and hatred. Hence, we try our best to reach home before dark,avoid lonely roads, avoid autos and a mere glance of a private bus is enough to cause goosebumps and remind us of December 2012. I know your argument will be “not all men are rapists”  and “not all men are like that”. Well, that is true but you see  ”not all dogs bite” and “not all cigarette smokers die with cancer” are all vague and weak arguments.

And lastly, Dear women, stop being the silent victims of the attacks against you. Get up! Strengthen yourself. Get armored, you have to fight for yourself and most importantly save yourself. Stop being docile, weak and dependent on men. Use  weapons and answer them back in a language that they understand.

Sadly, “Its a man’s world”…….!!!


More by :  Alka Pandey

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Comment Well Miss Alka,I understand your anger and the intensity with which you have expressed your opinion signifies it,but i would still say that you cannot categorize every man in the same way.Remember..for every assaulter..there is a protector.I do not know about others but i definitely believe there is much more sensitivity still left for women and there are men who would thrash any one who is caught attempting such a inhuman act.There is enough sensitivity and goodness still left in this world.I Truly agree with your opinion of women carrying weapons and protecting themselves..its the need of the hour!!!

Swapnesh Sawant
14-Jan-2014 00:01 AM

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