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Only Natural Disasters Impart Lesson to be Humans!

Human warmth is mother's first love to her child quite matchless.  Love of mother is the greatest one in the whole world for all sure.  Well fed with such a divine like love empowers a child strong ever. All good and successful humans inspired by this love do great things! All learn love only from mother that they show to all in life. Such a mother's love no one can forget despite all changes ever. Lack of such a love, makes one uninteresting to do anything sure. Present day world makes all forget love embracing money only ever!

For all things, all work for money all over the world lifelong. Natural disasters like heaviest rains, hurricanes and epidemic diseases only bring all to senses that sans love and care, no money earned can feed one food, water and hope and know what illusion is! Realization of what is wrong all are driven to follow in life, only an epidemic like Corona has imparted lesson to be humans!

Greed and Hast have driven the World Back to Zero Status!

Everything is going on fast in the modern world all doing in speed in competition with time to accomplish what has been planned by deed. But hast is waste says an old proverb all know pretty well forever and that seems to be true, when we see things happening in the world! Economic progress at the cost of cleanliness and pollution in air, water and everywhere has triggered climate change leading to storms, heaviest rains at abnormal times and wars between nations on the bases of disputes and rivalries have brought about world recession!

Destruction of forests, villages and so on has brought in floods by abnormal downpour of cloud-busting rains destroying lives and property on unprecedented levels causing new diseases leading to deaths not only in national but also in international level now! Greed and hast in material developments at the cost of human one have driven world more in hunger and poverty of many than before!

Let Us Save Human World before it’s Too Late!

Restoring music, song and dance of the glorious past to the world is an Herculean talk to bring back dream of love life into play as human culture against the cell phone chit chat and video games occupying most of the time sans bothering about anything in life! Many have lost health, life and dignity of personality in this kind of dubious civilization all over the world needing change to revive human sense of love, friendship and humorous life of childhood days with fellow beings and joyful play in Nature...!

Best things of Art, Culture and sports keeping heart, mind and soul in higher state of progress in life are being neglected by the advent of machines, electronic gadgets and video amusements putting all in disillusionment at times of natural disasters now! Developments of civilization have turned as nothing before havoc of storms and floods due to climate change reminding that we have to cherish Nature, Art and culture for averting disasters of abnormal state we are facing now all over the world to save world!

Culture of International Friendship for Love and Peace of One World!

Humour playing main role in love all befriend all ever
With smile and laughter engulfing society to enjoy life;
Lack of such an atmosphere never allows love and peace
But only hatred, enmity, rivalry, violence and wars!

Legendary stories and history clearly depict long wars
For safeguarding love and beauty against inhuman lords;
Love and peace are vital for perpetuation of happy life
Kindled by meaningful ideas of humour flourishing Poetry!

All these facts reveal the significance of history and
Literature for the promotion of peace by love necessary
For friendship among peace loving humans and nations in
The world paving the way for creation of one world sure!

The culture of international friendship only can promote
Love and peace of one world sans violence and wars forever!

She Still Lives Deep in My Heart!

Physically she has deceased and gone away forever;
But she still lives in my heart deep and lively;
Her words of love still echoes in my ears long;
Her exquisite images of love are fresh in mind;
Her loving spirit is ever one with mine sure..;
We enjoy the best moments of our love life we
Have spent in the park, beach and hill stations
Not only then but also even today in all dreams!
Is it so simple to be erased once and for all
Like the castles built on the sand getting...
Washed away by ebb and flow of sea waves forever?
If the sea is merciless, can Nature with its ever
Beautiful flowers too fade away with their sweet
Scent that smile ever like she does with joy nice!

Ode to My Country!

Even after foreign invasions and plundering of your riches, you are great!
Gandhi brought freedom for you by nonviolence the world appreciates!
Your greatness is real and everlasting making all wonder at you!
You are original in all matters that all wish to follow for human good ever!

For religion, philosophy, astronomy and literature, you are teacher to world;
Learning from you and getting all benefits, your own neighbours fight with you;
It's a pity at least by doing so, they feel they try to show to be great to world;
But nobody in the world accepts their stand and believe them as great ones ever!

Rightly, you are the only country in the world celebrate teacher's day in world;
You are considered to be weak because you are a lover of peace by your wisdom;
Despite a lot of losses due to historical causes and reasons, you are super even now;
Spiritually, you are forever teacher to the world from past to now and forever!

You are the only country in the world who has produced Buddha and Gandhi sure
For showing the greatest power of love, peace and nonviolence to whole world!

Love Life is Eternal When it Attains Spirituality!

Physically we enjoyed love to our satisfaction many a time;
Intellectually we analyzed all pleasures similar to us;
Spiritually she has become one with my spirit in love;
Whether present physically or not, it's nothing in love!

Spiritual love is eternal in mind, heart and spirit ever;
Physical changes are many according to seasons in Nature,
But beauty and bounty of Nature never changes in status;
Real love of true understanding leads to spiritual one!

Love never dies, when it becomes spiritual love between us;
The love life we have enjoyed never fades away its imprint
Like the verses of love written in the heart, mind and soul
That's immortal even if we die one by one or together sure!

Spiritual love life is eternal after love between hearts has
Got promotion from emotional to spiritual via intellectual!

Dream of Romantic Love Life All Love!

Going to happen or ever in suspense, dream of love life is quite romantic to indulge in imagination and reverie too to kindle interest in life so as to pull on the days sure better than before whether living single or joint family! Dream of every individual is one's own personal property one can handle in any manner one likes to materialize in the course of time the object one cherishes most in life. Life is living and if it's lived as to dream is heaven!

Wishing too much or practicality depends upon one's own personality, wisdom and ambition in the world life ever. There it becomes a great adventure to take risks so that one's dream can be successful or just a dream only ever! In anyway, dream of love life, comedy or tragedy, has a special place in everyone's heart that loves romance...!

Sans Devotion Even Deliverance of Scripture Unacceptable!

Deliver holy scripture with devotional if it has to be accepted says Lord Krishna as just knowledge of it is not enough to Him. Without devotion or love nothing will be acceptable everywhere. But where is the time to even chat with each one in family now? In the fast modern world, everything goes on speed in race with Time with no chance for words of love, human touch and sweet kiss to maintain good human relationship in mechanical way of life.. needing to be altered by changing system of working life sure!

Sans love. life is worthless to live in the world of Nature, where all animals, birds and fish live of their own for life. Otherwise, where is the chance for perpetuation of life in the world, where only beauty, love and life are possible in Universe! Indeed whatever thing is done, sans love and involvement, no fulfilment, satisfaction, pride and joy none can experience!

Natural Religious Faith Only Help All Live In Love Everbr />
Religious faith depends upon natural desire and belief in life. Conversion by force or love cannot help have faith sans fear. Natural realization of God only makes one awfully worship in gratitude for liberation of soul in love and joy quite unique! Natural love of one Universal God of spiritual energy making all Stars, planets and living beings function makes one to be clear about the divine being and go ahead for completion of
one's life well enjoying real bliss in Nature with hope high!

True love of the divine heart, mind and soul develops real spiritual progress of everyone to be clear about one's end or destiny or ultimate reality with hope, confidence and true faith sans any fear or doubt ever in the world sure! Liberty in having faith only make one love all and live with peace, joy and sure hope through out one's life and after too!
To Be Continued


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