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Love Inspires Courage to Achieve Miracles!

Love only inspires courage to undertake any adventure;
Adventure triggers forward march with confidence sure;
Sure such a mission done out of devotion ens as miracle;
Miracles are achieved when works are done sans expectation!

Expectation of mother or sincere hearts happens in life;
Life of love surely does achievements like miracles ever;
Ever mother's love inspires child to speak, crawl, walk;
Walk then gains momentum and the child runs with courage!

Courage born of love and efforts true create best things;
Things of beauty and benefits to all are joy forever here;
Here unless courage is inspired by love, no war is won...;
Won wars for justice never get discouragement from all!

All appreciate courageous acts of love for war and peace;
Peace cannot be achieved sans efforts great out of love!

Voice of Truth is Silent Spectator Ever!

Voice of free flying birds and noise of vehicles I hear;
Hear anything by anyone other than that seems to be nil;
Nil the voice of humans as they are silent spectators;
Spectators applaud in fun or pray for win for their side!

Side of defeat keeps them stand in low stature in public;
Public rejoicing at the victory of the great rents the air;
Air filled with the joy of games or movies reveal humans;
Humans express pent up feelings through such participation!

Participation of all is possible sure in common interest only;
Only the popular games or movies see the limelight of day;
Day of the sincere, truthful and really great never comes;
Comes or not, recognition for the deserving, truth shines!

Truth is the hidden treasure that can shine on the face good;
Good only finds treasure and shows to the world for real joy!

Beauty of Natural Love Uplifts Soul to Sublimity!

Beetles enjoying nectar in flowers is symbolic love in Nature;
Seeing this beauty of love in Nature is enjoyable experience;
Best of mood surely Nature inspires to everyone in world life;
Life moves on in hope, confidence and peace by natural love!

Lovely beauty of colourful flowers kindles all to have them
As we keep pet ones close to our heart out of natural love
That if extended to many mind broadens, heart enjoys pleasure
And spirit rejuvenates and life gets renewed for any venture!

The love inspiring nature of beetles and flowers ever a blessing
To humankind to enjoy beauty of love and its inspiration ever
Leads human life towards pleasure moving higher to spiritual
State of bliss fulling heart, mind and soul to unique freedom!

Life inspired by the beauty of love and guided by knowledge
Of truth uplifts soul to higher and higher level to sublimity!

Living Love Life in Nature is Real Freedom to Enjoy in World!

Paradise of green plants, flowers and fruits is heaven of Earth;
Earth of this fashion seems to be the oasis of desert for many;
Many long for such a place to live in and dream forever and ever;
Ever devoid of this privilege, if one has love, it's blessing great!

Great empires, luxuries and all are nothing before love in life;
Life without love is like desert without oasis with trees, water;
Water of life is the beginning for all species in Nature sure....;
Sure sans water, food and loving care, families and friends are nil!

Nil will be good governance sans loving humans to take care of all;
All are living vegetation only if it's so as in a state of tyrants;
Tyrants make all work as slaves or machines dictated by military;
Military is there to send away enemies but not own people as slaves!

Slaves live life of animals in cage sans freedom, rights or love;
Love life in Nature sans dictators only all enjoy freedom to glory!

Smile To Make Health a Wealth to Do Worthwhile Things in Life!

The smile of bright and beautiful yellow flower is a joy
To see ever and enjoy in life to get infected to smile;
Yes, smile infects with health leading to thoughts of
Humour to laugh heartily for the improvement of health!

Health is wealth in the real sense ever as it's useless
If we cannot enjoy life with poor health though we have
Wealth more than needed in the world life for all sure;
Health only helps to enjoy life better and full ever...!

Sans smile, laughter and heath thereby what worthwhile
Things we can achieve in the world before we die here
With satisfaction and peace for others also enjoy life
Seeing ours as example to make the world a better place!

Make humour part of thoughts, talks and deeds in life
To achieve worthwhile and great things to share joy..!

Which is More Powerful – Beauty or Love?

Beauty has unique attraction to absorbs one's whole self
And makes one forget oneself and one's obligation sure;
Coming oneself later, one realizes one's mindlessness at
The sight of beauty and hurries to fulfil commitment..!

Beauty obstructs one from doing one's duty and lose
One's chance to win in a competition in the world that
Deceives by the attractiveness of beauty to materialize
Goals in a shortcut way that all have to be careful!

Beauty has to be appreciated and loved, but not at the
Cost of one's life work that has the power of bringing
Many beauties to one's proximity by top performance to
Achieve laurels in flying colours in great competitions!

Beauty has the power to capture one's heart in the world;
But love has the greatest power to capture beauties at will!

The Hidden Treasure of Truths in Nature!

It's a lovely beauty Nature in all its glory sure;
After a down pour of rain the night, the Sun shines
Bright with birds singing and squirrels playing in
Great joy to inspire best of mood today I feel much!

Both beauty and love in one Nature is a living art
That embraces science and literature in philosophy
To muse over several ideas by meditation and enjoy
Great bliss in communion of mind with Nature sure!

In such a situation how can a poet fail to become
A mystic to explore greatest truths hidden as sure
Treasure within and without in us and Nature if we
Venture on consciously, sub and super consciously!

What a pleasure and bliss one can enjoy in Nature
The hidden treasure of truths invaluable forever!

Survival at Any Situation at Anytime in a Natural Way!

One can stand and stare at the beauty of Nature ever;
Ever looking at blank white page no idea strikes mind;
Mind becomes blank in pitch darkness when lights are off;
Off and on of light signals to distant ship at night!

Night without such signaling system, ships rely on Stars;
Stars are sure to guide to find directions to anywhere;
Anywhere more than our gadgets Nature is of permanent help;
Help of Nature is sure, when shutdown of power is sudden!

Sudden power cut makes all struggle to go to a safe place;
Places can be recognized, only if we accustom ourself to dark;
Dark situation in new place makes one equal to a blind one;
One thing alone we cannot depend on for our survival ever!

Ever open spaces in Nature we have to make ourselves familiar;
Familiar things make us manage ourselves at any situation!

Love and Creativity from Nature to All!

Natural feelings of goodness, compassion and cooperation are
The source of transmission of love from person to another one
And so on love progresses in human society of the world in
Which we are all partners contributing our best for the good
And enrichment of love relationship to unite souls together
As children of one mother called Nature from the start to the
End of each one's life in the world where Nature has inspired
Art, the creative power of man reflecting the supreme creator
Called God who in the form of Universal Spiritual Energy is
Activating everything starting from Sun, Moon, Earth and
All planets to billions and billions of Stars and galaxies,
Constellations and cluster of Star families ever appearing,
Serving their purposes and disappearing only to get new
Forms in new dimensions for all to explore and understand!

Intimation of Love in the Natural Style by Nature!

Ever Nature reminds all of love and intimacy in world life
Whether through the chirpiing of love birds or the joyful
Love chasing of squirrels from early morning on everyday in
The Corona time especially tantalizing humans by the nice,
Mellifluous melodies of singing birds flying all around
Here tempting about the romantic mood of men in pastoral
Places far away from the madding crowd and deafening noise
Of metro cities, when all are observing physical and social
Distancing to avert the transmission of Corona virus 2019
In the absence of proper antivirus vaccine so as to put
An end to the deadly pandemic and enjoy healthy life as
Was possible earlier facilitating intimate love life with
Passionate embracing and tight kissing to express our
Deep passionate joy of love to our beloved ones forever!

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