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Natural Selection Reveals the Best in the World!

Beauty and love of Nature kindle ever creativity in art;
Roles of players decide all about heroes, comedians, all;
All pay full justice in their works to top position ever;
Ever after the performance of their duties they are judged..;
Judged by the critics the best ones are awarded in public!

Public recognition makes one well known in the human society;
Society always chooses the ones who touch hearts forever sure;
Sure the ones living the hearts of all become world leaders;
Leaders are brought to the top of the world by force of time!

Time only decides the victory, popularity and glory of all sure;
Sure such selected ones shine in the world serving best ever!

Source and Destiny of Beings and Things in Nature!

More than love, beauty ever steals any show in the world;
World men like moths go attracted by the lustre of fire;
Fire of love is enriched by enticing beauty gorgeous sure;
Sure best things of art are misjudged due to lack of beauty!

Beauty is not outward shing thing, but truth, completion;
Completion is perfection in life living all stages of life;
Life is existence, knowledge, vision, ambition, achievement;
Achievement helps all to enjoy bliss in Nature to Absolute!
Absolute state of life is the saturation point one attains;

Attaining saturation is sublimity of life to spiritual state;
State of change forward in life is return to permanent home;
Home is one's rightful place of mother, Nature and Almighty!
Almighty is the Universal Spiritual Energy activating all;
All beings or things have source in Nature so and destiny too!

The Utmost Priority for Whole World All Noble Men Dream Ever!

Passion for properties makes man acquire lands and fields;
Passion for valuables makes all acquire gold and diamonds;
Passion for physical pleasure make one long for dames ever;
Grown up man earns money to be wealthy to satisfy desires!

Sans food, clothing and shelter there is no life in world;
With education, talent, intelligence and wisdom one does
Job to earn money to buy those things to live happy life;
For amassing wealth there are a lot of crimes done for money!

If all have food, clothing and shelter with interesting job
To do in the world, there won't be so much hunt for money
In competitions leading to crimes, violence and wars ever
By men and nations fuelled by politics, religions, greed!

It's the utmost priority for all nations to unite together
On the basis of friendship to provide basic necessities to
All with interesting jobs to do to live a life of love and
Peace in a borderless one world all noble men dream ever!

Respect Nature as God for Prolonged Life!

Is it time for death decreed by Nature in the world now?
Death news has become a common daily matter nobody bothers;
Short life and quick death are fitting background for life
That has become fast one in the modern world of no patience!

Not bothering about natural course of life, man wants to
Live according to his whimsicalities making Nature very
Much irritating to such an extent that it has increased
Rate of death as punishment to make man realize mistakes!

Nature is not just a benevolent love master ever unless
All don't care and interfere in its course of evolution;
Now that's why Nature is showing its wrath in a small
Way before it becomes formidable and unbearable sure...!

If all believe there is no time to die now, all have to
Understand message of Nature and respect it ever as God!

Let All Cherish Human Nature Against Animal Nature!

Sans the support of divine love, animal nature can’t be tamed
To human nature ever in the world for the peace of humanity;
Otherwise rowdyism only fuelled by extremist religionists and
Military controlled politics make love impossible to prevail!

Uncontrolled animal nature of rowdies take law in hand and
Dispose matters to solve problems in all walks of life here;
Only violence and crimes show their ugly heads everywhere
Making humanity live in fear and suspense without relief..!

Goodness, truth and justice are suppressed underground for
The brutes and immoral fellows to go scot free everywhere
Making all avoid fighting against injustice in the society;
Unless the strong good ones as a team fight hard, truths die!

Sans truth and love, perfection of human is impossible and
None can feel freeness to fight and win wars for freedom..!

Physical Means for Spirit to Know Pleasure and Pain!

Symmetry of beauty in Nature I see in all and remember ever;
Ever natural living art absorbs sure heart, mind and soul;
Soulful things have divine spirit to console inner spirit;
Spirit in all is speck of Universal Spirit with source, end!

End for all beings and things is in the source of Nature;
Nature has birth, growth, decay and regeneration for all;
All undergo this process with pain and pleasure feelings;
Feelings only make all spiritual beings understand effects!

Effects of pain and pleasure and values spirit knows not;
Not knowing such feelings, spirit cannot attain reentry;
Reentry to where spirit has come from can't be realized;
Realization is known by wise analysis of feelings better!

Better way of understanding values of joy and grief is here;
Here in Nature as humans with feelings only it is possible!

Nature the Bridge between Earth and Universe!

Between the Universe and the Earth Nature is the best bridge;
Nature is all and is most beautiful on the Earth more than
Anywhere else in the whole of the Universe sure perhaps;
Such a beautiful bridge will break, if it's not preserved!

Preservation of Earth by recycling all natural resources
Though exploited for food, fuel and raw materials so that
Natural disasters is bearable unlike disasters formidable
We witness due to climate change by pollution and all sure!

For every action, there is reaction in Nature we all know;
Our actions should be cooperative rather than competitive
With Nature for the protection of Earth, the best beautiful
Nature bridge between the Earth and the Universe forever!

For, Earth is the Only heavenly paradise of Nature in the
Whole of the wonderful Universe with twinkling Stars nice!

No Beginning and End for Beauty and Love!

There's no beginning and end for beauty of flowers, Nature,
Music and Poetry as all feel as they are one of a kind sure
According to the nature of each and everyone in the world
Like the God of Universe that absorbs heart, mind and soul!

Such an incomparable beauty kindles feelings of love one
Experiences at the time of loneliness with no one to console
And rejuvenate one's spirit with peace and hope to go ahead
In pursuance of one's dream to accomplish in the world life!

When beauty and love blend in one like honey and milk, bee
And flower or Moon and Stars of night, one enjoys great bliss
Of heavenly pleasure in the paradise of Earth needing nothing
More or less till the end of one's time in the world sure...!

Heaven and hell and pain and pleasure are nowhere but within
Us that can be neutralized by diversion in Nature and Poetry!

Life is a Smooth Journey of a River only by Love Ever!

Love is so beautiful as lovely flowers we see in the garden;
Garden with fragrant flowers many is Universe with many Stars;
Stars innumerable above take all in love to beautiful heaven;
Heaven above and paradise of flowers below make love joyful!

Joyful life only love gives ever to anyone in the human world;
World woes are many due to many differences overshadowed by love;
Love by its all pervading power over whole self is divine sure;
Sure despite all woes of world, life is sustained by this divine!

Divine on the Earth is brought within everyone's reach by love;
Love of beauty, music, Nature and Poetry fosters ever romance;
Romance gives flavour to delicious food of love life indeed...;
Indeed life sans romance is dull and insipid to drag on dry life!

Life inspired by love and guided by knowledge makes makes it smooth;
Smooth flow of river the journey of life becomes only by love ever!

Love Lives Long But Lust Dies Soon!

Twin pyramids stand as twin hills on the vast desert;
Desert sand sans green vegetation anywhere is blanket;
Blanket blank with any writing on it delivers nothing;
Nothing is seen until oasis comes to quench the thirst!

Thirst and hunger need proper produces from farms out;
Out of n0where how beautiful twin pyramids have come;
Come sure like twin hills as if burst out of passion;
Passion of desert queen brought empires and kings down!

Downward dip of mind and heart of many seek joy in valley;
Valley having great pleasure giving flower is nice beauty;
Beauty as serpentine one only can make all weak and die!
Dying so they have created history and lesson to the world!

World going on the right path reaps rich harvest and joy;
Joy won't be lasting, if it's swayed by lust and not love!
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