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No Dazzling Dance of Glamorous Beauty is Equal to Natural Beauty!

If rain comes, it comes with biggest floods everywhere
Except in desert ever needing solace by dancing damsel;
Despite all glamour real joy does not lie in glitter
But only in natural beauty, love and food healthy ever!

Sans food, water and pleasant climate with green fields,
No beauty of glamour and dazzling dance of dames ever
Fulfil body, mind and soul to live a wholesome life
Filled with natural joy and satisfaction ever in world!

Natural prosperity is the first base that can only
Bring peace and joy out of progress made by efforts
With the inspiration of beauty of richness of Nature
Whatever be the accomplishment by man in any artifact!

Survival of all in desert is difficult life that teaches
The value of Nature beautiful with rich crops and all
Along with paradise of flowers and fruits all have to
Cherish ever and not exploit and destroy in foolishness!

No Redemption for Fatal Crime!

Vast dark velvet the Universe is with Stars twinkling as diamonds;
Sleeping on the sands of beach it is a wonderful dream to enjoy
All night forgetting woes of world far away from madding crowd
To breathe free fresh air coming directly from the sea of waves!

Waves of thoughts based on dream and imagination strike the mind
Like the sea waves dashing to the shore again and again nonstop
But not exceeding the natural limit to cross over shore to land
Inside except on stormy days as passionate men indulge in violence!

Limitations of men are Nature made exceeding which it becomes a
Mortal blow with deaths for mankind as man has taken the fruit

Of the forbidden tree before the history of humans began in the
World with paradise to enjoy life as was decreed by God to all...!

Disobedience, crime, sin, suffering and death as punishment
Still continues in the world as no redemption is possible..!

Natural Source and Destiny of Soul!

Natural end for all born living beings is death in the world;
Soul leaving the body once and for all is called death sure;
That soul may return to home to become one with Universal soul;
Otherwise, that will be reborn in some place in the Universe!

Soul reborn in some form as human or animal or plant or thing
Survives in some planet serving its destined purpose till it
Reaches its destiny to take eternal rest in peace with the
Source of Nature, Universal Spiritual Energy or God sure...!

That is the notion we have based on our philosophical search
About our source and destiny in Nature whatever br the story
Or sentiments we have according to mythology we relied on
Before science and intellectual knowledge developed in us!

Soul's source and destiny in Nature is just a speck of spark
From the Universal Spiritual Energy finally we know for sure!

Love Prevailing over All Everywhere is Not Just a Dream!

Love is a precious act to practise in this precarious world
Both in private and public for peace, prosperity, progress;
Critics say that love may be practised in private but not
In public, where tolerance though negative is best to do!

Tolerance and restraint in public life only can maintain
Peace to avert violence and crimes that breed hatred and
Anger leading to wars ever multiplying enemies endless as
It can be witnessed in present world vulnerable for wars!

Love of self, family, friends, neighbours, community,
Society, nation, world, Nature and then only God seems
To be the process of developing slowly and surely for
Making love prevail everywhere to make this world heaven!

Making love to preside over in all walks of life is not
Just a longtime dream but practically possible if all try!

Are All Developed to be Free From Food and Money Problems?

Agricultural activities were the main work for all previously;
Hunger, poverty and food problem were not main cause of woe;
Barter system was in vogue for buying and selling all things;
Industrial activities led to economic thoughts and money use!

Economic and military power has brought power to one, nation;
Rivalry and competition in all fields have bred enmity in all;
Social life, culture and all are all thrown to pieces in the
Name of modernity and civilization leaving people suffer much!

Poverty, social disparity, pollution and disease are the things
Now all are to deal with with money to be accrued for expense
To manage grim situation in the world with no peace, fulfilment;
Food and money have become eternal problems to deal with now!

Is it no time to think about the real development of economy
And society to overcome food and money problems of many sure?

Correct Assessment of Truths Possibly by Experience!

Birth and death go on nonstop in the world of humans;
Humans are just a bundle of emotion sans knowledge;
Knowledge makes all think various matters by curiosity;
Curiosity kindles men explore all to know secret truths!

Truths are ever in darkness like a melancholic being;
Being bright with knowledge and wisdom as Sun in clouds;
Clouds are the mask that keeps brightness of Sun seeable;
Seeable brightness itself is so bright that rays burn!

Burns by the rays of Sun make skin tanned to brown colour;
Colour of brown and yellow or white makes to see no age;

Age of some are visible and for others it can't be known;
Known truth is only an apparent one different from actual!

Actual assessment is possible only by observation and time;
Time makes one experienced to judge truths correct of all!

Present Progress of Humanity is a Big Illusion!

Fast economic competition of nations has driven humanity
To face a lot of problems today as no attention is shown
To corruption, exploitation of natural resources, pollution,
Climate change, natural disasters and new pandemic disease!

Developments of nations and civilization of people have
Not changed the plight of the people suffering due to the
Non-availability of food, unemployment and shelter still
Making the progress of humanity incredible and big farce!

Sans education and employment for all problems of food,
Jobs and house can't be solved whatever be the economic
Development and social development is still lacking till
The well known basic deficit of humanity prolongs here!

Grim reality of world fuelled by new disease spreading
Everywhere needs to be rectified for real human progress!

We Still Live Together in Spirit!

Without crying, tears come out from the eyes,
When I remember her and the days we enjoyed;
Now it is no more possible as it's one way
Ticket she had taken to the other world...!

She is gentle and lovely soul born for love
And can't be replaced by anybody else ever;
Everyday and night thoughts on her come in
My mind about the love we had enjoyed long!

Sans her presence and with thoughts of our
Best time of love renewing ever in mnd, I
Heave a sigh of relief and go ahead with

My favourite works to pull on my days here!

She is my better half even now though no more;
Yet, I feel we live together as was in the past!

Blot of Technology in Modern Life!

Being dependent on technology and machines, all have

Become slaves of technology oriented system everywhere;

If the system fails due to some fault in power transmission,

Very fast work is held up leaving all in darkness sure!

There is no point in cursing the darkness as we are far

Away from Nature believing with science and technology

Mankind is well off forgetting we are nothing sans Nature

With its air, water, fruits and flowers for food, life!

But as we have embraced technology in the modern world

And living in the civilization of city life, we have to

Rectify technical faults to survive in that system and

Also, by experience try to live in harmony with Nature!

Technology is for our convenience only but never for

Total life ignoring Nature though being part of Nature!

Love is the Most Reliable and Trustworthy Faith!

Consoling hug and kiss of love keep life going well
Despite hardships and difficulties one faces long;
Natural disasters and new world diseases are made
Nothing by words of love though each one is far off!

Thoughts, imagination and dreams filled with images
Of love of dear ones never keep one stranded in world
During the times of long isolation in distant places in

The world as if one is somewhere in a planet in Space!

Love only unites dear hearts in company and isolation;
Love is functioning as living spirit whether the dear
One is alive or also dead due to the works of Fate
Being God's testing agent to see how strong love is!

There is nothing in the world that can replace human
Love the most reliable and trustworthy faith as God ever!

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