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A Blessing in Disguise?!

Corona curfew and lock down of all businesses have
Dipped very low level the scale of economy making
Rulers siphon out more funds for ever increasing
Expenses to save people from death spree going on!

Liquor lovers are going after spurious ones and
Also, taking poisonous drinks and die for nothing;
As a result, opening of liquor shops has opened
The joyful dance of many on roads with accidents!

Liquor lovers are indirectly easing financial difficulties
Actually to the suffering lot as blessing in disguise;
But due to lack of vaccine to contain and cure Corona,
Social distancing and sanitation are the way out now!

Like seasons are there for everything, the death season
Now needs to be neutralized only by cooperation of all!
A Real Living Culture Everywhere in the World!

Following best things in life is human culture everywhere;
Culture of each country in the world shows its richness;
Offering water, tea or coffee to visitors first is india
Culture like wine is offered as European culture in West!

According to the climate of each nation drink is offered;
Hot drinks like brandy and Vodka are offered in coldest
Countries and Russia in the North of globe to begin all
Friendly talks before friendship and love are established!

Due to pollution and unhygienic conditions are prevailing
In almost all countries of the world, even water is offered
From mineral water bottle and also, beer if it is too hot
As far as climate and richness of the country is concerned!

Water of life is the basic thing before all other things
Are shared with visitors or guests and this should not
Be just the culture of past or a dream culture only but a
Real living culture everywhere in the world, if all wish!

Forget Not the Base Board for Lift Up Ever!

I doubt very much whether we are really developed and
Advanced economically, scientifically and technologically
When we are affected by natural disasters and new diseases
Due to the well known pollution and climate change sure!

Why can't we solve those problems causing formidable
Destruction of lives and things all over the world ever
Uncontrolled by man's technological and scientific and
Other advancements by knowledge, economy and civilization!

Are those progresses of mankind lacking the strong base of
Art, Culture and Nature we have ignored and neglected after
Going up to the dizzy height of modern world civilization
And the way of life we have embraced for comfort, luxury?

However high we fly in our so called boastful progress,
We should not forget and ignore the base board for lift up!

Look Before You Fly High in Sky!

Selfishness is top most in the economic development race
Among competitive nations in the world who don't care for
Pollution of air, contamination of lakes, rivers and seas,
Climate change and spread of deadly dangerous diseases!

Nature, Culture and Art serving as base board are the
Spring that lifts up all to fly high to greater heights
In the sky making all forget the ground not knowing that
Sans knowing technique for safe landing none survives!

It is not enough we know how to fly, we should also know
How to make safe landing for keeping in store of plane
Stocks of food, fuel and water for further flight to
Higher level to new areas for reliable progress of all!

Many are forgetting spring board to progress doubtful
And caught unaware of unexpected situation suffer sure
Unable to overcome it with precautionary measures needed
Only to be dejected, disappointed and disillusioned...!

Don’t Play with Fire ever!

Playing on railway track or foundation of building
Sure will lead to death sooner or later unaware;
This is what happening with new viral disease if
we don't follow precautions prescribed by govt.!

For want of a proper vaccine, round about way
Being followed is the only way out of danger;
Many forgetting this, take lockdown of all acts
Of town for granted to roam about and die...!

By negligence, Earth has been driven to this
Extreme stage and playing at this time outside
Not following social and physical distancing, will
Increase spread of deadly virus to death of all!

It is only leaping into lake not looking before
Its depth and where even angels fear to tread!

Cherish Mother Nature, Mother Earth and our owm Mother Ever!

While celebrating World Mother's Day, let us
Not forget Mother Nature making us live a
Lovely and beautiful life in this one world!

Mother Earth bears all the brunt of greedy
Men perpetuating pollution to suffocation
Level affecting Mother Nature to be blue..!

Blue Sky, blue Sea and green plants are all
Affected by man's experiments by science and
Technology creating new disease, not vaccine!

When many are pershing by Corona pandemic,
How can we celebrate Mother's Day but shed
Only tears for all good things of Nature?

Mother Nature, Mother Earth and our own
Mother only good children cherish in life!

We Will Win the War Against Corona Enemy!

World men are now chivalrous knights and Musketeers
To fight as warriors against the invisible enemy,
Corona wearing face mask and sanitizing hands as
Protective shield while going out for works ever!

Curfew and lockdown measures to stop spread of the
Deadly virus have cleaned environment and rivers
And sky from dirty and contaminating pollution to
Clean air and fresh water as was in the past sure!

It is a serendipity that is happening as a great
Blessing in disguise for the great efforts of our
Brothers and sisters all over the world damn sure
Suggesting all to follow the same as way of life!

Maintaining cleanliness, sanitizing, wearing mask
And social distancing, we warriors will win in war!

Mysteries, Puzzles and Secrets!

Including Earth, nothing is permanent in this world
Whether it is good or bad, pleasure or pain, profit
Or loss, life or death and day or night and so on..!

AIDS or Cancer or SARS or Ebola or Spain Flu or now
Corona is different name of disease like the name of
Religion or race serving according to the situation!

Good and bad effects of all affect all everywhere in
The world being caused by man or Nature or fate or
God for a mysterious reason that the Almighty knows!

That by intuition a philosopher or intellectual or
A Mystic knows and tells to the world whether it is
accepted or rejected as true or false time only shows!

Mysteries and Puzzles are there for all to think about
And the secret finally one day comes to attention of all!

Devoted Nurses Stand as Everest Behind Screen in service!

More than doctors nurses are less in numbers everywhere;
But their services are vital for the recovery of patients;
More than own mother like mother Nature they serve with
Love for the revival of health of all in hospitals sure!

Nurses should be recognized by special honours in public
And should be offered with great incentives with praise;
Nursing is an art only devoted nurses can perform that
Far more better than others in the whole world sure...!

With the team of devoted motherly nurses, doctors do
Miracles in the treatments and surgeries to patients
And earn the nonour of gods in the human society sure;
For that, all credits go to the best nurses in the world!

Devoted and dedicated to serve humanity forever sans
Expecting anything in return, nurses stand as Everest!

Nurse’s Selfless Service of Sacrifice is Greatest Love in World!

First nurse of world, Florence Nightingale's birthday
Is ever celebrated as world Nurse's Day all over world;
Mother Teresa said social service is love in action;
Selfless social service of sacrifice is nurse's work!

Selfless medical service being done with love, care,
Devotion and dedication till the end in life for the
Recovery of diseased people is a greatest act of sure
Sacrifice needing to be nonoured with true respect!

Nurses only do medical service with motherly love
Sans any return expectation like the mother Nature
Patiently as mother Earth like one's own mother in
The world no one else does in any walk of human life!

Selfless service sacrificing one's own life as mother
Indeed is greatest love one can show in the world sure!

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