Nature The Living Scientific Art - 1

Real Beauty is openly Frank by Love Only!

When two beauties of right proportion meet in nakedness,
Sure world will tremble with rocking of romantic hearts!
There real love will make both embrace sans any gap as
Both openly frank in the expose of their beauties well!

All butterflies flying all over body like electric shock
Will settle, when they both kiss passionately for a while;
When everything is fully exposed, they become Adam and
Eve to play the role romantic lovers in open Nature free!

All these experiences all can have in the world only in
Privacy but not in the paradise of Nature due to the
Artificial beautification with cosmetics to hide only
Ugliness in the modern world of civilization fake...!

Real beauty is frank and open sans any make up by the
Cosmetics but only the ugly ones do so fraudulently..!

Nature Inspires Love and Beauty Ever!

Birds, fish, animals, green pasture, trees with flowers,
Fruits, seas, sky with starry nights and Moon are ever
Loving beauties that cheer up mood kindling joy in heart
And new hope to think, speak and do best things in world!

Smile of flowers is beauty and sweetness of fruits is like
Kind words of love attract and inspire heart, mind and soul
With new zeal, enthusiasm and energy to go ahead with
Whole hope anf vigour to achieve something remarkable!

Love with beauty how can anyone ignore and avoid in life
To something dry and lifeless art unlike living scientific
Art of Nature from which all things and lives have evolved
In the world thousands of years ago and are evolving further?

Love and beauty of Nature inspire all to promote love
And beauty in their creative and inventive works forever!

The Curse of Humankind in the World!

Animals, birds and all function according to the will of Nature;
Finding peace in the calmness of place they mind their works;
There is no dictator ordering them to do all like this or that;
They do or die as they wish doing their natural duties ever!

By their natural duties ecological balance they maintain well
And live life beautifully following seasons according to Nature;
Politics, economic crisis and social upheaval they don't know;
But humans though advanced and developed still suffer a lot..!

Criticizing culturally living farm life, city dwellers create
Dirty environment and atmosphere by polluting activities making
Air, water and places allergic to health and suffer by new and
Dangerous viral diseases and follow govt. orders as prisoners!

Sans suitable medicines for new diseases, they follow dictatorial
Orders of govt. to overcome the deadly effects of it for days!

The Bright Flickering Flame of Candle!

Candle flickers bright before it goes off complete;
Isolating from the crowd and dear ones by staying
Alone at home playing indoor games and dancing on
The open terrace to avoid viral infection is similar!

Perhaps we are spending our time so before the last
Days of our life in the world we have polluted so
Much to Nature and invited deadly pandemic disease
For new world life of species to replace us all!

It is like let us enjoy the final days of our life
Before we die and leave the other world quite
Contrasting to the flower world of Nature beautiful,
Lovely and blissful like heaven and paradise in one!

How can this lovely beautiful world we can so soon
Leave like the bright flickering candles at the last!

Cause for Natural Disasters!

Animal immediately kills its prey to satisfy its need
And God waits giving time and kills anyone good or bad;
But man kills all polluting environment and atmosphere
Paving way for new, new deadly diseases to himself..!

In the economic competition for power in the world ever
Strong and forceful competitors never bother about the
Consequences for their blind exploitation of natural
Resources for food, fuel and raw materials anywhere!

Forests are destroyed for commercial crops and many
Farm lands and villages are converted into satellite
Towns in the expansion of urban areas to enrich trade
Thereby deserts and no rain ever lands are created...!

Natural disasters though seem to be happening unaware,
Those mistakes are indirectly triggered by man...!

Paradise Lost in the Modern Time!

Dreams remain fresh in mind as if they have happened yesterday
Angelic lovers coming to Garden of Eden in Paradise to enjoy
Romantic love as Adam and Eve have experienced bliss first..!

Enjoying the beauty of Nature in all its glory love of bliss
In life so free and enthusiastic no one can now due to craze
For artificial life in modern world of civilization ever...!

The culture of living life in harmony with Nature is being
Replaced by closed door Cinema halls and hotel suites away
From the open beauty of Nature on the terrace or beach now!

For, the pollution outside will infect anyone to get cold
Due to allergy or some new viral disease that will spoil a
Time to enjoy in the available time free from obligation!

Now due to the spread of Corona viral disease each and every
One has to isolate oneself to escape from the Corona pandemic!

Can Paradise Lost Be Regained At All?

Dancing by the melodious tune of music, lovers enjoy
Ball dance long in the night whispering words of love
Between ears till the end of music and kiss between
Lips to put an end to ball dance in the dance session!

Lovers leave the hall to a secluded arbour to sit in
The green lawn seeing the twinkling stars beautiful in
The velvet night making it convenient to embrace tight
To satisfy love passion unmindful of time moving fast!

Living such a wonderful romantic love life long, will
It be possible to maintain physical and social distance
To avoid the spread of deadly Corona virus to others
To overcome the chain reaction effect for recovery soon!

Civilization sans healthy culture, surely make all suffer
For the mistakes of a greedy few exploiting natural
Resources for economic development to achieve super
Status in the world unmindful of pollution causing havoc!

Nature Treats Both Good and Bad Equally!

Romance is all about the union of hearts in human life;
Only either God or devil can exist in loneliness ever
Activating each one's disciples to encourage them sure
For the support they bestow on them in praise of them!

The unassuming, innocent and good hearts have many good
Companions and friends to support for their good causes;
The cunning, greedy and tyrant ones ever stay alone as
No one likes bad guys and they plan and acquire all ever!

Good or cunning, now all have to live in isolation to
Fight against the pandemic disease Covid 19 due to curfew
To cut the chain of its spread to many and stop deaths;
Ever good and bad elements in Nature treat all equally!

Nature not only for disease or disaster, but also both
For birth and death, makes all to cry in joy and sorrow!

Now Lessons Learnt Only Can save Mankind!

The Almighty waits and watches long before punishing all
And whose manifestation or agent Nature bears all brunt
Before giving vent to its wrath in the forms of storms,
Cloud bursting rains, droughts and diseases against all!
Resourcefulness and philanthropy are the attributes of
Nature serve as model for all living beings on the Earth
That man has failed to follow as culture by civilization!
All the blunders blindly committed by humans in the name
Of global economic and technological developments have
Increased pollution in air, rivers and seas leading to
Climate change facilitating to show Nature's other side!
Inescapably cornered chess king, world people are forced
To follow all restrictions to overcome the spread of new
Corona virus leading to deaths in huge numbers everywhere
And the lessons learnt so only perhaps can save mankind!

Has Forward March in Many Fields Solved All Problems?

All living beings live in love, joy and peace
Enjoying the beautiful environment of Nature
As nowhere else in the whole Universe full of
Billions and billions of Stars and Planets..!

Such a paradise is nowhere discovered so far;
When this is so, how can anyone have heart to
Destroy it by pollution, wars, terrorism and
New diseases killing people in large chunks?

Is it due to democratic freedom or power of
Monopolists taking the world as football to
Play big business game in the world arena to
See who is powerful and who controls world?

After making forward march in many fields,
Have they eliminated hunger, poverty and also,
Disease making all rich and healthy to do
Great adventures and achievements in humanity?

To Be Continued


More by :  T. A. Ramesh

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