Animal Magnetism

Scientists are sending rockets into deep space so that six months later they can dispatch a torpedo into a comet, which causes an explosion they can study. Perhaps after the recent tidal wave disaster they should probe human nature a little more closely and turn their attention to humanities inner space and lack of awareness to natures dangers....

When two people fall in love at first sight a certain 'je ne sais quoi' takes place. What is it that attracts human beings before any words are spoken. For sure it is a form of animal magnetism that humans still possess. Unfortunately, over many centuries mortal beings have lost a great deal of 'je ne sais quoi' when it comes to being alert to dangers that other animals are well aware.

The Tsunami that hit Asia came as a complete surprise to humans. All the animals in the area ran to higher ground many hours before the tidal waves struck. Their acute awareness of danger alerted them and they never questions it authenticity. They did not need a second opinion from some other source of information.

When the four hurricanes hit Florida recently all the wild animals, birds and butterflies took shelter well before the storms struck.. Even sharks swam out into deeper waters to avoid being swept ashore by a possible tidal wave. They were particularly aware of all dangers that may enfold and kept well out of harms way.

Even birds that were hundreds of miles away and were migrating south to Florida took shelter well before the hurricanes struck. They did not continue their journey south until the storms had passed and it was safe to fly to their intended destination. Furthermore, birds do not require maps or weather forecasts by meteorologists. They trust their inbuilt natural powers that nature has always provided for them since their first flights on earth many moons ago.

Perhaps, because human beings have evolved with extra mental sophistication, filling their minds full of bookish information, they have inadvertently paid a big price. There is little doubt contemporary humans have diminished their natural, instinctive animal awareness to natures dangers, in comparison to all other animals.

Many examples of accidents that kill or maim people present themselves on a daily basis. Mostly they come from a lack of attention to the surrounding environment or situation....

A moments distraction driving a motor car at seventy miles an hour can cause a major pile up with the deaths of many involved.

Skiing off piste often ends up in disaster because the skier did not heed the dangers involved.

People build houses at the edge of cliffs or in areas that are low lying and flood when there are major storms. Many folks live in trailer parks in hurricane prone areas. The catalogue of unresponsiveness to natures perils is proficiently recorded in the history books and persists unabated.

There are numerous situations and actions humans continue to perform from moment-to-moment ... All can be classed as accidents waiting to happen ... Its just a matter of when!

Even everyday habits such as smoking, eating unhealthy foods and drinks continue as hazardous practices for many people. But in these cases it is not out of ignorance of the dangers humans suffer, but in-spite of them. No other animal on earth would willingly put their lives at risk by following humans foolish lifestyle, even if they could. Their 'je ne sais quoi' would not allow it. Their ingrained invisible strengths would signal danger and they would find greener pastures to graze.

Humans do still possess some connection to animal magnetism, for when all is said-and-done the human race are still animals. Human magnetism can be viewed in many places sports take place. For example, when a golfer is in a 'purple patch" they can put the ball in the hole from incredible places on the green and from the fairways. None can explain what is happening, but all know something is at work that takes their game to a higher level beyond the ordinary. They sense an ecstasy and ball control greater then they know how.

There is no doubt when success is concerned human magnetism and awareness is being used every day. Maybe it is in different ways than nature intended, never-the-less, thanks to the media we see it everywhere. In the business arena, on the stock market, acting, singing, painting or writing, etc. Everybody will, at one time in their lives, experience a purple patch when everything goes way outside and exceeds normal expectations. For a few, it repeats itself throughout a lifetimes experience. For the majority, it is just considered a flash-in -the-pan.

However, it is possible that because people use their invisible powers to enhance their professions in an unnatural, man-made environment, they have lost their intrinsic, natural awareness of nature. It seems humanity in general has lost a large allocation of the natural instincts that alerts a person to dangers and natural disasters. Maybe there would be far fewer disasters if human beings could relocate that simple natural package of awareness they embraced when mortals took their first steps on earth ...

Before the launch of the next rocket to outer space by 'brilliant' scientists, to blow up another comet, the question that demands an answer is; ...

How original, genuine and better-off are human being today compared to our animal brethren, who still retain all their unsophisticated, unadulterated natural powers?   


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