Life in its True Form

Life in it’s true form 

Talking of religion, whether it in a Hindu religion,  Christianity, Islamic religion or any other religion, the concept is never related to the belonging of the individual in that nationality. As  the basis of all religion is the same, the fundamental source spreads life all around in its finest variety and displays different shades of mode of living, which ultimately emerges back into the same source after a particular lapse of days, weeks, months and years, which is ones  life span. In that span, according to ones  ‘sanchit  karmas’  inborn desires and wishes are channelized into a particular pattern of life style with our intellectual faculties maintaining them to function the way as designed by master plans.

The great epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata of our Hindu heritage have the contents to set a morale example of the goodness of Rama explained as ‘Maryada’, but simultaneously the character of Ravana displays its evil passions to the utmost. Religion cannot have restricted lines drawn. It has to be accepted by one’s own sweet will with all goods and bad and the true application of religion, to mould one’s life to attain good, healthy and peaceful mode of living in these  turmoiled aspects of materialistic life. The human nature is more diversified to its external fancies and achievements, but heed is to be paid to the true self in practical application, for achieving anything at the cost of peace of mind is not worth a penny. So let us learn to live in the circumference of true life pattern with the grace of Almighty, the everlasting bliss that He bestows on His creations-one and all.


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