A Preamble to Beauty

Modernization has ushered in various changes be it in the field of science, technology or beauty'the definition of beauty is slowly evolving and it would certainly not be a hyperbole to say that the new age woman's maxim is 'Looking beautiful lies within one's hands/self and not in the eyes of the beholder or mother nature'.

 Yes, the age-old phrase of 'beauty lies in the eye of the beholder is on the risk of becoming outmoded. However one has to remember the aforesaid phrase was never taken seriously to the extent of dressing preposterously or over the top. The fact is yesteryear's women cringed to experiment with their looks or improvise on their sense of dressing for the fear of societal and family opposition.

With the changing times, a new sense of awakening is seen among women across all age groups. Looking good in terms of beauty and being in step with changing trends is believed to boost one's morale and instill a sense of pride. Modern woman's contention is that if you are not among the lucky few who are blessed with flawless complexion and natural beauty, then make the most of beauty care products (read herbal) and simple surgical methods to correct a distorted nose or thin lips.

With beauty parlors and herbal massage centers mushrooming in every nook and corner of the city, the business of beauty is booming like never before. However, there are several cases where gullible teenagers smitten by supermodels and movie stars have fallen prey to 'beauty therapists' who promise a complete makeover within minutes. These youngsters have found to become a guinea pig in the hands of the so-called beauty therapists and end-up with blemished faces not to mention a low self-esteem.

The choice of a reputed beauty products, a well balance diet, and seeking advice from an experienced beautician will probably help in bringing about the best in you. To end with, its imperative to mention that beauty is not a phenomenon that happens overnight but it is the combination of exuberating oodles of self-confidence and being true to oneself.    


More by :  Rohini S. Murthy

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