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Soul is Relative Thing When We Think of Consciousness!

The life we live without knowing past and future of our soul is really romantic adventure;
The great wonder is we don't know also the duration of our life in the world forever too;
Definitely our romantic life is a greatest adventure we have undertaken till our death;
Soul is only a relative thing when we think of consciousness in our body we take care much!

Our consciousness is believed only when our body is warm or hot when touched ever;
As it is all over our body, we have to say that soul is all over the body sure forever;
But when the brain is out of order or dead, soul has flown away we have to say;
Brain is controlled by soul that activates all the organs of our body to say we are active!

Consciousness is what we are doing knowingly like thinking, talking and doing works;
Subconsciousness is taking place when we dream without our knowledge in sleep;

Super-consciousness is a state of mysticism when we forget ourselves in concentration
And that happens just as one interestingly reads a most favourite book one can say!

Super. Conscious state is spiritual experience when mind is in communion with Nature;
When super-consciousness goes beyond limit, it's sure one has passed away from the present

Spiritual Bliss by Mysticism in Nature!

Heat energy reflects the existence of consciousness of one in the life of the world;
Reincarnation takes place for the completion and fulfilment of one's karma in the world;
Incarnation of divine personality takes place to bring justice govern human life ever;
Transmigration of such beings take place to tell all permanence of spiritual bliss!

Importance of spiritual development is known only by enjoyment of bliss in Nature;
Meditation in Nature thereafter makes one a yogi and a mystic by practice long;
Spiritual bliss makes one realize freedom of soul is possible by communion with Nature;
That is the spring board of all to get eternal liberation and peace from all duties of world!

Meditation of one brings the experience of feeling holy fire in the heart of one sure;
The greatest bliss one enjoys when one's soul communes with luminous blue of flame;
Total liberation of soul is possible only when one becomes pure and perfect wholly;
That is the way, one makes oneself free from all attachments in the world for eternal peace!

Unless worldly duties or karma are performed total liberation of soul is impossible;
Until all Karma is performed, reincarnation of soul will continue for purification!

What can be done by Adventurous spirit?

Adventurous spirit is effective only by ambition to achieve one's dream sure;
Life is an adventure, but that can be utilized by an ambition to achieve something best;
Best way to have an ambition is by comprehensive knowledge and vision
That help one to know what duty one has and what role one can play in the world!

That way life's uncertainty can be forgotten in pursuit of achieving one's ambition best;
What a zeal with which one's time will go then you can know only by experience in life;
The laurels one achieves thereby make one feel proud of such an undertaking;
Adventure turns into a chance to show one's talent and valour in a field one is best at!

That is the best and brave way to face an uncertain life situation into a chance for valour;
With that adventurous spirit I have been in pursuit of a great feat I indulge in composing
Like a free flowing river Poems are being composed and published one after the other;
Everyday is an opportunity to try my best of talent to achieve some possible feat sure!

Life of uncertainty can be turned into life adventure by right ambition to do great feat;
That's the best way to turn cherished dream into a remarkable achievement by adventurous

Blood Consciousness and Stream of Consciousness!

Blood consciousness and stream of consciousness are like instinct and intuition;
Not only passion but also natural acts of swimming and nesting come under first one;
Novels have said that as in Tom Jones by Henry Fielding and To Light House by
Virginia Woolf
Is about flash back scenes of life or recollection of past deeds from memory are

They are rare phenomena of human perception and conception indeed;
Certainly such acts of humans are simply amazing and thought provoking ever;
Especially mind's such power of act is incredible but it makes all think over such acts;
Yes, prayers, telepathic message and mails sent on Wi-Fi do a lot of wonders sure!

Reincarnation is proved to be happening by some capable of recollecting past life
All information are ever saved in the Universe and are retrieved by frequency of
Some people's minds making all wonder with blinking of eyes in great incredibility;
Likewise, blood-conscious acts of birds like nesting and ducklings immediately
swimming are!

Man and other living beings with such natural powers are great wonder ever;
But despite that, it is ridiculous that source and destiny of soul can't be unearthed!

Friendship is the Best International Culture!

Of all human relationships, friendship gives real consolation and encouragement ever;
In the modern world, friendship has become international culture for real progress;
Friendship beyond all nations, races and religions is indeed mark of real civilization;
Only in good friendship, there is no secret, jealousy, revenge and betrayal in world life!

Friendship fosters team work to success as all are equal and see no differences;
As this relationship is sustaining beyond borders, it's the best international culture
Very helpful for developments in various fiends among various national pals;
More than any other affairs, celebration of world friendship day is worth enjoying!

Sans friendship, world peace, cooperation, prosperity and progress of humanity
Towards the creation of one human world by uniting all unions of nations in the world
Will remain ever in the dreams of peace loving people all over the world forever and
Realizing this great truth, all should take efforts to unite world people by friendship sure!

Friendship is the best international culture all have to cherish to develop with all
For the peace, cooperation and coordination of all works to create One Human World!

Pursuit of Friendship Still Continues as Before!

My friendship with my fellows began inspired by romantic Poets of 18th century
Like Coleridge and Wordsworth to explore truth in our respective fields of zeal
Such as literature, science, law, religion and philosophy some fifty years ago in our town;
Beach and park are the places we met to discuss all of our matters and life began!

We realized life is adventure and our pursuit of truth is very essential for our glory;
It is not an easy joke to pursue in our lines in the same vein due to hardships of life;
We were occupied in our respective lines of works for our living first and life went on;
More than our endeavour of exploration started by our friendship obligation dominated!

In the whirlpool of life we are taken to a new dimension as happens in Black Hole;
Since long we have not met due to our occupations in different places in world life;
Yet, our quest for truth is top most in our great adventure of pursuing the end point;
When we don't know source and destiny of soul, we are still striving for ultimate truth!

Friendship inspired pursuit of the ultimate truth in all subjects may show us the light
If not now, at least before we meet the end of our life, we have to believe and go ahead!

New Method of Philosophy Best to Know Whole Truth!

The journey in romantic adventure seems to be endless like the stretch of Universe;
The more new facts, ideas and truths we discover, the more we have to see for profs;
One theory for all forces of Nature is in plan, but for proofs, scientists are still trying;
By intuition we understand and know so many things, but sans proofs all remain in

By instinct and intuition we feel that all starts and ends in the all-pervading Spirit or God;
If we believe and have faith so, all pursuits of ultimate truth stop with no ideas evolving;
With human body and mind such a great idea is impossible to realize in our life time
It's a matter of spirit and never a matter to see and accept as truth ever by anyone...!

Philosophy is relevant construction of ideas to significant conclusion as truth ever;
It has become a new method to pursue anything philosophically as scientists
Do analysis to infer result using common sense to say as mathematical formula..;
That gives reliability to many in the modern technological world hungry for fast truth!

All pursuits of truth started by romantic personalities continue to go on endless sure
As it is the nature of culture that loves perfection in all matters to be clear ever.....!

Romantic Adventure Continues Till All are Solved!

Without knowledge we cannot achieve what we desire in and out of the world;
But without love, nothing can be done whole heartedly to achieve anything;
Sri Sankara says sans knowledge one can't think of liberation and reaching God;
But Sri Ramanuja says without love or devotion one cannot realize and reach God!

Philosopher J Krishnamurti says that to know things as they really are,
One should come out of all circles of attachment and see from above ever;
Spiritualist Sri Aurobindo says that now spiritual evolution is going on after
The evolution of human body and mind towards superman status to be divine!

Without love, knowledge and spiritual development, no one can think of
Total liberation and finally become one with the Universal Spiritual Energy
Or God present in everything everywhere and activating everything everywhere
To put an end to all mysteries, puzzles and riddles of world and life for sure!

Until and unless we all know all things of eternal truth, adventure of life goes on
In the romantic pursuit of truth and ultimate reality for redemption and freedom ever!

What is Greatest Adventure?

Just taking risk and doing remarkable thing alone do not be called adventure;
Living full life with whole enjoyment till end is indeed remarkable achievement;
We are supposed to enjoy all pleasures in the world and love all sans any hatred;
That is a great romantic adventure in the modern world that relies on civilization!

What kind of civilization it is without love for art, culture and Nature in this world;
Technological advancement alone does not make our world a modern one ever;

It should be disease-less, war-less, border-less, friendly with all and live as friends;
Whether it's America or England or Europe or India or Russia, all are my home of Earth!

We must be physically healthy, intellectually well versed and spiritually one with Nature;
Human life should follow that as culture and aim for perfection in all things we do here;
Love, knowledge, beauty, freedom, joy and peace we should strive to maintain ever;
We should see world as one family and live as humans in one human world forever!

Living without wars in One Human World is great dream and romantic adventure;
If we all do that one can say we have done greatest adventure to make world a paradise!

Development should aim for Construction but not Destruction of Existing Life!

We are all born in this world not to suffer but to enjoy life in love, joy and peace;
But we suffer in the world due to attachment and desire unlike other beings in Nature;
Man is superior to other living beings due to his mind helping creativity and inventiveness;
His attachment to material developments and economy has brought him to grief endless!

Disinterested activity in life and works only could keep him well of and peaceful;
But success in technology has increased his desire to go ahead beyond all limits;
Unmindful of Nature and cultural way of life, man has polluted environment and due to
That climate change is causing natural disasters and making life difficult to pull on!

Also his careless modern way of life has brought in new diseases that kill humans
And create fear to live unlike in the past in better condition of health and progress reliable;
All undesirable circumstance has made living very difficult to think all with hope and
Man is pessimistic to think of anything better unless all becomes well naturally sure!

Modern way of thinking sans wisdom has brought in all hellish situation uncontrollable;
All developments should lead not to destruction but to real construction and innovation!

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