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Specialization has made All Slaves of Particular Field!

Total education to make one complete person is changed in the name of reform;
Education for specialization in particular field makes one a slave of that part;
One can work only in that field for life and if job is lost, one is stranded in an island;
Now Corona disease has brought in such a situation to many in the world sure!

But separated members of family are united due to this pandemic to avert infection;
No one can go out and travel anywhere to work or do anything useful or not;
Previously due to work, all were separated to work as slaves whole day of everyday life;
Now in fear, all live at home sans anyway out to live in love or joy in and out of house!

Specialization in the name of modern world development has made all forget love;
All live as machines sans any time to live as humans in life and work in the world;
Now is the time for all to think about the drawbacks and live better later in love;
Love life as culture has been forgotten due to specialization from studies to the last in life!

Life sans love in the world called not perpetuate good humans to live real life well;
We are not machines to live artificial life for material progress but humans with feelings!

To Go On Romantic Adventure to Win in World...!

Institutional education is just ABC of knowledge and training for real education;
Real education begins after one comes out of the portals of educational institutions;
It begins in reading books in library, in life, world and Nature with intellectual thoughts;
In the same way, romantic adventure doesn't lie in working under someone for salary!

Real adventure lies in doing independently some work employing some workers
Even the company is closed and one is out of job like in Corona pandemic time now;
Wisdom lies in learning by doing work in the world according to King Solomon of the past;
That understanding about wisdom is true and is necessary for many to know and succeed in life!

More than education, self-learning only makes one complete or perfect in knowledge;
To start with one should be well equipped with general knowledge and common sense;
Intelligent thinking of all matters only help one master any subject or all in world life;
Training in industries, agriculture and defence are necessary along with education further!

Without the equipment of knowledge and training, one can’t be wise to judge all;
With such built up of personality only, one can go on any adventure to win in the world!

Be Free To Live Life Of Adventure To Achieve In The World!

Prison house like four walled class rooms of school are the place of studies for all;
There teaching is like treatment and training as in prison making all slaves only;
That's why after education, they seek job to work as slaves for money earn till retirement;
If they could not stay long and continue work, their life is wasted and they lose respect!

That was why, spiritualists like Tagore and Aurobind started open place school to teach
All pupils to breathe air of freedom in Nature, to be courageous to do creative works;
As Wordsworth expressed in poems, Nature is mother, friend, philosopher and guide to all;
That is the way all can enjoy freedom to think, speak and do all deeds creatively to success!

Such free minded ones like free flying birds go on romantic adventure in world life
Doing wonderful jobs of their own creating and inventing all things beautifully and beneficially;
This kind of personalities are destroyed from the childhood on in the modern education system;
If this system is changed as was followed by naturist poets, all can do marvellous adventure!

Unlike animals in Nature live oscillating between fear and domination, but like birds
All humans can live doing adventurous feats in world life and live happiest life if free!

Sans Love, All Life is Inhuman Animal or Machine Life Only!

Love is the source for doing anything beautifully well and perpetuation of species;
Love with knowledge gives real freedom to think, speak and do any deed better ever;
Love only helps natural way of life to live as humans in the world forever and ever;
But artificial life called civilization in the modern world is mechanical way of life!

If culture is the base of civilization, humans can cherish and live a divine life by love;
Work in the modern world of speed, keeps one family ever as separated beings only;
United way of living is lost in the modern world life lacking no time for human love;
Love only keeps heart, mind and soul of humans healthy to live as human species!

All religions in the world advocates to all to live in love and be free leave the world in peace;
It is said that God accepts even poison with great joy if it is offered with true love ever;
For, love is the supreme power for all living beings bestowed by the Supreme Creator;
Love is greatest and eternal in the world as Spirit in the external world we go finally!

With love and knowledge only one enjoys real freedom and decide all matters wisely;
Without love, all things done and life itself are like inhuman animal or machine life!

Love and Friendship for Unity and Solidarity to Win in any Adventure!

Love and friendship of supporters to a group help to undertake any adventure;
Solidarity and unity of group help to overcome all hardships and withstand all odds;
Love and friendship of group increases support of public, nation and world too;
That's what happened in the national freedom movement by Gandhi as example to all!

Such a great adventurous feat was enacted in reality only by Gandhi after Buddha and Jesus;
Love and friendship are selfless out going concern for the wellbeing of all as a whole in world;
Unity and solidarity for any cause noble and for humanity are possible only by love and friendship;
Sans love and friendship in the world, human society cannot survive, sustain and succeed ever!

In the present world chaos, unity and solidarity can be had only by love and friendship;
All things that stand against love and friendship should not be relied for any purpose sure;
Unity is spoiled by incentives by any profit making corporate institutions everywhere;
If unity is built up by love and friendship that adventure is sure to win in any war in the world!

Love and friendship only can develop healthy and good human society in the world;
That is what needed to fight against any disease and disharmony in any adventure in life!

Romantic Adventure is a Challenge for One Ready to Kiss Victory or Defeat!

Romantic adventure lies in taking up challenge to express one's calibre
But not in simply criticizing sans reason or rhyme like Don Quixotic way;
If one has to be dominating others, one should be authoritative by framing laws
And acting accordingly to prove one's capacity, capability and ability to all!

Otherwise, one is unfit to participate in anything in any forum to be friendly with all;
Criticizing is easy but creating something worthwhile is not an easy joke on anything;
But once one has taken a challenge to go on an adventure, one should do it well;
Otherwise, one should accept one's incapacity and bow down sans disturbing decorum!

Any creative work is a challenge and an adventure to do with understanding and interest;
For that, one should have knowledge, genius or talent, courage and perseverance in act;
That is how great masterpieces are achieved by great personalities in past, now and ever;
Music, dance, song and Poetry may look to be easy but it's not possible sans expertise!

Romantic adventure needs great vision and determination to do or die in the task;
It is like war for one before and after entering it and ready to kiss victory or defeat!

Sans Wisdom All Progress Made Will Become Waste!

Modern world developments led to pollution and disease are affecting health of all;
Lack of precaution in biological research has triggered spread of Corona all over world;
All that show that wisdom is needed in selecting or rejecting things for research sure;
Due to this defect, great developments of civilization go to waste and danger to world!

Now eradicating new viral disease and eliminating pollution are greatest adventure sure;
Pollution and Corona have given great lesson to mankind how we have live and progress;
Sooner those problems are solved, better can we save humanity for better progress;
To be successful in this great adventure, cooperation of all is needed sans fail sure!

Unless we have good health, the developments we make, we cannot enjoy or celebrate;
All hard work and progress we make are for reducing our burden to live better here;
If the progress itself made wrongly, what benefit and enjoyment can we experience?
We have to live better than our predecessors, if we boast about our civilization sure!

The progress we achieve should make us live better with less burden in all fields;
If not, it is better not to have ventured on this dangerous adventure at all sure!

In the Life of Romantic Adventure We Can Make Great Achievement!

Like it or not, all have to undergo various adventures, success or failure in the world;
We have come to this world without the knowledge of from where forever sure;
We have to out of this world also without the knowledge of to where forever too;
This is the obligation no one can be exempted in particular whoever one is sure!

As we have come to the world without carrying anything in our hand from somewhere,
We have to go out of the world also without carrying anything in our hand to somewhere;
That is the diktat all have been carrying out and that is the same for others also ever;
To overcome disappointment or disillusionment later in life, we have to follow non-attachment!

To be free and peaceful here or anywhere, best thing to follow is detachment and universal love;
That is the way we can enjoy real happiness, enjoyment and fulfilment in the life of the world;
That way we can have poise of mind and heart both in profit and loss or joy and sorrow sure;
Till the end of our life in the world, this is the best way we can manage romantic adventure!

Romantic adventure with non-attachment and love as policy, we can do great achievement;
That would give real satisfaction, joy and pride we cannot have doing anything any other way!

Sustenance of World Life Lies in Cleanliness of Air, Water and Environment Ever!

Nature is mother, friend, philosopher and teacher for all from childhood to the end in life;
Sure technological and economic developments are mark of civilization in modern world;
But destruction of forest for proceeding with commercial crops and expansion of urban area
Indeed destroying natural resources and pollution changes climate leading to natural disasters!

Unwise and careless researches have brought in incurable diseases in the world;
Nuclear proliferation has endangered world existence itself if war comes between nations;
More than developments, destruction will bring an end to Nature, world and life;
This is totally not expected of material developments in the modern world surely!

Economic development at the expense of agriculture, natural resources, sanitation and
Human culture will not promote the design of civilization in the modern world at all sure;
Realization is a must to change the style of functioning of world activities in all walks of life;
It is a greatest romantic adventure needing to be undertaken at war-footing pace sure now!

Human and all living beings' lives depend upon the existence of Nature and most of all,
Cleanliness of air, water and environment from pollution only can sustain world life ever!

 Reality and Ultimate Reality of Nature and Universal Spirit!

All living beings on the Earth are the children of Nature from the birth to the death here;
Like all things in Nature, human body with heart, brain and all belong to the Earth ever;
Nature has given identity with our body and face and soul is given by Universal spirit;
Spirit comes with nothing and has to leave also with nothing in hand from the Earth!

Human body with all organs belongs to Nature and soul with mind and heart belong to God;
Mind and heart work with power provided by soul with God present in conscience ever;
Universal spiritual Energy everywhere in the Universe is God with power eternal indeed
And from there soul comes and leaves there after completing Earthly mission in full!

Philosophical analysis about soul is inferred so as top most assessment of high religious idea;
Nature is the reality and Universal Spiritual Energy or God is the Ultimate Reality that theory says;
The unknowable truth of soul or spirit is supposed to be believed so as there is no other go;
Just like x and y mathematician suppose in mathematics, soul theory is taken for granted!

Whatever be the religious theory or mathematical assumption, romantic adventure is certain
For all to take up to go on in the long or short journey of world life to find and say our truth!



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