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Adventure Continues in Romantic Life Further!

The adventure of romantic life is not only in love and friendship ever
But also in the profession one performs in various fields in the world like
Arts, literature and science to achieve ambition of one's dream sure;
Dreams and ambition of romantic life are most important to make a mark!

That is how one has to live life in the world and leave the world for others
to continue further to explore and express new findings to solve life puzzle;
Due to the undecipherable mystery of life, such an adventure continues ever;
It is worth trying ever till a decisive idea is formed for all to go ahead by spirit!

Evolution of body and mind are over, only evolution of spirit remains yet
To make a stride there also to make a complete and perfect search in adventure
So that uncertainty of human life can be eliminated by advancement real;
That is the nature of our adventure in this kind of romantic life in the world!

Adventure will continue ever as long as the mystery and uncertainty of life have
A convincing end by the efforts of all in various fields in arts, science and literature!

Romantic Life goes on to Fulfil our Dream!

Thinking continues like time moving ever till one sleeps but only to dream;
Mind, waves and time move ever in a simple harmonic motion for ever and ever;
Familiar ideas and new ideas combine together to create another sort of ideas;
Till one wakes up all sorts of things appear and disappear like night and day!

The clear picture of Nature with trees dancing in the breeze and flowers smiling
All see and breathe a sigh of relief to think again about the day's work to be done;
The days move on with completing certain works and keeping certain in pending;
When all is done, what a feeling of satisfaction comes to one only experience can say!

Likewise days and months in a a year go on and we celebrate that and invite New Year;
Life is not just days, weeks, months and years passing on in this world but with purpose;
We have purpose to fulfil and if that is done, we get real relief and sense freedom;
Freedom and peace are the things we long for whether we think or do anything!

That is why we long to do what we dream, think and act in our whole life in world;
With the satisfaction of having done what we have dreamt, we get peace and fulfilment!

Romantic Poets of Adventurous Spirit Write Extempore Poems!

Many believe that Poetry has rhymes covering subjects like life, love, beauty and Nature
And other subjects are dealt with by other forms of literature but not by Poetry ever;
Romantic Poets who are thorough with all subjects express ideas in Poetry sure;
That many consider as not Poetry as it's in new poetic style - featured or natural poetry!

For romantic poets everything is poetry in life, world, Nature, Universe and so on;
Such poets covers all subjects like philosophy, politics, social and literary criticisms
Expressing new and unknown ideas in an extempore style in one of its kind ever;
Modern in style and novel in manner, romantic poetry is sure one of a kind in literature!

Romantic poetry in modern literature is a bridge between prose and poetry;
It uses words with profound power instead of relying on rhymes only ever;
It covers all subjects unlike all believe to show poetry is for inspiration and enlightenment
That broadens horizon of thoughts due to confluence of cultures and ideas!

Only poets of adventurous spirit well versed in all subjects can write extempore poems
To inspire and instruct all with new ideas in a novel manner and modern style ever!

Promote Human Nature by Spiritualism!

Renaissance period opened door for new learning, creativity and inventions;
Reformation enacted new laws and changed life style of people sure;
Romantic revival time made free to explore all fields of man's interest ever;
Democracy, freedom, liberty and rights of governance made humans civilized!

Developments of technology and economy have modernized world in the beginning;
But too much mechanization, neglect of Nature, art and culture spoiled all;

Again romantic activity of reforming society, governance and technology is needed;
Bold initiative by able social activists in all fields of life has to be started for good!

Developments made should not be a waste and impairing healthy life of all;
For that, pollution and new diseases have to be dealt with at war footing sure;
Wars should be stopped and people suffering due to poverty and unemployment
Need to be taken care of to make our civilization not a farce in modern world sure!

Nature, art and culture should be respected and followed to make civilization
In the modern world meaningful and go forward in spiritualism to promote human nature!

Human Culture is the Best Way to Follow in Life!

Corona or not, everyone is fated to die without knowing when in the world;
For, being a time programmed one, life has become a great romantic adventure
And all die sans knowing source and destiny of soul till the end of life here;
So, our duty is to live life in the best way we can and die in peace finally sure!

What is human life in the world? Life is existence, knowledge, bliss and absolute;
We have to live life with knowledge of life, world, Nature and Universe for good;
We have to enjoy all pleasures based on knowledge to fulfil our existence here;
After that, we have to relinquish all for others to enjoy and become absolute spiritually!

Our experience we have to share with all by our expressions in creative work;
That is the way we can pass on human culture to let all know of best of knowledge;
For that, each has to think, talk and do best things towards perfection following
The path of predecessors for the successors to know and pursue on for perfection!

Human culture is the best way to follow to achieve possible perfection in life;
That is the way, we can overcome doubts, fear and pessimism to rise high!

Dream High to Forget Woes of Life!

Uncertainty of existence makes romantic icons like lovers, poets and philosophers
Explore secrets of life from the source and to the destiny about soul within;
Finding truth is impossible to decipher, live in life of romantic adventure till end;
Their expressions of experience inspire others to live life with optimism in the world!

With confidence, courage and boldness, the romantic icons live ready to face fear;
For such heroes there is only one death in life unlike cowards who fear ever in life;
The heroes live enjoying life to the full ready to face death when it comes in life;
That way they forget and don't care for source and destiny of soul forever and ever!

With broad ambition based on whole vision of life, world, Nature and end,
They go ahead engaged with creative or inventive works of the field of interest;
That gives real pleasure, joy and pride in world life and achieve great feat;
By the remarkable things romantic icons do, make a mark in the world as model to all!

Fear, cry and sufferings won't change life's destiny leading to dreams high and great;
That make all forget worries giving inspiration to aim high to try talent fields of interest!

The Best Means for a Good End!

Life without direction to follow is romantic adventure to deal with world life;
Life with bed of roses or thorns depends upon how one handles matters
And that paves the way for good or bad end in world life finally sure;
If good means is followed end is good, but bad means leads to bad end only!

Good means follows love and non-violence, but bad means follows force and wars;

There are some who want good end whatever be the means in the world life;
Due to such elements, romantic adventure becomes still more dangerous and difficult;
To have a free and peaceful end, means should also be acceptable to all ever!

Whatever be the means being followed by all, life is a great romantic adventure;
That can be tackled not by physical and intelligence means but also by spiritualism;
At the end, only spirit needs a free and peaceful end sans endless adventure;
Romantic adventure itself is more than hell or heaven depending on one's nature!

Living in harmony with Nature and following human culture, one can live better
Than by any means possible that can be justified to ensure best way of life sure!

Place of Art in the World!

In this commercialized modern world, nothing of commercial value has reception;
Nature is exploited, civilization has replaced culture and art is valueless everywhere;
After TV has come into existence, Cinema has lost its attraction unless super good;
Cell phone has taken the place of landline telephone and computer replaced type writer!

Without commercial value no art film too is entertained by the public as painting and art;
Art such as painting, sculpture and poetry are kept in the back burner everywhere;
Unless value of art is made known it has no reception sure forever and ever too;
Statues of deities in the holy temples only stand being worshiped by people!

Art is replica of Nature and natural ones by the skillful work of artist to divine level;
Divinity is inspired by the artistic statues carved by sculptor with eternal life in them;
Like Poetry and painting, sculpture only stands as model for all to follow to be so;
Unless Poetry, painting and sculpture have inspiring effect, have no place in world!

In the civilized world, modern art that cannot be understood all are crazy to acquire it;
Unless sanity is restored by real education through art and Poetry, art has no chance!

Faith Based On Truth Gives Freedom to Do All With Boldness!

All live adventurous romantic life reinforced by faith based on experience and knowledge;
That is wisdom enforced by truth giving boldness in our action in world life ever;
Mind is clear to go ahead so as one gets freedom to act deciding all by oneself;
Such way of life makes one bold to face any end willingly good or bad sure!

Boldness in action gives readiness to accept any result sans any fear or doubt;
That kind of ability develops having a mind to do all with disinterestedness in work;
Carefulness is there no doubt to see all works are done well due to humility of one;
More than success or failure achieving perfection or completion is important!

That is the way whether romantic life or rigid life one decides to live in the world;
For persons of such confidence and faith, success is sure at the end of game ever;
Otherwise, only fear will be ruling one and for everything one will need others support;
Whether support is there or not, living life in romantic adventure makes one sure!

Faith based on knowledge of truth gives unique boldness to do all things with confidence;
Such kind of surety only gives real freedom in world life till the end to achieve great things!

Make Progress to Paradise Ever!

Indulging in hobby or profession in an exploitative way to create innovation is
Ever interesting sure in the adventure of one's romantic life in the world forever;
Time goes on smoothly despite it is an adventure sans any ides where it will lead to;

That is the way life can be lived in a romantic atmosphere seeking perfection in work!

Aspiring for completion or perfection in one's job is like a work of art towards beauty
That pleases heart, mind and soul though one has any idea of the duration life journey;
the anxiety and excitement of nearing the end point there doesn't arises in adventure;
Living life so, great achievements can be made to make one's mark in the world sure!

Human culture loves perfection and work done so in life gives unique joy and fulfilment;
Satisfaction, fulfilment and pride one surely can enjoy living and working so ever in world;
If that kind of attitude everyone has in life means human society has attained superiority;
That is real superiority mankind should aim for but not just technological advancement!

Living such a cultural life in harmony with Nature, humanity can attain divinity sure;
That is the best way to achieve peace and prosperity to make progress to paradise ever!

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