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The Chosen One!

The chosen one is immediately attracted to Nature at the childhood itself;
The child like baby elephant plays rudely with all plants and flowers nearby;
That gives affinity for Nature whether others move with one or not in the world;
After growing a little the beauty of flowers, hills, meadows and sky absorb one much!

With love of beauty so and knowledge one starts exploring truth in all things;
As a romantic artist one starts painting beauty or composing poetry on Nature;
Such thing of beauty is a joy forever for one and shares with all loved ones;
The beauty of frozen art is ageless and eternal and better than short span passion!

Such love and knowledge give one real freedom to explore for eternal joy and bliss
That is really lasting forever by mystical pursuit of the ultimate reality or truth eternal;
There one discovers there is divine spirit in Nature and that only can lasting joy;
Yes, thereafter one with mind in communion with Nature enjoys great bliss!

By that experience, one surely realizes that the soul within and Universal Spirit
Both are permanent and are the source and destiny one has to know and reach!

Save World by Nature and Culture Ever!

Unprecedented wild fire on one side and uncontrollable floods on another side of
Earth is destroying everything and many people due to the wrath of Nature
Caused by modern world activities sans caring pollution and climate change
And will be the frequent occurrences in the future unless Nature is respected aptly!

Competition in business, technology and economy by super powers have brought in
The problems of unprecedented nature underlining the need for change in life style;
The very style of functioning of all activities of modern world need change for better;
Unless realization has made man change in the way of life, all progress will go waste!

Modern life should be continued on the base of human culture for saving world ever;
Culture is being followed based on experience in life and needs to be adopted well;
In short, Nature, art and culture are surviving human race since a long time here;
Civilization should have improvised way of life but not totally neglected culture!

Basic things of life are life sustaining ones for humankind since the formative time
And need to be followed as age old culture for the sustenance of human world ever!

Justice in the Long Run will Praise the Good!

Many bully at the good things one says for the wellbeing of humanity;
Also, if one says the truth, many have doubts sans an end till that stops;
What can one do under this kind of situation prevailing everywhere?
Best thing is say good things and truth sans expecting any response!

Good and bad people are mingled in human society everywhere ever;
If one makes a mark in doing something good and true thing, one is remembered;
One's good matters are discussed in many communities and all are benefited;
There is no loss but only gain in talking and sharing good matters everywhere!

In this fashion only many master artists, writers and Poets do commendable work;
By doing such a hard work, what have you gained and who has recognized you?
What can one say for that? It is my pleasure, joy and pride to do such a work in life;
That is the punch one can give to wasteful talkers of the world and go ahead forward!

If you do bad things, the world will say ill of you at all times putting black mark on you;
If you do good things also, there are persons to find fault with that as that's world's nature!

What is Real is Illusion and What is Illusion is Real!

For many illusion of all in the world is real, but reality is illusion ever;
Beautiful Moon light all appreciate, but it is reflection of Sun light only;
All planets go round Sun, but it looks Sun is rising and falling every day;
But the reality is that all Moons go round their respective planets!

Once dinosaurs were roaming everywhere, but were killed by comet dashing on Earth;
Now dinosaurs of the past reality is illusion only everywhere in the world sure;
Likewise so many animals have disappeared but mosquito seems to there;
In the same way one day, all time bound programmed beings and things disappear!

At the time of destruction and disappearance only many will realize illusion;
Man has driven the Earth to the brink of destruction by pollution and wars;
Also, if another massive comet or asteroid hits on Earth, it will disappear too;
This is the reality and our life and things in the world are just illusion only...!

Our body is illusion and the spirit within is reality that we know when we die;
In this Universe, what looks to be real is illusion and illusion is reality sure...!

Extremism is Common Both in Man and Nature!

Religious extremism and terrorism are like extreme climates and natural disasters;
Even in extremism there is similarity between man and Nature in the world sure;
In either case, they all happen due to mistakes in mind set up and greediness;
Man is dangerous but cannot excel Nature and God too ever by any means!

Realizing this great truth, man should develop humility to be great in the world;
Maturity of mind only can make man shed egoism and ambition to dominate;
Man should show one's greatness in so many fields like art, science and literature;
That way man can do greatest good for the world and humankind ever!

If mind is well, everything will work well for man with all in the world in Nature;
Superiority should not make one insult any and all from grass to the Almighty God;
Extremism and extremity of climate destroy all best things created by man sure;
Knowing and realizing this truth, man should live in harmony with nature for good ever!

If we wish for good things happening to us, we should do only good things ever;
There is no alternative or power that can change this natural rule in the world!

The Journey of Life is Great Romantic Adventure Only!

Unknowing exactly of source and destiny, all live life of romantic adventure;
Gravitation, nuclear forces and electromagnetic force activate all Stars and planets;
In the same way, soul, mind and heart activate all organs of human body;
Without them, power, thinking and feelings of body won't function!

Without brain, thinking, imagining, dreaming and remembering stop;
At birth, baby doesn't know how to talk and tell from where soul has come;
After death, sans brain all things won't be remembered and where soul goes;
Die to these drawbacks, our source and destiny are unknown for ever and ever!

That's why our life in this world is a great romantic adventure in the long life journey;
Whatever thing we do, we cannot know our origin and destiny till the end of life;
It is like measuring the distance and dimension of the Universe ever;
The greatest inability of man cannot be overcome by all knowledge we gain here!

Not only that, even by intuition or instinct, we cannot decipher source and destiny;
All philosophic ideas we know are just some supposition and by faith we pull on days!

What is Civilization – Destruction or Construction?

No doubt, technological development has created modern world;
Along with that, weapons of war too developed all over the world;
Wars are on land, in the sky and on oceans with attempt in outer Space too;
If Soviet Union had survived long, even Star wars too would have started!

Fortunately, Soviet Union was dismantled into many democratic nations;
Even Russia has turned into democratic country in the world along with them;
But China and North Korea are still functioning as Communist Countries
Challenging America with their kind of military force in the civilized world!

What is civilization - only military power, technology in all fields and such things?
But civilization has turned the world into polluted environment destroying Nature;
Civilization means creating beautiful and beneficial things but not weapons but ever
In sports, arts, literature and in medicines to eliminate dangerous diseases!

On war footing pollution should be eliminated and diseases like Cancer, AIDS
And latest diseases like Zeke and Corona should be eradicated, that's civilization!

Good Intention In Any Venture Is Worth Trying In Life!

Romantic culture is the way all have to live life in the world accepting all;
All life we learn a lot of lessons by experiments to say our tale and truth;
Truth direct from the depths of heart Poetry says wonderful ideas ever;
Ever Poetry is the best means to say matters of adventure can't be said!

Said things of religion, literature, philosophy and wise words can be checked;
Checking all matters for truth and acquiring unknown ideas make all clear;
Clear mind makes one strong and bold to do anything one likes in the world;
World is no man's land for all living romantic life as it's real adventure sure!

Sure one day we will be clear, confident and correct in our assessment here;
Here what we do is not going to be a complete or perfect deed in life;
Life is a great wonder of world that sustains ever by beauty and love all like;
Like all flowers, fruits and leaves of a tree all best and rich life is lived for good!

Good intention in any venture in world life is worth trying than wasting time;
Time bound programme of our life has to be best utilized to leave our mark here!

Romantic Adventure is Both Good and Bad!

The journey of romantic life is an adventure in a dense forest like Amazon;
One doesn't know how he has come and where he will reach at the end;
He doesn't know the head and tail of the story and will know only at the end;
Till then, he can only make use of all things available for survival and live!

He has variety of fruits, food, water, beautiful hills, river and ocean around;
Nature is the abode of man where trees become dry due to long hot summer days;
Also, heaviest rains lash out before winter time begins making all shiver in weather;
If he makes changes in any place, Nature is disturbed and punishes him with fury!

He has to move from place to place to overcome the harshness of weather;
Otherwise, he has face wild fire devastating a vast area of forest sans mercy;
Also, he has to know how to protect oneself from bitter cold winter and storms;
If escapes from such happenings, he survives and enjoys life for some more time!

However, man cannot stay in one place as he has to find out the end point;
This romantic adventure is both good and bad, it's painful pleasure and bitter sweet!

By Spiritual Technology, Source and destiny of Soul can be Known!

Relics of the past tell tales of romantic Space travels from Stars to Earth;
That was greatest romantic adventure we all dream about reading fictions;
HG Wells’ stories of time-machine travels are supported by real acts of
Past Space travelers by flying saucers or UFO on inscriptions of ancient towers!

They had installed even Star gates to travel faster than light speed to Stars;
Matter was energized to travel by incredible speed and returned to Matter again;
Such greatest adventures of romantic nature were performed in the past by aliens;
They were also capable of turning invisible as they wished to escape from dangers!

But humans don't have that natural capacity or scientific technology to do so;
If it is possible man can turn into spirit and again turn to the nature of man again;
Spiritual transmigration was performed in the ancient times old legend says;
Now those spiritual technology is not developed by humans to do that adventure!

What looks to be magic and scientific fiction was actually enacted by ancient men;
If man advances to that high level, he can know about source and destiny of soul!

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