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Nightingale Sings for its Heart's Content!

Poetry websites and social media are best outlet for pent up feelings of geniuses
That have been stored up with potential energy in the minds of many in world life;
Free flowing writing of ideas is possible only by such great souls in world literature;
That all when published online, many may not believe them to be true and question them!

When others struggle to write one or two poems, those geniuses write out in books;
It is an incredible feat in creativity indeed, but happens, when chance comes in life;
It is a strange world that believes false things but not the truth itself happening before all;
Even then masterpieces come out whether others appreciate them or reject them!

Whether others believe them or doubt them, truth cannot be changed for their sake;
If they feel jealousy and feel they can also do that magic, let them do it in action;
That is best for a genuine person of creativity if they feel better than others;
Otherwise, what is the use of sarcastically commenting with no way to change that?

Nightingale sings not for the appreciation or rejection of others in the world,
But for its spiritual satisfaction and for its heart's content, when times comes in life!

We have come Here for a Picnic!

Once in a while, we make a picnic to nearby place or far off place for change;
New place increases curiosity to know more of the place than before in our life;
But if dolphins living in ocean pay a visit to our sea how it would be here?
Dolphins make a jump ride on our sea waters making visitors take photos long!

Familiarity breeds contempt, but distant look enchants the view indeed;
Once that too when becomes well known, we seek some other new place
To get new inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm to do better things than before;
This is how we renew our life to pull on the days till the end in this world sure!

We came here with nothing and we have to go out with nothing in our hands;
We can enjoy as much as we can in this world of paradise full of beauty in Nature;
Nature only gives refreshment, better enjoyment of life and new air to breathe;
That is how life has to be lived till the end and leave the world free in peace for good!

Our life in this world is like we have come for a picnic for a few years in paradise;
Let us enjoy life in love, joy and peace and leave the world to visit next world as picnic!

Life is a Time Bound Programme!

Nothing is permanent as all have time bound programme in the world;
This is the reality as all have a beginning and end in life here forever;
The things we see and move with are all illusion only with time tag fixed;
What is reality is the soul activating all lives though unbelievable ever!

Seeing the births and deaths only, one can realize this great truth in the world;
Now it is Corona time that teaches this great lesson very well to all sans fail;
We live by faith believing we will live for some time and do all we love before that;
Some lucky ones fulfil all their dreams and others leave that to others to do!

After seeing so many deaths due to Corona pandemic, death is very familiar;
Death has become a matter of fact thing and easily all take that for granted;
To make each one's life significant, it lies in ambition and accomplishment;
Realizing this, all have to desire and do what is possible and leave in peace!

Life is a time bound programme fixed already before our birth and death here;
Men may come and men may go, but life goes on as usual in this world sure!

Life is for Enjoying All and Expressing Self as Art!

Life in the world is like picnic to a place with spirit within human body;
Knowing this, it's wise to know about Nature, life, world and Universal Spirit;
Living in harmony with Nature, it is possible to know divine spirit within all;
By communion with Nature, it is possible to enjoy bliss in life for satisfaction and peace!

That spiritual development is naturally possible to have full confidence of oneself;
That will help to be peaceful, when our soul leaves this body for other world as picnic;
Instead of living so, there is no point in living a life of race with time for material progress;
Nothing from the world we can take with us when we leave the world at the end!

Best thing to do is enjoy life physically, mentally and spiritually to have completion;
This is better than suffering and caught by fear at the fag end of life in the world;
Life may be short or long here and before end, let us gain knowledge of truth in all;
That only can give peace, confidence and direction to live better and leave the world well!

This world life is like school education to know the value of love, life, pain and pleasure
And not for just amassing wealth sans an ambition to express oneself successfully as art!

Humorous Mood in Adventurous Romantic Life!

Characters in romantic life are flamboyant and half-hand to take any challenge;
With no learning and training they take up any task and do their level best;
In this respect, the characters of The Pickwick Papers novel by Charles Dickens
I cannot forget ever and feel humour quite enjoyable in life in the world sure!

Pickwick club chief is Mr. Pickwick, an elderly father like character leads all
Other characters like Winkle, Tubman and Snodgrass hosted by Mr. Wardle in
Manor Farm, where they indulge in rook shooting using gun for the first time
And such incidences are perfect romantic story to read again and again ever!

That is a perfect example for romantic life one can follow to enjoy humour in life;
Smile and laughter all will be infected once they become familiar with the story;
Life is really enjoyable by humour and laughter in the world wherever one lives;
Sans humour and laughter, life is worthless to live and enjoy in one's life sure!

Novels of such a nice atmosphere of romance is really worth recollecting ever
To get cheerful mood to forget all bad times and go ahead in adventurous mood!

Health is More Important than Wealth to Fulfil Dream!

Living and working with machines, vehicles, computer and smart phone ever.
Man lives a mechanical life forgetting purpose of life till the end sans time for it;
Natural way of life along with Nature with passion and romance only it's
Possible to live with real joy and freedom and can fulfil purpose of life sure!

Earning money for twenty four hours and safeguarding it for future is great job;
There is no time for leisurely way of thinking and spending joyful time in Nature;
Finally disillusioned, man doesn't know what to do to feel free becoming slave of time;
Unless this way of artificial life is changed, man has no redemption in world life!

Instead of making world a heaven, man has made it into a hell with no relief at all;
Losing health by pollution in all, man consumes poison only to survive with diseases;
By natural disasters due to change of climate and no enjoyment of life by ill health,
Man blinks not knowing the way out of this dark den he has destined to live forever!

Living happy and fulfilling life is in our hand, if we love Nature and live natural life ever
Relinquishing craze for amassing wealth to live a happy and healthy life at the end!

Spell of Nature Kindles Passion!

From the childhood on I have been seeing the misty hill stations;
Still I have not lost its muse quite amazing to recollect in leisure times;
Green meadows and lakes the passion I have on them I have not lost even today;
Nature of such places is great wonder and passion for me quite unshakable!

Green pasture in remote places are another passion I have since a long-time;
Likewise, the sea shore and the beach with neat straight pavement for walking
Are a great passion to breathe fresh air and muse for long sans noticing time;
Such spell of heart swaying Nature is a great wonder and awesome forever!

Such a feeling is surely due to the presence of divine spirit that captivates me;
Not only as an ordinary human being but also as a Poet I have expressed a lot,
Yet, there are a lot more to be written in words with special effect of passion sure;
For, Nature is a great manifestation of the Universal Spirit that wakes up my natural me!

I express so many things of passion spontaneously flowing direct from the heart
After I am awesomely immersed in the spell of Nature wordless wonderful!

World Unity, Peace, Prosperity, Progress and One World!

Living as one world community is possible only by living together in one place;
It is not enough if education is allowed together and all work together later on;
World people living together as one family is experimented in some places in the world;
Such an experiment should be made possible all over the world as Baha’i Faith does!

Despite such good experiments, border disputes and conflicts go on endless in some places;
There all co-existence has to be experimented to put an end to fights between two groups;
As time goes on, perhaps peace can be achieved for further moves on education, work
And living life together can slowly be made a move starting with children and elders!

Unless such moves are made, unity, co-existence, friendship for peace and progress
And formation of one world family cannot be made possible for ever and ever;
Prior to this, terrorism and pollution problems have to be solved by joint action
So that, problems of hunger, poverty and unemployment can be dealt with well!

It is time for unity and peace moves, by solving terrorism and pollution matters,
A lot of steps forward can be made to bring together all for creating one world family!

Let Celebration of Olympics Begin World Peace, Progress and Unity!

What a beautiful celebration of Olympic Games has been joyfully inaugurated
At least in 2021 after postponing it last year due to Corona pandemic everywhere!
This kind of atmosphere often should be enacted on world theatre for unity and peace
The world loves to witness for ever and ever for humanity to sustain in love and joy!

Such kind of happy participation of world people should be encouraged not only
In games but also in arts, literature, science and all utilizing everyone's creativity
And inventions for world peace, prosperity, progress and unity forever in the world;
That day only in the future, there won't be hunger, poverty and unemployment ever!

This kind of coexistence, cooperation and coordination instead of worst form
Of aggression, hatred, rivalry, enmity and wars ever no healthy mind will like;
More opportunities should be created to promote and develop happy get togetherness
In all unions of nations and union of one whole world as in Olympics going on now!

Will that golden period turn in the favourable direction of human world soon?
Let us hope for the better only and proceed with joy and enthusiasm as of now!

Power of Knowledge and Poise Brings Success Sure!

Unknowing depth, if one inserts leg in well or pond or river, will drown to death;
If one knows swimming can escape to the shore by swimming with good tactics;
If one prepared for any eventuality in life, knows how to manage oneself well;
Otherwise, it is like the case of many deaths of tourists we see near sea shore!

We should know our Self, world, Nature and end very well to be confident ever;
Such a one only will be aware of complete knowledge, vision of whole, right ambition
And will be capable of achieving one's dream in the course of life in the world sure
After having one's own romantic adventure taking a new path in pursuit of one's goals!

Knowledge, ability, clear mind of ambition and cool planned activity will help one
Whatever be the path of one's course of world life, to achieve one's object as planned;
Such a one only will be going on the right path of direction in world life against odds;
But one will never show off one's ability till one achieves all to overcome hurdles!

Power of knowledge and poise brings one the laurel in one's romantic adventure
Whatever be the huddles or odd situations one may have to encounter in world life!

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