Romantic Life is an Adventure! - 1

Romantic Love May be a Comedy or Tragedy

Romance is a vast ocean deep to discover and long to travel only in the world;
Emotion, sentiment, imagination, dream, friendship, love, passion and adventure
All make what can be called as romance in human life of this unique world;
Romance begins with love at first sight may be by intuition or instinct no one knows!

Life without romance is bore and worth useless to live and a waste of time only;
Life is to live in enjoyment of love with beautiful humans of empathetic heart;
Romance judges all by heart and love more than mind and intellect in the world;
The unique human emotion of love is possible only by romantic nature of anyone!

From Romeo and Juliet time on till this day and on romance cannot be forbidden;
This great life adventure of romance is what literature is all about ever and
With goodness and morality, all religions support it by conversion or not;
Romantic adventure goes on conviction, confidence and courage against all odds!

Romantic love may be a comedy or tragedy in the world life of all humans forever;
Yet, the spell of love so pure and deep has not left anyone to forsake it in any way!

Adventurous Spirit is the Power of Romantic Life!

Adventure is the essence of romantic life to see the truth and ultimate in all;
No field is left out to discover what one has to know in the world life sure;
That may be philosophy, religion, literature, society, politics, history, God or death;
Such personalities never go by the beaten track in all fields of human life ever!

They believe in free will, love, truth, beauty, Nature, mysticism and such matters;
Romance is their passion and love changes in society, life, work, art, science;
Reforms in society, politics and way of life they are very much involved ever.....;
Poetry is the best field they shine top in the world and leave their marks therein!

Romantic poets are the innovators in poetry and literature to make society feel free;
They search for the ultimate in life, literature and philosophy to see the whole picture
In a vision as mystics to indulge in spiritual journey and express their views best;
Romance is the means for such free will personalities to enjoy freedom best to the last! 

Adventurous spirit is the power behind romantic life to achieve great feats in all fields;
Romance in the life of Poets is a great boon to discover new aspects in all to show reality!

Spell of Nature gives Unique Mood Nothing Can!

Lovers of Nature and its beauty are natural artists and express all
What they see, feel and wish and also depict best and great art all love;
Romantic heart of art of gets enthusiasm and mood when one is on one's best;
Best of mood inspired by Nature makes one express blissful ideas soaring to divinity!

Mood of romance turns then into mystical state transporting one to a new world;
Such a pleasure and mood of trance nowhere one can undergo but in Nature;
Enjoying such a high level of mystical experience no other thing gives satisfaction;
Such is the power and spell of Nature for all romantic hearted ones ever sure!

Mood making Nature casts its spell by its unique beauty that urges to create art
To delight not only the romantic creator but also the casual observer of picture;
Art picture of Nature itself transports one to a world of fantasy means how about
The one who always approaches Nature in person and in loneliness really!

Art is not just for the sake of art only, but also for getting lost mood of joy unique
In the world life when nothing gives needed care and satisfaction in anything!

Indulgence Inspired by Nature is Best Poetic Panacea!

I indulge in art of Poetry to regain paradise lost as one gets inspiration and ideas
From Nature to realize cherished dream long in the heart at last in my life here;
Best of mood is rare to get in world life full of unsuitable things happening often
And disturbing natural interest to do the most cherished work of art in whole life!

This kind of rare romantic mood that has inspired many to achieve great feats
In art and Poetry by great masters of past often haunts in my mind to do so some day;
Nature is the last resort when mood is out of place due to monotony and drudgery
And gives opportunity to forget irritating and good for nothing matters disturbing life!

Doing things of great interest by Poetry gives time to breathe a sigh of relief unique;
That is the best time of life I feel and indulge in exploration of Nature for its unique beauty
That inspires best of mood to create high mood of ideas to give relief and change
Most needed for the ever continuously working mind on various matters insipid!

Such indulgence in romantic adventure on various aspects of Nature is a panacea
That cannot be provided by medicine or any companion of high worth in this world!

Only Poetry can Say of Nature, Love and Romance as Music!

After darkness of clouds and rains, Sun shines bright in the blue Sky;
What is next? No one can say for sure as Nature keeps all in suspense;
That's why it is thrilling to watch Nature anytime of the day as it's unpredictable;
Mature is ever a great wonder nothing can replace it by any means sure!

Nature, love and romance are of the same kind like music is in human life;
Poetry is the language that speaks and reveals what they all say anywhere;
Knowledge, observation, intellectual thinking and philosophy reveal truth within;
Only romantic adventure expose all the secrets of them by experience ever!

Also, only Poetry can express ideas of such stuff not possible by any other means;
Romantic life is indeed a great adventure and all facts can be said esoterically only;
From the passing things all truths appear and disappear like lightning and thunder;
Once mystically all are seen in a complete vision, Poetry exposes all in a nutshell!

Only deeply thinking and pondering minds can be interested to know that much;
For others, it is ever a mystery, puzzle and riddle even after many an effort long!

Life is Short and Use it Better!

Moths come before rain falls down and die away completely ever here;
If rain doesn't come, moths cover the street lights as if honey bees to hive;
If house lights are on, they make invasion inside and fly dancing on lights;
If it is burning fire, even then they come, dance and die enjoying dangerous fire!

Otherwise, many moths loose their gossamer wings and fall to the ground
Only to be a great feast to lizards and other creatures waiting in the dark;
That's why they say don't play with the fire as it will burn one to death sure;
Knowing the danger and play with fire for pleasure means death is sure!

But for enjoying lust at the cost of love, surely many lose life in the world;
Love is reliable and life giving one whereas lust is life taking pleasure, see;
Control-less life in the world is like a reckless drunkard driving car fast in dark;
Death is sure, if one takes such a foolish risk in life sans any use to anyone!

This life in the world is very short and that one has to know and use it ever
For a better cause not like moth, but like beautiful flower does in the world..!

What is Power?

Sans love and knowledge, one cannot like or appreciate, believe and judge
Anything in the world full of so many things happening everywhere ever;
Such persons may have desire to do as others do using latest gadgets or computer;
As basically lacking any skill and don't know how to go ahead, they blabber as drunkards!

Latest inventions and machines are used both for good and bad easily in the world;
Activities of such silly guys are unavoidable and a great nuisance indeed;
But the wise ones simply ignore and at the most delete their utterances and go on;
Yet, incredible things are done by masters of Arts and Science all over the world!

It's true as Bertrand Russell says that good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge;
Without love and knowledge, it's like one with two eyes blind forever in the world sure;
But with eyes visible, many fail to see truth and discover new ideas necessary for world;
Unless love and knowledge are used wisely and best way, one is useless person!

Love is greatest power of humanity and knowledge is power to live life better;
Otherwise, one is a blind and brainless person only forever and ever here!

For Restoring Body, Mind and Soul Nature is Ever!

Natural evolution of ideas seeing colourful flowers to compose romantic poem
Indeed is an esoteric experience quite enjoyable and exotic to feel in great trance;
After combing all wonderful ideas and completing a poem, it gives complete picture
Quite a wonderful art to amuse and take one to the world of dream a nice fantasy!

Many romantic poems are composed so and are being composed ever
Making romantic culture a great classic all cherish in heart to have real change
As nothing can except in Nature with so many beautiful things like green grass,
Flowers of many colours and fragrances transporting one and all to exotic world!

What an experience one undergoes therein with whole heart, mind and soul absorbed
For a really great change needed for one suffering a lot and unable to divert oneself
In anything worthwhile and completely refreshing body, mind and soul for the better
So that one surely becomes a new soul in the same old body in this world sure...!

The all absorbing Nature with all its things stretching everywhere is wonder
And a great boon to have complete restoration of body, mind and soul for the better!

Romantic Poets have great Job to do to Change Wrongs of Modernity!

Lives of romantic poets are great adventure due to their revolutionary ideas
In society, politics and literature that have changed social life, introduced democracy
And changed writing style for the progress of humanity we are enjoying today sure;
What they have left undone, we have to continue as human culture in the world!

Nature, art, science and literature they highlighted in their expressions of ideas
That have developed world to the present level but are left at the back burner by
Technological and economic developments giving importance to material development
At the cost of human culture by civilization in modern world leading to pollution and disease!

Revival of art, literature and culture needs to be stressed by Poets again so that
Natural way of life in harmony with Nature and freedom of enjoying love are
Really possible to live to put an end to artificial life being followed in race with time
In modern world of civilization by all as machine-beast-men instead of humans!

Progress does not lie in tarnishing human culture aiming humans to be divines
By modernity and civilization that destroy Nature turning as poison ending healthy life!

Little Learning is Dangerous as one will be Ridiculed!

Sans reading, learning, understanding and knowledge venturing on anything is
Going on in a labyrinth with no way to know to go out and sat what ti was like ever;
Writing is also like that only as it requires not only knowledge but also talent or genius;
Even for writing criticism or comment, one is wrong to say a word because one can't believe!

Incredible things happen due to one's gift to do so that all cannot believe ever
And say a lot of wrong things about one's creativity due to wrong understanding;
But many indulge in such wrong practice as social media allows all to say anything;
For such guys, it is better to make use of media to know details about one before commenting!

But instead of doing that, many depending on their guess work try to assess others;
When that is so, how can their assessment be allowed for public notice at all ever
Other than just deleting that for the good of maintaining quality of social media?
There are so many video games to play but not in writing bad comments to show foolishness!

Little learning is dangerous as truth is a dark matter to many sans knowledge sure;
Desire to say something is good, but one should be careful or else one will be ridiculed!

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