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Lessons of Nature Help for Safe Life!

Before biting cold winter begins, small red ants are brisk
In their activities like an infantry of army in collection food;
The sign of bitter cold has come up with slight mist now;
And vague vision of activities of men and vehicles is visible!

Protective futuristic mind has developed perhaps from ants;
With six months’ work and six months rest ants live life;
Indeed sans such a planning, life can't be manageable;
Sure Nature is not only a friend, but also philosopher and guide!

If we are sharp enough to visualize vague vision we win
In our race of the world with success in surety ever;
What the insects and animals do by instinct, men have to do by intuition;
Intellect, experience and wisdom help to develop intuition to go safe!

Lessons of Nature are much helpful not only to animals but also men;
If we follow lessons of Nature, we live a happy and successful life!

None Can Excel Nature Ever Sure!

Bright Sunshine and heavy rains are alternating nowadays;
Nature's Sunshine and rains are like human's joy and grief;
Heat of day is very high and cold of night is very low;
Extreme climates of Nature are like extremity of human life!

All aspects of Nature are also the attributes of humans sure;
That indicate humans and all living beings are from Nature;
Human feelings and Nature's extremities indicate no difference;
All living beings including humans are not separate entities!

Nature personifies all human, animal and divine natures in one;
That certainly indicates we are born of and part and parcel of it;
When this is so, what wisdom there lies, if feel separate from it?
Naturally if all live in harmony with Nature, life is heavenly!

Whatever things man achieves according to his advancement of
Knowledge or technology, none can excel Nature in anyway sure!

Nature is Great Power Ever!

Why natural powers are depicted as divine human beings earlier?
In the past man knew only family life and not anything else;
Even theory of relativity saying energy is product of mass and
Velocity for making it easy to understand is said as Siva-Sakti!
Education was then spread far and wide for making all know all
About laws of nature in science with definition, proof and also
Inference by experiments and observations in the laboratory
And later in Space sending rockets to observe natural phenomena!
Knowledge was taught to chosen few only in the past but later,
Knowledge has become a basic thing to know in life by all ever;
Both for constructive work and destructive work science is used
Leading to test of powers between nations now in the world....!
After gaining confidence, courage and power man has last fear
And is challenging Nature itself not knowing Nature is great power! 
Beyond Limit anything is Poison Only Ever!

Too many cooks spoil the food ever anywhere in the world
And too much of anything is good for nothing too sure;
Rain is needed for irrigation and to overcome drought;
But too much of rain now has damaged crops and rice bags!
Sans limit nothing is acceptable for anything anywhere;
Whether it is military power or economic jingoism ever
Now threaten world peace endangering security and safety
Not only good people but also nations for love and peace!
Over grown strength or arrogance due to plenty in hand
Indeed is a great threat to all around them anywhere;
Taming shrew is very difficult unless all unite with
Single mind to eliminate the unnecessary weed everywhere!
No one should go beyond limit and respect other meek ones
For living a good and united life of love and peace in world!

Nature is like Mona Lisa Smile!

Like the undecipherable transgender people, Nature too
Seems to be unpredictable after the change of climate;
No one in unrepresented and not personified by Nature
Making a fact that there is none extraordinary from it!
As all happenings are out of control and order, even
Behaviour of Nature too reflects by rains in untime
Quite unprecedented and enigmatic in lieu of fog or
Even mist at the peak of winter months of the year!
This unpredictability of Nature prolongs even at the
End of the current year leading to another new year;
Will the New Year appear with new surprises in the
context of Corona infections going on still or what?
Nature is like the Mona Lisa smile remaining still
Undecipherable and impossible to say for sure ever!

We are Part of Nature!

All reactions of Nature reflect actions of all living beings;
Love, generosity, beauty, arrogance, anger, calmness and divinity
Are all reflected in the living scientific art called Nature;
Animate and inanimate, joy and anger and all in one in Nature!
They all reveal quite very well in all plants, animals, birds,
Fish and humans and feelings and activities we are familiar with;
Realization of such open secret all have not taken it factually
But only taking them all granted and neglect to respect Nature!
Our greatness, divinity, devilishness, horrifyingness, beauty
And goodness are all Nature ever displays exactly like all sure;
Basking and brooding in Nature, all can compare all those things
And surely understand how close and related we are with Nature!
Too much engagements with machines, gadgets, smart phones and
Computer make us seek relief in resorts as we are part of Nature!

Nature is the Mood Creator for All!

Nature is the mood creator for all living beings in the world;
Pleasant morning atmosphere kindles squirrel to play with noise
With its fellow squirrels running here and there sans an end;
In the same way, Nature brings cheerful mood to men at dawn!
Rain in gentle breeze brings thrill to dance round and round
With joy unique to humans only in the world of paradise here;
That joy affects all nearby too to join in the joyful dance
And enjoy a joint venture in singing song of inspiration too!
Yes, it all happens due to inspiration of Nature that brings
Mood of joy and all with its beautiful scene and atmosphere
Meant for enjoyment to promote love and peace in joy unique
No one can ignore, refuse and deny sharing with pals sure!
Nature is the starter of appetite before all indulge in
Going on a great venture in grand feast to celebrate joy!

Scent of Colourful Flowers Inspire Angelic Love on Earth!

Beautiful flowers bloom every morning to welcome Nature lovers;
They look as angels from heaven born on Earth in colourful attires;
Flowers are personification of divine ladies born to love and
Spread message of love and make all live in love in heavenly world!

The beautiful petals of flowers are the smiling lips of angels
Kindling love in the hearts of Nature lovers to spread love to
Humanity so as to convert the warn torn world into world of love
And peace promoting it into heaven and paradise in one sure...!

Naturally beautiful flowers attract beetles to make love with
Great joy and satisfaction inspiring humans to learn love so
And impart love to generations as human culture of the best one
All have to cherish ever enjoying the scent of flowery love sure!

Scent of flower reminds all and kindles love quite heavenly and
Divine enticing by the colourful beauty of angelic flowers ever!

Wonders and Miracles of Nature!

Baby animals and humans are cute and beautiful in Nature;
Nature's transition and evolution of physique are wonders;
Wonder is life going on in Nature making world a miracle;
Miracle is not rare and is happening in many ways in life!

Life is a joy and adventure to enjoy and discover wonders;
Wonders of the world are not just seven or eight but more;
More we go in detail, more we have to discover in everything;
Every thing is made up of energy like rocks from volcano!

Volcano coming out like fire curry solidifies into solid;
Solid stone has fire within which is produced by friction;
Friction reveals the hidden truth within for public to know;
Knowing such open secrets we become great and create great!

Great discoveries, creations and inventions are basic ones
In Nature due to Universal Spiritual Energy we call as God!

Is there Connection between Nature and Astrology for Men?

Blue Sky wearing grey misty blanket is waiting
For the Sun to settle down cool in the West,
While the tree leaves are dancing by the wind
Coming gently from the East awaiting good time!

Wind and rains have bid good bye to bad time
For the town suffering inundation of farms and
villages around at the last phase of current
Year waiting for the birth of New Year for good!

Good season following bad season is not only
common in Nature but also in men's life in the
World full of good and bad things happening
With good ending for good and bad for bad sure!

Reflection of good and bad of Nature is being
Worked out for good and bad time by astrology!

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