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Great Achievements are the Result of Vision and Hard Work!

Are the diamonds sparkling on the waves of sea under Sunlight?
Sunlight is the source for all precious gems to sparkle ever;
Ever diamonds always inspire the mood and vision of all sure;
Sure vision and dreams are common among all to go forward...!
Forward going mood certainly all gems including diamonds make;
Make up of ladies and gentlemen attract all to be with them;
They and others are fascinated by the beauty and brightness;
Brightness is needed for one to shine in any art or profession!
Professional success is inspired by things of Nature only;
Only by the influence of diamonds, gold and gems all do great;
Great achievements are inspired by some ambition of vision;
Vision is needed to have great ambition to achieve success!
Success in real life is achieved not by vision and dreams only,
But ever accompanied by hard work driven by great ambition sure!
Hate and Love are Common in Nature and Love in World Life!
Unbearable emotion results in shedding of tear over cheek;
Both for joy and sorrow, shedding of tears is common in life;
Nature and love have two opposite sides of expression in action;
Both love and hate are part and parcel of emotion in humans!
Hot day and cool night with unbearable heat and soothing breeze
We all experience in world life almost every day sure sans fail;
That kind of Nature is reflected in human emotion as love hate;
Again they are all two sides of the same coin in Nature, Love!
Human and animal excretion is manure used to be mixed in fields
To produce rich crops of various vegetable for food for all...;
That is recycling of vegetation for making survival possible..;
Love and hate, wrath and grace, day and night are life and death!
Hence bitter sweet life all are living with painful pleasure of
Love whether we hate or cry, laugh or mourn, wake or sleep ever!
Greater than Heaven Love in Life!

Transparent mist acting as lens brings many Stars within view;
Stars are really great wonder of the night sky to watch ever;
Many lovely dreams crop up in the mind to enjoy later long...;
Dreams make Nature a wonderful fantasy to muse in joy unique!
Stars are the ball dance performing lovers in high spirit there;
Love at its top dance is what everyone dreams about to enjoy;
In life full of dance, song and music in Nature are a pleasure;
Enjoying such a pleasure is a great boon to anyone in romance!
Paradise of Nature is wonder of all wonders we all know ever;
Enjoying pastoral love with the loved ones is heavenly sure;
Living a life of love so, time going fast or slow is nothing;
A timeless state of life in romantic love is great pleasure!
Pleasure in life makes all worries and woes of world nothing;
Love in life enjoying pleasure at will is greater than heaven!
Nature is Personification of Beauty Ever!

Nature is personification of beauty because its love is true;
Art is a still picture of lovely beauty of Nature in action;
Truly Nature is ever beautiful due to its eternal love to all;
Philanthropy of Nature in love through its creations is divine!

Yet, the divine spirit is with its eternal energy in Nature that
All non-believers are living as nonconformists as it's invisible;
Divine spirit is like taste and air hidden in food and breeze;
For, divine spirit is everywhere acting everything in Nature!

Personification of God in human form is for understanding only
And that cannot be taken as actual or real one ever by many;
Personification of Nature or God is interpretation by relativity;
Sans such a relativity indecipherable Space is impossible to know!

Nature is a great example for beauty, love and truth in one to
Visualize reality in relativity and an easy supposition forever!
Will Mankind Return to Resume Glorious Life of Golden Age?

Like peacock dancing round in joyful mood before evening
The tree leaves are bristling in the wind as a grand dance;
Just before evening twilight, birds working all day long
Try to settle in their respect nests in the tree there!
Like the agricultural farmers and industrial works work
From morning till evening go home before evening twilight
To take rest till next dawn to resume duty all day long
The birds and small animals do their jobs at various levels!
This is the natural routine all follow since the work became
Well designed for health, love and satisfaction in world life;
But technological and electronic advancement in work and life,
Day or night is utilized for work to make profit to excel..!
New diseases and climate change have crept in human life to
Turn them into machines needing correction to return to the
Glorious life of golden age to overcome the mess they have
Made out of world life and safety is in jeopardy at anytime!

The Ultimate Truth!

(By Evolution All Temporary Things Become Permanent Finally!)
Time and spirit are invisible though activates everything everywhere;
Time, spirit and Space are ever indecipherable except by relativity;
Space with all matters like stars and planets is Universe or Nature;
Nature is like human body with time and spirit as mind and feeling!

Energy is force or power with spirit creates and destroys matters;
Spirit, time and space come into picture only after matter is formed
By energy and they all are related with one another to be a whole
To have a complete picture of Universe or Nature we all know ever!

Spirit holds together matter and energy by time in Universe or Nature
For all stars and planets with living beings to function as a whole;
With mind, feeling, intuition and instinct all living beings try to
Know such existence within a time bound state to attain timelessness!

From temporary to permanent state all beings by evolution become
Perfect to become one with the Universal Spiritual Energy or God!

As Years are going on Life in Nature Continues for Fulfilment!

Last month of the year is like the dancing calendar in the wind;
Very soon December month will end greeting New Year to take charge;
Like the trees that come one after the other when old ones fall
The years too appearing and disappearing as many Stars of Universe!
Of all the years, only year of birth of each one and expiry date
Mostly are remembered by the next generation in human life sure;
But the nation and the whole world ever remembers great leaders
In politics, religious service, writers and Poets of repute sure!
End of year is the time to see how far we have come in the journey
Of our life to touch the winning post as in a running race in life;
In Nature for everything there is a beginning and end for the
Next one to take the place to continue general activity to go on!
Nature is for perfection by evolution following the process of
Creation, preservation and destruction for new regeneration ever;
Till the purpose of creation achieves its saturation stage, the
Routine of birth, growth, death and regeneration continues ever!
Is Universe of Space and Ocean of Earth Comparable?

Is there anything comparable to the infinitely vast Universe?
To me Nature's ocean of Earth resembles Universe of vast Space;
Like Sun, Moon and Stars, eel, wide fish and star fish are there;
Like birds live in sky and land, turtle live in sea and land!
Many more things are comparable between Universe and ocean here;
Like life has evolved from sea leaf, planets are born of Stars;
Nature is unique and incomparable with anything anywhere sure;
We are also part of Nature with mind to think and understand all!
This is possible by our soul or spirit enclosed in human body
To feel, think and muse in Nature to have spiritual bliss sure;
Otherwise, perhaps by our spirit it is not possible to do so
And so, Nature has created humans to realize and reach it...!
Universal Spiritual Energy that can neither be created nor also,
Destroyed certainly in Nature with souls thrive as Stars ever!
Personification of Universe after Natural Big Bang in Space!

Like volcanic eruption big bang has thrown out galaxies of Stars
Functioning by natural forces of gravitation, Nuclear, electromagnetism;
Stars personify families existing in peace, love and harmony everywhere;
Universe is personification of this silent beauty of Nature quite divine!
Personification of Universe is as Lord Vishnu resting on five headed
Big snake surrounded by gods and goddesses of Stars in infinite space;
Matter and Energy function controlled by Universal Spirit supervised
By Time in the whole of Universe eternally in infinite Space sure!
This beautiful picture of Nature is what the Universal Spiritual energy
Ever silently says as lesson to all the divinity of peace, love and
Harmony without wars among themselves eternally by creating physical
Beings on Earth to realize it by pain, hardships, wars and diseases!
This silent beauty of Nature as vast Universe in infinite Space is
Incredible view in reality kindling divine vision, imagination, dreams!
The Last Resort to Nature for Bliss and Liberation Sure!

Space having matter, energy, spirit and time is Universe of Nature;
This nature is living scientific art that kindles imagination, dreams,
Ideas, mystical mood and spiritual bliss philosophers, mystics, poets,
Scientists and all to know ultimate reality and reach gate of heaven!
After undergoing a lot experiences of ups and downs, many opt for relief
By way of escape from the prison life of soul in body suffering pains,
No way of liberation and exploring all means to get peace forever sure;
The final resort is Nature for them all leading them to be mystics ever!
Such an influence Nature has over many who have finally resorted to the
Help of Nature to get into the hold of blissful love of Nature that gives
Ample ways to get salvation and total liberation from the hell of world
To the heaven of bliss by opening the gate of heaven over final staircase!
Like mystics and Poets, meditation in Nature is the way to get knowledge
Real, mystical communion with it to enjoy bliss preparing soul to success!



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