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Only Distant Look Enchants the View Ever!

Love and discipline make one's beauty real for all to love and appreciate anywhere;
But domination and carelessness make one's beauty only ugly to the eyes of all;
Culture makes beauty real in life till the end of time in the world sure ever;
But civilization and modernity have made beauty ugly and hateful for the good!

Beauty has two faces of the same coin only but its relativity differs by style;
Beauty may lie in the eye of the beholder due to each one's idea of appearance;
Good or bad, distant look enchants the view whether it is Nature or human;
But culture and civilization help to decide about true and false beauty ever...!

Even in Nature, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn look to be beauty from the distant Earth;
But when reaching near to those planets, we have to change our decision by look;
Wild animals, beautiful birds and fish may look to be not related by any means;
But in reality, the spirit or soul is of the same kind in all whether animals or humans!

Beautiful or not, familiarity breeds Contempt only in the long run of life
And is why distant look has to enchant the view whether it is Nature or humans!

Nature is Friend, Philosopher and Guide for Salvation of Soul!

Relativity of Universal Spirit is with Nature, humans, all living beings and things everywhere;
Nature is the via media liking humans with Universal Spirit or divine spirit by communion of
Man's mind with Nature by meditation and mysticism as basking goes on and on;
Nature is friend, philosopher and guide to man for realizing and reaching divine spirit!

Living in harmony with Nature and by meditation divine bliss is enjoy by human soul;
That's the way woes of the world are cleared and peace of mind is attained sure;
That's why Nature has to be preserved sans exploitation of all resources forever;
Unless recycling of natural resources is carried out, world life will be no more here!

Destruction of Nature is completely obliterating the route to salvation and liberation
Of suffering soul at the old age from reaching the Universal Spirit, the final home;
Spiritual life in Nature only trains all to realize spirit within and divine spirit everywhere;
For, sans Nature, all cannot know soul has come from Universal Spirit and its end there!

From Nature only, it is possible to know the relativity between divine spirit
And human soul and the way to reach there to attain total liberation for soul!

Unwise Little Learning is Dangerous in Life!

Relativity of Nature is with mother, friend, teacher, philosopher and guide in the world;
By beauty and calmness, Nature as mother/lover gives solace and peace for lonely one;
Nature lovers are united as in Brindavan to be friends forever in life as best example;
Nature only teaches love, friendship, ultimate truth and way for soul to attain total liberation!

In the name of development of economy, industry and modernity, Nature is exploited
Leading to destruction of forests, shrinking of agricultural fields and pollution everywhere;
Due to modern way of life, natural culture of life all are ignorant now to live well;
Man has forgotten to gratify Nature for developing humankind by natural evolution!

Education and system of life need to be reformed and changed for the better;
That's the way, humankind and world can be saved from new diseases and natural disasters;
The modern development of world seems to be false and farcical as all are ever
Ignorant of basic life to live well and attain perfection of heart, mind and soul to divinity!

Modern people may be intelligent but unwise to choose what and how to develop really;
Like Abimanu of Mahabharata, they are caught in miseries to tragedy due to little learning!

Ideas with the Inspiration of Love Rule All in World Life!

A voice within tells me to say ideas of my thoughts I write in my Poetry;
Relativity of ideas between persons brings them together as lovers of truth;
Ideas of similar thoughts lead to know the truth in life, world, Nature and Universe 
And the ultimate truth helpful to visualize all to reach the destination by peace!

Ideas lead the world ever and ideas of heart spread love among like-minded ones;
Love and ideas inspire and guide all to lead good life in the world despite uncertainties;
Good life is possible to live if government is favourable, friends are congenial
And the work we is interesting to us to achieve great laurels sure in any field ever!

That is the art of living in the world where one's ambition is the driving force of life;
Such an ambition is possible by knowledge and vision of all to express one's self;
The successful expression of one's personality fulfils one's purpose of life
And that is how peace of mind and joy of heart can be enjoyed ever till last!

Ideas with the inspiration of love, one can achieve anything in this world sure
And with satisfaction and joy one becomes ready and free to leave the world!

Literature or Journalism?

Relativity of Literature is with Poetry, Plays, Novels, Prose and Criticism ever
Saying about life, love, beauty, world and Nature in inspiring and enlightening way;
Literary criticism and social criticism brings out truth in all and suggests reforms;
Poets, playwrights, novelists and critics write about good life and inspire progress!

Literature entertains and instructs all the best things for life and world to go well;
Literary criticism weighs pros and cons of human life, culture and civilization to keep up
Quality and standard ever so as to make mankind ever progress in joy and peace;
Social criticism points out drawbacks of society and suggests suitable reforms for change!

Debates ever go on which came first between literature and grammar in any language;
Also, there are debates go on about which came first - grammar or literature in language;
In language literature, which form of writing has come first - Poetry or Plays sure?
Poetry in literature is old, new and forever inspires and instructs mankind ever!

Without literature, art and music, there is no way to improve human nature to the best;
But in modern world, only political magazines are popularized by journalism needing change!

Poetry is Criticism of World Life!

Relativity of Criticism is with literature, society and politics now for truth and reform;
Mathew Arnold has said that Poetry is criticism of life in the postmodern literature;
There was morality, moderation and modernity, but now naked truth is exposed;
Naturally, Poetry has to be critical about life and activities of world people in all fields!

Literature talks about life, sociology about society and criticism about truth;
After making mark in classical literature, Poetry has done a lot in romanticism, naturalism
And modernism with criticism about human life and world, society and politics;
Post modern literature has a new route to follow by Poetry linking life, world and politics!

In fact, Poetry only can do so covering all subjects under one roof to be novel ever;
Just as simple as prose, Poetry is rendering remarkable service to society;
Exceeding all styles, Poetry has become simple to reach the majority by conversation;
Yes, as in friendship, Poetry says as a friend to common people to make matters plain!

Poetry is not hard nut to crack as was in the past as it has become people friendly
Not only to entertain by humour but also to criticize all to bring change for the better...! 

Create an Epic to Compensate A Great Loss in Life!

Relativity of human life is with experiences of joy and sorrow that are painful to enjoy
And bittersweet in taste not only in the past but also in the present and future too;
The best experiences of life that cannot be forgotten ever live in dreams to refresh life;
Comedy and tragedy like humour and sorrow are part and parcel of life in the world!

Whatever be the pain and hardship in the life by the kiss of love are compensated ;
But if the loving soul itself leaves one in loneliness for rest of life in the world,
Only the remembrances of all past acts of pleasure and enjoyment live
In endless dreams to rejuvenate one's spirit to go ahead accomplishing all!

One great loss is compensated by the achievement of ambition lofty in life;
That way, the other half of great soul living rest of life will get peace of mind as
A great offering to the departed beloved soul eternally as a king who builds monument
Or a great poet creates a masterpiece for mankind to enjoy and appreciate forever!

The loving soul departed will leave one in peace day or night in world life ever,
But by engaging oneself as a Poet who writes an Epic, one can create history as example!

Democracy Needs Tinkering to Function Better!

Relativity of Democracy is with governance, administration and ruling of nation
By personalities voted to power by people for a period of 4 years or 5 years;
By Constitution of nation in democracy people have rights and individual liberty;
This is effective only if rulers and people are educated and disciplined sure!

People are enticed by promises never seen to be implemented ever;
People change political party to power by voting so in the general election;
But the next one too functions as the previous one to loot people sans honesty;
Again only when the election comes, any change can be made by people!

People shouldn't be silent and bearing all the brunt for long but fight by campaigns;
Even then the rulers may not heed to their demands and drag the matters to years;
This due to rulers are not well educated and full of avarice for power and amassing money;
This trend has to be changed by people only bringing only the best ones to power!

America and India are two powerful democratic countries in the world for long;
Yet, democracy there also not working to the level of people's satisfaction sure!

Let Us Cooperate with Balancing Act of Nature for Good!

Relativity of Seasons is with hot and cold climates, leaves and flowers, rain and snow;
Seasons beautiful time is Spring time followed by Summer with bright days and clear sky;
The Autumn with drying of leaves and falling everywhere followed by Winter cold;
Four seasons in all round the year, Nature of Earth governs all lives in the world!

If Summer is hottest,Winter is coldest and if drought is long, rain is heaviest sure;
This is how balancing of Nature takes place during the course of four seasons in a year;
Life, growth, decay, death and regeneration go on so in Nature giving painful pleasure
And that's why life is bitter-sweet to feel and by changes we forget hardships ever!

Due to developments unwise, pollution and disease rattling lives of many goes on;
All are like passing clouds in the sky and rains clear all to the Seas all round the Earth;
By doing so, the balancing act of Nature tries to bring normalcy forever and ever;
But sans the cooperation of man with adjustments, relief from natural disasters is impossible!

Like the encouraging smiles of flowers, love only can lead life to joy and prosperity;
Making hay while Sun shines in Summer, let us enjoy Autumn with fruits to rest in Winter!

Death is the Only Relief for the Hopeless!

Relativity of Poor is with hunger, downtrodden and poverty stricken people ever;
They live outside and sleep on the pavement in the nights sans any change forever;
Begging forever they pull on the days without any redemption till they meet with death;
But most miserable sight is the very small orphan children roaming in the streets!

Such naturally forsaken children from that age on they start begging for alms to live;
The most heartening sight in the fast mechanically running modern world of civilization;
Speed, machines and fast running vehicles are heartless to see such sad plight on streets;
Growing so from childhood on, they become elders doing anything to survive in the world!

Sans education, food, clothing, shelter and work, winter or summer they beg and live;
According to the inflation of finger, each try to survive till the end of life in the world;
For all such suffering souls, death is the final and best relief to get freedom for soul;
Before the merciful eyes of God only, such things also are happening is doubtful!

God has created world, people and all leaving them to deal their matters themselves;
If only they leave the soul out, He embraces with joy finally with Him up above there!

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