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Whatever be the Speed of All, Nothing can go Beyond Limit!

Relativity of Speed is with Work, Distance and time performed by Sound, Light and all Machines;
Technologically there is competition in speed by moving vehicles from car to rocket;
Yet, nothing seems to run on par with light or excel the speed of light by any means;
By machines we cannot go to distant Stars and return quickly as our mind does ever!

It's the dream of man since a longtime to go fast or increasing speed to go all over Universe;
But the pity is that Universe is not a fixed picture at all, it's ever in expanding mode;
With moving machines like sports cars conducting competition to see
Which brand of sports car goes fasted in the world meeting only with big accidents!

Modern world has come into vogue by inventions of machines that go and do things fast;
But that is only material development and not in any way can make man naturally fly;
Birds and fish mock at man as though he is superior to all in the word, can't fly and live
Either in Space or in deep seas or oceans all-round the Earth so far and so forth!

In Nature, everything has got limit and jurisdiction to perform things in life,
But beyond that, nothing any creature or humans perform ever by anyway!

Democracy should be Progressive Not by Talks but by Acts!

Relativity of Election is with Legislature and Parliament with member elected by people;
Whether nation is really progressing or not by statistics shown, election is coming;
People are also doing their duty of voting candidates and mind their works as usual;
But promises made by politicians in large quantity remain as it is in pending till next election!

This is how number game of democratic politics goes on years together sans change;
For making change to have effective democracy, people all together vote for it sans fail;
Ruthless decision so by people only, democracy can function with vibrancy anywhere sure;
Self-assessment of people of the situation is necessary sans hearing any propaganda..!

Democracy should not stop with just talking and talking but should be accompanied by acts;
Let words pass, but acts only can talk how far we have really made achievements in all;
Sans work, all time will remain only as a great waste with no productive function ever;
Introspection and retrospection of everything have to be done every term for correct judgment!

People's happiness is most important rather than money got out of works done ever;
For, due to price rise in all, the progress made so far becomes nothing and a farce sure!

Games without Audience to Enjoy as New Way!

Relativity of Games is with Cricket, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey and so on in the world;
Of all games, Cricket and Soccer have many fans like craze for Cinema and Pop songs;
Games are best pastime for many people and unite many as friends in all nations;
Greatest gatherings are such games only since a long, long time everywhere sure!

As health is not given importance, diseases easily affect many according to seasonal changes;
Now the situation has come in such a way that social distance has to be maintained sure
To avoid infection of new disease like Corona pandemic and matches are run sans audience;
The fun and joy of getting together to see matches have become a matter of dream!

Machines, Computer and Smart Phones have already isolated people from all
By way of work, business and all matters whether they travel by train or plane as all
People are seen to be engaged with browsing websites and watching news sans
Having any truck with neighbours and social movements have gone to winds already!

If modern world life goes on like this, how can people be united before creating
Atmosphere for uniting nations for friendship, peace and development as One World?

All are One Kind of Living Beings Only!

Relativity of Climate Change is with drought, storm and rain all over the world;
Due to pollution and exploitation of natural resources sans recycling done ever,
Climate has changed causing greatest havocs in the form of cyclones and heaviest rains
Inundating not only villages and towns but also some smaller nations too in the world!

Normal seasonal changes too are postponed with unbearable heat, cold and rain;
If such trends continue, natural disaster itself will bring an end to existence of world;
Nuclear weapons testing, terrorism let loose all over the world and Natural disasters
Seem to have brought in doom's day of world sooner than expected by experts!

Before too late, it is better all nations solve such world problems by united efforts;
At least now let the world nations make use of UNO effectively for the better;
This has to be done for the sake of future safety of our generations after us....;
Realization will dawn I suppose, if they all think on these things in a sincere way!

All differences of race, ideology, religion, status and culture have to be placed outside
And feel that we are all one kind of living beings called humanity only to live better!

Natural Disasters are Warning for Final Holocaust Now!

Relativity of Natural Disasters is linked with cyclonic storms, tsunami, landslides,
Earthquakes, flash floods and volcanic eruptions mainly on many parts of the world;
Due to disturbance to Nature by not cooperating with it and living in harmony with it,
These major disasters are affecting many things and lives none can forget ever in life!

This is too bad due to man's negligence towards Natural course and exploitation;
Because Nature was bearing all disturbances, man took all for granted with Nature long;
He doesn't know the difference between movies and realities as far as Nature is concerned;
After meeting with natural disasters, realization has come to man to be careful here afterwards!

Earth is not ever bound to bear all the earth moving testing and disturbances beyond limit;
Earthquakes and flash floods have become common incidences anytime now;
Forest fire is another natural happenings in Summer time destroying properties and animals;
All these dangerous indications show that if man is not careful with Nature holocaust is sure!

Natural disasters we are witnessing are reaching the saturation point now;
If we are not careful with course of Nature, there won't be any mercy for mankind!

Live Life the Best with Human Culture!

Relativity of human culture is with life to be lived the best based on experience of past;
Culture is not attached to one religion or conventions or tradition or science or idea;
Culture is knowing the best thoughts, knowledge and ideas of all subjects past, present and ever;
Culture is simply love of and study of perfection in arts, science, philosophy and all!

Human culture is for harmonious human development of mind, heart and soul sure;
Culture makes man a human and human a divine but never a savage or animal in anyway;
Life is existence, knowledge, bliss and absolute according to world religion of high order;
Culture makes one to live life with knowledge, vision, ambition and achievement in the world!

Culture is for best thoughts, best talks and best deeds for living life in the world ever;
This is how culture makes one achieve harmonious development towards perfection;
Culture is for pursuing ultimate truth and reality and fulfilling life destiny in bliss and peace;
Culture is for perfection of mind, heart and soul enjoying bliss in Nature for total liberation!

Course and end of life is unknown and is why life is lived by faith based on truth only;
Human culture is the best way to have confidence and live life best to the full in the world!

Where is Civilization of Modern World Heading Towards?

Relativity of civilization is associated with human life and work in this modern world;
Mark of civilization lies in machines, fast vehicles, ship, planes and rockets;
Civilization has replaced drama by Cinema, TV, paper works by Computer and cell phone;
Civilization has vastly reduced physical hard works by machines and online!

Even robots are introduced to fill the gap of men and women to do reception works;
As things go on, men and women may be replaced by robots to give company to others;
Who knows in the future, sans sex too, by test tube way children of our choice
All may get for life to assist one as in a family though one lacks such life requirements!

Actually civilization is advancement of human beings instead of savages or animals;
But instead of human becoming divine, is being replaced by robots or machines;
A lifeless artificial intelligent robot is invented to do all things necessary for all;
Material advancement is no way can make advancement of human and spirit!

Instead of human life and work going towards advancement in human being and spirit within,
Civilization in the modern world has made men as children to play with new toys called robots!

Relativity of Similarities and Contrasts Reveals Truth to Take Right Decisions!

Relativity of similarities develops friendship and love to go together to achieve all;
Relativity of contrasts grows hatred and enmities to spoil all matter benefiting none;
Realizing the truth and the way to good result helps to decide what is right in life ever;
By experience, it is possible to choose the right things by the development of wisdom sure!

Relativity helps much to know hidden secrets of not only Nature but also life in world;
Many insoluble matters are finally solved by the analytical way of relativity in everything;
Not only in theoretical science but also in general philosophy relativity helps to realize truth;
without knowing the truth, even faith is impossible to have to be confident to go ahead in life!

Truth is realized by intellectual musing over knowledge and facts known and unknown;
Such a habit is good and helpful to be sure in one's conviction to decide about anything well;
Knowing truth is like discovering God and that gives great power to be bold in one's acts;
That is the way all things need to be dealt with to finish all well to achieve great result!

Intellectual analysis of all matters in the world is what all need to say truth to humanity;
This is the best work of magazines and newspapers to make people take right decisions!

Relativity only Helps to Know Ultimate Truth and Reach there for Eternal Peace!

Relativity of perpetuation of life is with humans, animals and all living beings in the world;
However low or high the species are, the way of procreation is the same for all ever;
By evolution all have undergone changes, but procreation system has not changed yet;
From this one point, it's sure man has evolved from animal after all came from blue green algae!

Discovering such truths by relativity helps to know the origin and presume the destiny;
Realization has revealed the truth that body is temporary and spirit is eternal everywhere;
By experience this truth is being realized from the joy and suffering with body sure;
That gives the thoughts for remedy and the interest to develop spiritual progress!

Spiritual development is possible only by living in harmony with Nature in the world;
For, all living beings are born out of Nature and by communion with Nature only,
It is possible to realize the existence of divine spirit appeared from Universal Spirit sure;
That makes it clear that all things living and inanimate have come there and reach there!

By analysis of all things in world and Universe by relativity only, we know ultimate truth;
This realization only urges all to strive for spiritual progress to total freedom and peace!

Eternal Bliss by Spiritual Union with the Universal Spirit!

By relativity and intellectual analysis, ultimate reality and destiny of Self are known;
Body is the prison house, in which spirit is imprisoned to activate body as long as
Possible despite it enjoys and suffers pleasure and pain having no stability at all;
But all the joys and sufferings of body are not felt by spirit as it's unaffected by them!

Sufferings in life, hunger, pain and diseases make one fed up with body and wish for death
So that spirit will get out of prison house and fly free or get into another body for change;
Feelings and thinkings make man realize about spirit that can have eternal freedom and peace
By its final union with the Universal Spiritual Energy everywhere in the Universe!

As a lot resort, man knows it is possible only through Nature, bliss and freedom can be achieved;
Instead of craving for bodily beauty and pleasure, he loves relying on beauty of Nature
And by mystical musing deep in Nature knows divine spirit making him commune with
Nature by mind to enjoy divine bliss that gives peace sure and urges him to aspire for peace ever!

By thoughts of relativity and experience in Nature, man resolves to have eternal bliss
By striving for freedom of spirit by union with the Universal Spirit once and for all sure!



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