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Relativity of Space and Ocean Unfathomable Mystery!

Relativity of Space and ocean is wonderful ever to muse long being grand Nature;
Both Space and ocean look to be calm though a lot happens inside each of them;
Space in the night is the Universe wonderful ever and nonparallel to compare;
Deep ocean is a great wonder to dream about ever in amazement sure long!

Gravitation, electromagnetic force and nuclear forces are active in the Universe;
Whirlpool, ocean currents, high tidal waves and cyclones are formidable forces of Nature;
Space is vast and wide and unfathomable like the mysterious ocean around the world;
Both are what a beauty when see virtually meeting at the horizon taking one to high spirit!

Each Star in the Universe has tiny bubble like planets as if floating in the ocean inside;
Many things to be discovered in the Space and also inside the ocean of the world sure;
Before taking costly venture of discovering planets and stars in the Universe, all feel
It's better to make complete research inside the oceans of the world to unravel many mysteries!

Still the mystery of mythology of Heaven in the high up place of the Universe is unknown
And also, it's so with the hell or dark world believed to be in the deep abyss of ocean!

Relativity of All Things in Universe is by Spirit of Love!

Relativity of wind is with waves of sea or ocean that makes tree leaves dance;
Paper and such materials fly fast and the wind moves till it hits on rock to fall;
Like wind light too travels as waves or quanta in Space fastest in the Universe;
Otherwise, we cannot see distant winking Stars in the whole of the Universe wonderful!

Water or light or sound, all moves in waves to travel as wind that we hear and see as TV;
The transmitted sound or pictures go as waves with certain frequencies to be received by TV;
If we know the frequency, we can receive the telecast to view any programme we like;
In the same way, we talk with all over phone or cell phone in the world with anyone!

So also, the dreams we love, the prayers we do move as waves in wide firmament;
That even after death in next birth some receive that if frequency has alignment;
Most of all, our universal Spirit, when hears our requests, fulfils it at the apt time in life;
This fact believers have faith in the Almighty and get benefited someday in world life sure!

All things in the Universe are linked together by spirit of love that only unites all;
Realization of this truth is possible by living in harmony with Nature sure ever!

Forces of Nature are Unified by Spirit of Love Only!

From the centre of Space, big Black Hole could have started the Big Bang creating all
Stars and connected planets in many galaxies all over everywhere called the Universe;
By intuition, scientists feel like creating one final field theory by unifying forces of Nature;
For want of scientific proof, such a final theory is still in the pending stage for long!

Beyond science philosophically, this great truth of Nature is possible to form as theory
For easy understanding the so called mystery of Universe and interpreting all therein;
The confusion of reality and illusion is due to compartmental thinking only forever;
All relative things of Universe if as a whole visualized it becomes a clear view!

By intuition and imagination only that can be possible but not by science only sure;
All things in the Universe are interlinked by Universal Spirit activating all forever;
By that Spirit of love only all are functioning, though scattered everywhere, as an unit;
This by common sense and intuition all can very well ascertain and realize well!

The unifying Universal Spirit is the cause and destiny for all things functioning in Space;
The forces of Nature are related to each other as they all are formed from Big Bang!

Relativity of Space, Universe and Nature Activated by Universal Spirit!

Relativity of Space, Universe and Nature is with the extension of each one from each other;
Universal Spirit has everything within and is active within all at the same time eternally;
It's beyond imagination and visualization of human mind and capacity as a whole sure;
Only by relativity, realization and experience by communion with Nature it's known!

Perhaps by the will of Universal Spirit, Black Hole has exploded with a Big Bang
Producing colourful Universal Bon Fire that has scattered all Stars everywhere in Universe
Will sorts of planets and living beings powered by the specks of Universal Spiritual Energy
Functioning as time bound programme with beginning and end, birth and death and so on!

The speck of Spirit within all doesn't have any feelings felt by body which has all sorts of
Pain and pleasure from birth to death, dreamt, thought and visualized by mind till end;
Memory of all life matters and experience in world life disappear with brain death;
But the prayers, dreams and longings float in Universe in various frequencies ever!

Memories floating in various frequencies in the Universe are received by the same frequencies
Whenever switched on by someone, who only can recollect things of memory to say to others!

Relativity of Stars with Flowers Inspire Love to Live Here!

Relativity of Stars in the Sky is with Flowers on the Earth each pointing towards each other;
Stars kindle dreams of love and Flowers kindle romantic mood ever to one and all;
The red and white and blue colours of Stars take one to fantasy world of love;
Colourful Flowers of paradise on Earth are meant for enjoyment of love ever!

Have the Stars in the Universe kindled love to earthlings or the Flowers on Earth
Kindled romantic love by enticing beetles to hop and go round flowers all over gardens?
Only the Spirit of Love ruling everyone's affairs from the above knows the secret;
Love affairs are beyond everyone's scope to unearth why it is so and whey pleasure is there!

In the hard days works of everyone in the world and everywhere in the Universe,
All forget joy and peace to live life and feel to leave the hell as quickly as possible sure;
To give solace and sense of love the fantasy of Stars in the sky and Flowers on Earth
Only can take the heart, mind and spirit of all to the garden of paradise to get fulfilment!

Sans such kind of inspiration from the spell of Nature by Stars and Flowers ever,
Where can and how can all living beings get solace, pleasure, peace and joy in love?

The Spiritual Message of the Relativity of Galaxy with Lotus!

Relativity of galaxy in the Universe is with the Lotus flower growing in the ponds;
Like the rotating galaxy with attractive beauty shines beautifully in the Universe
Lotus flower stands with fully spread petals as unique beauty reminding love and spirituality;
Divinity of galaxy in the Universe is reflected by Lotus saying non-attached love for liberation!

Love and independence are vital for every human to achieve total liberation of spirit;
This physical world is full of sufferings and pain all have to undergo till the end of life;
Like Bhagavad Gita and Buddha's teachings say, Galaxy and Lotus remind that to all ever;
Following this vital message, it is possible to live a painless and peaceful life in the world!

The important life message of eternal beauty of Galaxy in the Universe is passed on by
Lotus flower, though has a temporary stay in the world by living non-attached life
Demonstrating by the non-sticky nature of Lotus with dew drop ever on its petals;
Is it not the message of divine power for all humanity to know and follow that in life?

Permanent beauty of Universe and temporary beauty of world say vital spiritual message
As Galaxy and Lotus in a wonderful service mode of demonstration to all well!

A Dream World Story of Human Life!

Relativity of Clouds in the Sky is with Mist on the hills kindling dreams and imagination;
Clouds are the spring board to heavenly bodies above in the vast Sky wonderful;
Mist on the hills serves as the lift to Clouds for the final journey of soul to heaven;
From the Sea to the Clouds lead to the stair case of heaven in the map of human life!

Yes, human life is like one unfortunately swimming in the sea after a big ship wreck
That too in the night looking for the way to reach the shore so as to survive somehow;
At that time, lighthouse light circling round catches his attention to the shore;
Reaching shore, he crosses desert, plains, forests and hills to see mist and clouds to heaven!

Reaching clouds, Milky Way serves as stair case to heaven, the final abode for soul;
Life of man is more or less like this imagination about struggle, adventure and peace;
Between Mist and Clouds all becomes vague and volatile for spirit to mingle one with that;
Finally, it becomes easy for spirit to fly high like free bird to climb stair case to heaven!

The route map of human life seems to be Mayan imagination depicted in their pyramids
Hidden in the dense forest of Amazon as if a dream world story quite amazing now!

Darkness and Light of Universe as Night and Day of World!

Relativity of Darkness and Light of the Universe is with the Night and Day of the world;
Initially only dark energy was everywhere in Space and by chance Universe has come
With dust particles colliding with each other, a Big Bang has produced Galaxies in Universe;
Matter and Light have come into existence with planets as Earth, in which we all live!

More than 90% of the Space is covered with Dark Energy even now it's said sure;
Colourful Bonfire of Big Bang has brought light and darkness alternating in Matters;
Perhaps like the Colour Festival, if many more big bangs producing bonfires light may
Spread all over the Universe with the alternate change of day and night everywhere sure!

Light and Dark nature of Nature has brought in life and death in human community ever;
Due to Matter called body we are able to know about pain and pleasure to live bitter-sweet life;
But they are all happening only for temporary period only for destruction and creation to go;
As Spirit is part of Energy, after the decay of Matter, Spirit will re-join with Universal Energy!

Expansion of Universe goes on so perhaps for contraction to take place one day
As after birth and death, soul has to re-join with the Universal Spirit Energy or God!

Relativity of Matters in a Précis Way by Poetry Only!

All things and living beings are related to each other in the Universe and the world;
This relative way of seeing all as a whole makes it easy to know known and unknown;
Sans Matter, Space, Energy, Time and Spirit cannot be realized by our mind;
Also, if Energy has not burst out Matter by the will of Universal Spirit, all is in dark!

By science alone, these things cannot be interpreted and proved as it's materialistic;
What is realized by intuition, is philosophically interpreted for understanding such matters;
By imagination and visualization, all such things can be poetically expressed for all;
That poetry can be only like dry essay like unlike usual poetry all are aware of for long!

Expressing the non-expressible things is possible only by poetry with known words;
Poetry only has the suggestive nature unlike all other kinds of writings all are aware of;
Here this kind of writings makes monotony of matter to pick up in an interesting way
As there is no possibility to bring this enigmatic knowledge within the reach of all!

Poetry only can say relativity of many matters in a précis fashion unlike philosophy;
Otherwise, such matters of great enigma will placed at back as subjective matter ever!

Relativity is Golden Key that Opens Door to Know All Secrets of Universe!

By the technique of relativity only, it's possible to visualize the existence of the great truth,
The Universal Spiritual Energy called God that has brought Matter with Light and Life
Making it possible to express only by a medium called Poetry, a greatest creation of man
Not possible by Science and Philosophy in a precise and précis way to know all well!

The Time that has started then is moving forward ever in straight line and go nonstop;
Time now grips everyone's life and things in the world and Universe with expiry date
Not only for all living beings but also for Stars and planets including the Universe;
Like record and history and more than all, poetry records for all to know this great truth!

So, when the time comes, like creation or expansion of Universe, destruction also
By contraction will happen for new creation and destruction as both are common for all;
There are so much to be known or understood only by relativity that can be
Expressed only by Poetry though history and philosophy say all in a vague way ever!

Relativity is the golden key that has opened the door to know the open secret of all
Posing as impossible thing to be known for long, long time for humanity in the world!

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