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Relativity of Natural Beauty to Human Beauty!

Many a thing of relativity of natural beauty to human beauty is depicted as Nature poems;
Yet, the bright beautiful flower of morning is like smiling receptionist welcoming all
No one can forget and go ahead with day today activities with cheerful mood sure;
Such sort pf things are quite common before any function hall entrance welcoming guests!

Relativity of joint family system of forest elephants is resembling human families;
From babies to elders, youngsters and middle aged members enjoying get together;
How beautiful and cheerful the scenes are to see and enjoy or living so with them...;
Relativity of Nature and humans lies in as to how life has to be lived in this world!

Instead of living such a wonderful natural life, how people like to live life mechanically
In the modern world of civilization neglecting time tested cultural life all can enjoy better;
Culture, Nature and Art are indelible in the blood of humans since a very long, long time;
After pollution, climate change and disease like Corona such thoughts revive freshness!

Life is for living in the best way we can and not suffer as slaves under the control of
Machines ever instructing all to do this or that to have benefits to get more profit with illness!

Knowing and Realizing the Great Idea!

Relativity of Space, Universe and Nature is realized by Stars, planets and living beings;
Likewise, so many things such as Time, Spirit and Soul are known by our mind sure;
The clarity of such matters only helps to know truth and ultimate truth all try ever;
Putting together all aspects of firmament we realize our position as just a dot there!

Science, intellectual thoughts and philosophy reveal great truth and ultimate reality;
For convenience we can say this as Nature that covers all matters we are interest;
This Nature itself man has forgotten by technology and machines helping all works
And enjoying comforts, man has forgotten that we are part of Nature and can't live otherwise!

Only material things man believes because they can be seen and other things are ignored;
That's why not only Space, Energy, Time, Spirit but also God as Universal Spirit
Existing as all-pervading Energy and activating everything everywhere is unbelievable;
By knowledge, thoughts, realization and maturity of mind, wisdom reveals this great idea!

To know, realize and believe great idea of God, knowledge and experience are needed
And that is possible only by musing deep in Nature as a mystic or yogi by meditation!

Sans Earth Man Has No Place To Live In The Universe!

Relativity of morning calmness is with the still and silent looking Universe we love;
Winter wind has disappeared with the coming of southern breeze from the South;
Bright and considerably hot morning has the symptom of coming hot Summer season;
Nature in all its beauty and brightness welcomes all in the morning with hope and promise!

What a power wind has when it is at its furious condition during seasons of storm;
The same Nature how beautiful and silent is when all anger is over in a few days sure;
Nature and human nature are indeed related to each other and this all should note;
We are part of Nature and have to respect and preserve manifestations of Nature!

Indeed Nature is friend, philosopher and guide if we follow its course of action ever;
Lessons of Nature are more than any scripture of holy books for which world fights ever;
Living in harmony with Nature, we can live better than any ideas of religions sure;
Whatever be the developments, sans agriculture mankind is nowhere in the world sure!

Earth is our mother land for all mankind ever and is the guide good for all times sure;
Sans saving this precious and beautiful Earth, man has no place to live in the Universe!

Salvation for the Malaise of Mankind!

Relativity of human body is with perishable commodity like vegetables we see here;
All things of Nature are like that only sans any exception even if it is human beings ever;
The pleasure and pain we enjoy are as long as we are living on the Earth till death;
To overcome such an experience, we have to pay attention to spiritual bliss in Nature!

Like poems for the Poets, Nature is the only resort for all to get solace and peace;
This people of experience only can understand and say to all as poets do in poems;
Pain of body and death cannot be thwarted by any means by all sure in this world;
Best thing is to enjoy spiritual bliss in Nature and leave in liberation for the other world!

No company, friends, loving souls can be with one forever and ever as all meet with death;
Loneliness is great difficulty to overcome unless one mystically lives in harmony with Nature;
That way only divine bliss can be enjoyed as long as in the world and spiritually leave it
With full satisfaction, peace and joy unique facing death sans any fear and hesitation sure! 

The great legend Poet William Wordsworth is the best guide to follow to attain
Sure liberation of soul via Nature as the Hindu's believe as total liberation of spirit!

Enjoy Fun and Bliss in Nature by Keeping All Clean!

Relativity of green colour is with fertile lands, trees, plants, gardens and green lawns
And relativity of blue colour is with bright cloudless sky give cooling effect and healing touch;
Even at the zenith of summer time staying under the shade of green plants, no effect of heat
One can much feel and enjoy basking muse in Nature seeing blue sky broad long there!

Sun bath with naked body in the beach breeze all enjoy in holidays to have great freedom;
For summer holidays also many rush to nearby hill stations to have boating and skating there
Round the lake and also ride on horse for rent for a while as in chivalrous regime to have fun;
What a joy all these experiences in life one can have enjoyed only in the surrounding of Nature!

Such a wonder where can man find in other planets of the Universe vast and wide ever?
Has not this kind of experience leave one's heart when holiday in summer comes?
To have such fun and joy in Nature, Earth should be saved from pollution to overcome
Climate change leading to heaviest rains and storms often with natural disasters long!

To avoid long droughts and long heaviest rainfalls often due to climate change, it's better
To maintain cleanliness of place, lakes, rivers and environment to enjoy bliss in Nature!

Maintain Ecological Balance for Nature to Function Normally!

Relativity of cold climate of night reminds me of hill station climate all love in summer;
But hot climate with blue sky in the morning captures heart more than sudden cold climate;
The effect of climate change is perhaps doing this kind of play every day even after winter;
Neither cold nor hot all wish to have throughout the year to be happy and gay sure!

Sea breeze in the morning and land breeze in the evening beach offers to all to enjoy;
This is the philanthropic nature of Nature that makes life to go on ever and ever in world;
That is what everyone wishes to have in this world that fosters all living beings since long;
This is what we all love to enjoy by Almighty's grace pardoning people's pollution!

Discipline taught by Corona is changing people to maintain cleanliness of each one;
In the same way, cleanliness of environment by all will pave the way for better climate
And that will pave the way for seasonal changes to take place in the natural normal order;
But sans cooperation of all in the world with realization and knowledge, nothing can be done!

At least after the recent one or two years' experience and lessons all will do better
Than before to maintain ecological balance for Nature to function in a normal way!

Man has Forgotten Naturalness in Everything!

Relativity of cute little squirrels is surely with little children all round home in fun;
Not only they but also myna birds in the morning as a group make noise to go out;
Yes, they are like mason workers deciding to go for building works before taking task;
All natural beauties like humans how happy and brisk in the mooring for day's work!

Among them all, only cute little squirrels go round and round and play all games
Like small children do playfully in the houses nearby as a group of friends sure;
Sans such beautiful atmosphere any house or houses look to be deserted everywhere;
Children are families' asset to foster and grow them into best citizen of tomorrow ever!

After nuclearization of joint-families, such fun and beauty where can one see
In the modern world of civilization where everything is compartmentalized sure;
All are like prisoners tied to computers and cell phones to do all works sans seeing faces
Whether they are friends or outsiders in the busy world of not time for friendly close chats!

A lot of resemblances are there between man and Nature in the world of variety,
Yet, man embracing machines and gadgets, has lost touch with naturalness in all!

Natural is Original and Glamour is Artificial!

Relativity of wide spread wings by peacock is with beauty queens of humans sure;
But the only difference tween the two is makeup of latter with the former one ever;
Natural beauty and artificial beauty are common among humans too in modern world
As civilization wants to do something like original by cosmetic design somehow to excel!

Natural and original are long lasting ever whereas the artificial can never do that feat;
Can jewels of imitation become original jewels of great art ever in the world...?
No, not all by any means and that's the point all have to note to respect natural beauty;
Natural beauty is complete and perfect whereas artificial one is only for the time-being!

Drama is only for a few hours, but life is for the whole of one's existence in the world;
Remaining beautiful all through the life is possible by love and good behaviour till the end;
But that kind of act is not possible by actors in real life anywhere in the world;
Natural and original things have its own glory nothing can replace that ever by any means!

Glamour is artificial and natural beauty is original from the beginning to the end;
Imitation gold cannot become original gold by any kind of decorative jewels sure!

The Top Star Shining Ever in Darkness is the Greatest!

Relativity of Star is with top person in any walk of life or professional in any field;
There are many stars in the night sky always moving in some direction all the night;
But the North Star stands steady in the North Pole all the night to observe;
Standing apart from all stars is great and steadiness makes one really above all!

Maintaining pose and steadiness even after coming to the top is rare to find in the world;
They do this great act as they are ever interested in making perfection in art or science;
Naturally, they become Stars and North Stars too as time and service go on in any field;
Like Sun and Moon come and go in the same way they work ever well and go in silence!

A perfection knows all well and stands steady like the full vessel never nod
Unlike the empty vessels that make noise though not full in substance ever sure;
Even after achieving greatest height in any profession they are simple and majestic;
That is the special mark of greatest ones among the mass trying all tricks to be so!

Becoming a star is not difficult, but shining with everlasting light in darkness
Helps all budding individuals to learn and climb the ladder to top position one day!

Relativity of Sun is with the VIP Rare!

Relativity of Sun is with the VIP round whom all matters and talks ever take place;
That one may be a formal or informal leader or icon all appreciate in crisis time;
Such one only has the knack to tackle nagging cold like crisis disturbing all in one place;
His presence ever brings normal life to go on despite nothing is settled for good long!

Balance of all planets depends upon Sun's power to keep all run on each one's orbit;
This is a natural phenomenon happening in any place everywhere in the world;
Such selfless icons have the controlling power to bring normalcy in any situation;
Is it called charisma or power or divine will bestowed on the chosen few in the world?

He has the natural capacity to bring all in line with his will to bring peace and joy
That only can bring a good solution to a common crisis all cannot involve to end;
Such natural icons are rare to find in human society to make all things go on smooth pace;
They are godlike men even in the modern time that God only can say why sure...!

Such icons have the capacity to bear the load of whole society to normalcy,
Which is a God given boon only a chosen few has the chance to play in the world!

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