Life of 'Prosperity and Happiness'

What is the meaning of ‘Prosperity and Happiness?’

The state of liking is happiness. ‘Whereas prosperity is the “feeling of having or making available more than required physical facilities”. In the current scenario, we are generally trying to achieve happiness and prosperity by maximizing the accumulation and consumption of physical facilities.

How long does one want a life of ‘Prosperity and Happiness?’ 

I asked this question to myself several times; but, never landed on any convincing answer. 

Even a single man like me with no strings attached himself cannot arrive at an answer, I can imagine the angst of the elderly parents with children and grandchildren. No amount of wealth, prosperity, or name and fame can satisfy any aged or aging individual, especially in India. I make this categorical statement because I have never lived abroad and only read and heard about their lives. From what I understand from some, not all, that the children move and stay away from their parents and decide their lives. Well, if the parents are rich enough, they may support him/her or the children also will keep their relationships cordial with the seniors. 

But I am amused by the Indian philosophy of claiming discourses on ‘detached attachment’ at the drop of a hat quoting the scriptures of invariably the holy ‘Bhagavat Gita’ or ‘Bhaja Govindam’. I could sense that it is just to satisfy themselves and to either please or make the listener jealous. True. They talk strongly about the uncertainty of life, wealth, and happiness. 

‘Detachment’ never comes to anyone at any stage with rare exceptions. We all want everything more and more, even food and eatables which can be seen by the way the hotels nowadays serve a gargantuan of delicacies and the milling crowds in all food joints. 

When we cannot even control this tongue and taste buds, how can one expect that in the case of wealth and luxury? 

I am not blaming anyone. Just thinking loud. If you have doubts, please read the first line of the fifth paragraph I have written. 

Contentment in Life is subjective and a very elusive term.


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