What is the Freedom of Creativity and Expression?

What is freedom of creativity?

In India presently many intellectuals, writers, poets, dramatists, scholars, artists, artistes, directors of small and silver screen distort the essence of characters of the Ramayana, the Mahabharata as they will and wish and call that creative freedom. Many of them do not subscribe to the idea of divine nature of these works by sages Valmiki and Vyasa.

These distortors are furious if their distortions are pointed out and criticised. Who gave them the licence to destroy the spirit of characters and characterization of the originals envisaged by sages Valmiki and Vyasa? Are they not indecently interfering in the freedom of expression of fellow creative poets Valmiki and Vyasa? Why they are not respecting the freedom of creativity of the sages and are playing with their characters and narrative so promiscuously? and senselessly?

Do not Valmiki and Vyasa have freedom of expression? Why these non-believers in the happening of these stories and existence of characters therein; and atheists touch these mere stories (according to their perception and belief) and distort their spirit, originality, use to society? Let them create afresh wonderful fiction, drama and novels and literature matching the Ramayana and the Mahabharata s' vision, creativity, depth of dealing social, sociological, spiritual and aesthetic matters and the in-built appeal, popularity and following.

Freedom of expression is also respecting fellow creators, the spirit and significance of their creations. Freedom of expression is not mere distortions with coloured perceptions and inadequate aesthetic temperament. Let freedom of expression be understood in all its facets by these self-appointed free spirits.


The Ranking of Indian Prime Ministers

The noted historian Mr. Ramachandra Guha has expressed his opinion that after Mr. Nehru and Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Mr. Modi is in third rank as Prime Minister of India. I do not know what criteria he considered before giving such a statement. For me Mr. P. V. Narasimha Rao and Mr. Modi are equally beneficial prime ministers to India and both have no intention for personal aggrandisement and just have progress of India in mind. Inclusion of Mr. Nehru and his daughter in the first and second ranks as Indian prime ministers is highly subjective and is out of love and liking more than their contribution to progress and advance of India as far as citizens of India are concerned. It seems that such an appraisal is the outcome of more a colonial and feudalistic perspective. Might be the mails one got has stirred the thought process in the individual.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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