Living or Dying on a Sporadic Hostile Planet

All animals function by various aspects of energies that embody intelligence. Every species on earth possess their own natural, special instincts and intuitions, that keeps them clear of danger. It also helps them to find the food and water they need to survive on a sometimes hostile planet. 

The human animal is a kaleidoscope of energy infused with the intelligence of the universe, that can reason its own existence. It can distinguish decent, respectable behavior from offense, outrageous conduct and by implementing sensible laws of the land, that keep their society in a principled state of vitality. This should make humanity more caring and civilized then all the other animals, but as everyone knows, that is not always the case... So what is it that make a human being tick? 

In every human body and mind billions of particles are constantly forming and reforming. They are held in a time and space mode, for approximately three hundred earth seasons... The time span on average in today's world is around seventy-five years. Only one and three quarter percent live past eighty-five The intelligence emanating from the minds of modern medical scientists is extending the human lifespan, but are they enriching them?

The human being is evolving and creating new ideas in an ever changing landscape of unity and confusion. With the free will to act in a random manner, as a self serving individual, intent on avariciously grabbing a bigger share of earths abundant pie than needed. 

Or, to behave in a unified manner, sharing their natural, loving gifts of nature with all their community. Both the unified and the random acts encompass intelligence and will lead to an ultimate destination of what dualistic observes class as good and bad.. 

When separate indoctrinations and dogmas are the guidelines in a community, it usually induces suffering and sorrow on everyone in that country and can effect world peace. 

On the other side of the see-saw, when everyone is united with the same universal truths that do not contain any divisions... Where everyone can agree on a connected, progressive agenda, the result is a joyful harmonious community, living a fulfilling and meaningful life. 

Our Mind and Body is a replica of the universe and once we study ourselves beyond human selfish, egotistical thinking, we find answers to everything we need, to live unified, as nature deems possible...We enter a field of pure potential, where feelings and sensations expand in an infinite sphere beyond mere words and actions. When we magnify the human potential by the infinite possibilities nature allocates, the resulting outcome becomes clear for all to see. Great works of art, music, writing, architecture, scientific discovers, business, etc., blossom and bloom as radiant exquisite monuments to human creativity.

Therefore, when we live as a unified force in a structured society, there is no conflict or confusion. Alternatively, when we act solely in an egotistical manner, our power base explodes into haphazard actions and destroys. So there is uncertainty on one hand and unification on the other. 

Humanity is shaped by a universal intelligence that is a mirror image of the whole of the universe. Einstein said; space and time creates the universe in which stars have planets, which circle them in predictable ways.... "A Unified Theory." Our mind and body is in constant movement as the life blood flows through each vein and artery ... we call that ... circulation. All parts of the mind/body need to be in unified circulation to function properly. 

When there is disharmony, parts of the mind and body cease to function in an orderly manner and disease, followed by an early death, is the result ... This becomes.... "The Uncertainty Theory," which is also scientifically explained by the random actions of various particles out in space. Both theories are scientific, both theories contradicting each other and yet both are correct. 

The mind of the universe can act in a random unpredictable manner when it ignores its own intelligence. The intelligence is always there, it just isn't always followed, for like humans, it to has its own free will to act randomly, absent of its own intelligence. 

Turmoil and disarray explode in seemingly unpredictable actions. 

When the random energy expires and the chaotic acts cease, new matter forms emerge from intelligence, that were not planed in the original unity blueprints.

Random and Unified will always exist side by side. Evolving and creating new forms of matter. When random acts destroy newly formed matter, it will be replaced by new formations and then existing in a time span that will "age"... Destruction and decimation is always followed by construction and clarification. Everything follows a natural flowing process. 

Nothing in a particle form lasts... All stars eventually burn out and explode taking planets and all matter with them. Then they transform into the gasses from which they were created. They are then sucked into a dimension called a "Golden Hole" of extreme light, covered by darkness science refers to as a black hole When large amounts of gases are compressed into the light spectrum, their darkness begins to conflict with the intense light, a large spark, which we call a big bang, pushes the gasses out of the blackness so that they form a fresh, original universe, that establishes new matter particles... 

The universe is in darkness, however the gasses and particles have been infused with light from the "Golden Hole," and will eventually form larger particles of matter... The particles will swirl in clusters and adhere to each other, then ignite as stars, which in turn will form planets.... 

Time has no meaning until living intelligent forms of matter takes on a human shape. After billions of years our earth was formed and four billion years later the first humans walked on earth and time began. Before that, as far as humans understand, no other life forms recognized time as a reality... 

Today, humans should follow the natural flow of nature and be aware of the dangers and pitfalls a hostile planet can produce... Such as tsunamis or earthquakes. Other animals are intrinsically aware of natures devastation's and can escape the dangers unharmed. It seems humans have lost that inherent power. Humanity has filled its mind in sophisticated thinking that has altered its orderly circulation and thus limited its awareness of natural devastation signals. 

When humans ignore danger signals that could produce random destruction, many lives are lost. Humanities intelligent energy does not operate as originally planned. Their intellect/ego has become the victims of random energy. Unbalanced humans, devoid of intrinsic essentials are destroyed by the performance of unbalances acts of nature......It really is quite simple. Because we put a value on life, we see things that destroy as a disaster and yet this is the way our universe functions. If human intelligence has been numbed by sophisticated living, then the consequences will be dire? 

Humanity has to face a sporadic hostile environment and at the same time has to cope with its own sporadic wars and conflicts... Oh! what an intricate web of dangers humanity weaves... Once it learns to re-think and deceive.  


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